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How to understand what the relations sputtered out and how to get adequately out of this situation?

As always, we will begin with a couple of questions to ourselves:

1. Whether you rejoice still to the relations with your partner?

Or they oppress you, irritate?

Or the person became simply indifferent for you?

2. Do you have a desire to refresh your relations?

If the answer - is NOT PRESENT, then ask yourself the following question?



Somewhere in this world there is a man with whom you will be happy also the woman with whom your partner will be happy.

Keeping for the dead already you do the relations unfortunate 4 - x the person, you and those two with whom your life would develop!

Estimate adequately whether so everything is bad actually? Perhaps you have just difficult period or a depression now? Perhaps it is necessary just to talk to your man?

If your man is silly, greedy, lazy, inattentive to you, is rough or indifferent to your life - do not create illusions and do not dream that there will be a miracle and it will change!

There are only two varianta:il to accept situation or to break off the relations.

The choice ALWAYS for you!

Understand why you with it together?

Perhaps it is fear to remain one?

or you want to conform to standards of society?

or perhaps to equal hopes of relatives?

or out of a debt? (what?)

or from - for feelings of gratitude to this person? (whether not big it is a payment?)

Or perhaps you decided to marry from revenge to the former darling? But this revenge came true only concerning you

or perhaps you fell in love with a fictional image, being in pink glasses?

Perhaps can, can

If its touches and words already mean nothing to you and you have no pleasant excitement from its proximity, and having remained together you just watch TV or swear, and your sex stopped being desired and concerning - why to you this nightmare?

Perhaps the gap with it also is for you disposal?

And if your man has passion to gamblings, a porn, alcohol or drugs - to fight late.

Protect already the life!

Having all this it is possible to reach also a nervous breakdown!

Remember always:

You Are worthy the Best!

You Are worthy Bigger!