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To smoke or not to smoke?

Recently I receive many questions on health and whether, in particular, “it is possible to leave off smoking quickly?“ If you do not smoke

- it is very healthy!

Perhaps, this article will help your relatives or friends?

There is a remarkable book of Allen Kara “An easy way to leave off smoking“. Surprisingly, but according to this book it is possible not only to leave off smoking and and to drink, grow thin and get rid of other addictions when you consciously understand them.


Every day you spend 1 - 1,5 dollar for a pack of cigarettes! In a month it is 30 - 45 dollars, in a year - 360 - 540 dollars! For this money it is possible to make a lot of things! For example, to go to holiday, to pay the insurance pension plan (and even two!) to buy every month additives and vitamins for health, to buy something useful eventually!


This money - your investment into health or into diseases?

When understanding of it &ndash will come; you will leave off smoking one minute! So it turned out at one my client, just before she did not represent scales of this money.

And still. Some facts:

Contain in cigarettes:

- N - nitrosamines. These are such carcinogens which lead to malignant tumors of lungs, a gullet, pancreas.

- Akrolein. Provokes asthma, strikes nervous system, increases risk of developing of oncological diseases.

- Benzapiren. Cancer tumors.

- Ethyl aldehyde. Defects of a fruit, malignant tumor of a mucous membrane of a nose, throat cancer, respiratory organs.

- Benzene. Infections develop, there are problems with a blood svorachivayemost, anemia, oppression of marrow, violation of growth of blood cells, mutations of cages.

- Carbon monoxide. Reduces ability of blood to transfer oxygen, work of a brain, heart worsens.

- 1,3 - Butadiene. Increase in new growths.

- Formaldehyde. Damage of eyes, skin, headaches, arrhythmia, allergy, asthma, damage of kidneys.

Plus to it infertility, early death.

You want to give the money for all this voluntarily?

Many think that so-called “easy“ cigarettes are not so harmful. However, such “the facilitated option“ drives cancer into depth of lungs. The person drags on stronger since such cigarettes are easier smoked.

If you have children - think: the small child can get used to a smoke after smoking by the parent of only several cigarettes!

If you have no children yet and you plan them - think: what health you will give to the child, destroying the organism?

All in your hands!

Health to you and tvy to relatives!