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How to organize system of house video surveillance?

Someone littered an entrance? You cannot accustom to ask the child “Who there?“, and for a peephole it did not grow yet? You want to know who came and what was created before a door in your absence? In whole or in part the home system of video surveillance will help to solve these problems.

In fact, system - that the camera, the device of display and cables of food and information to call difficult. Security systems of video surveillance of the enterprises much more difficult and from the point of view of topology, and technically. They are organized, as a rule, on the basis of the multichannel video recorders capable to write down a signal at the same time from several chambers.

Cameras transfer video in the squeezed format, write down additional tags of time and office information, can be operated from a protection post, define the movement in a shot, and the video recorder - to give the alarm, to send the SMS to the set numbers or the letter on e-mail boxes.

Of course, the home system of video surveillance can be organized and thus, but then it will comprise huge redundancy.

Is expensive, but it is convenient - specialized devices

in the conditions of the apartment simplest to use specialized devices, for example, video on-door speakerphones. Such devices not a novelty. They were earlier, but with projection screens or even bulky screens on ELT. With development of electronics the sizes decreased and their opportunities increased.

Such device is the system consisting of a tiny chamber, a call and the main unit with ZhK - the display. The camera at such systems, as a rule, absolutely small can be also installed directly at a door, is valid as a usual peephole.

The simplest and small video on-door speakerphone - “Peephole“. The simplicity it also bribes. Even it is not necessary to bring food to it - enough three “little fingers“.

From the big video on-door speakerphone it is distinguished only by the size of the main unit and screen. Functions remain the same - a possibility of shooting of a photo or record of video after pressing the call button, display of information on the built-in display. In a night-time inclusion of additional infrared illumination is possible.

In a word, even among specialized, at first sight, same devices there are classes and it is possible to choose the most suitable.

Is expensive, but it is progressive - IP - a chamber + the tablet computer

More interesting, but not less technological option: over an entrance door IP - the chamber removing the platform is established. It can be powered from own power supply unit or from old computer BP.

The chamber transfers the picture on Wi - Fi thanks to existence of the built-in module and small antenna. Without rising from a sofa, having only reached a hand the tablet PC or the smartphone, it is possible to look who rings a door or what is created on the platform.

Naturally, the chamber needs preliminary control, but, having executed it, the chamber can even be operated through a web - the interface.

Cheap but good - an unpretentious chamber + TV the tuner

the Set “make“. For realization of this option the tiny video camera is necessary, it is possible even b/w though it is better color, TV the tuner, cables for information and food, the computer and, of course, elementary knowledge of physics and the “straight arms“ driver.

The camera is mounted in the right place, food is brought to it directly from the computer power supply unit, the video cable is connected to the tuner installed in the computer motherboard.

Further if everything is made correctly, - business only in program control (installation of drivers of the tuner, control of quality of the image).

This way is quite convenient when in the house there is a computer which the most part of days is switched on.

to Bluff so to bluff - fake surveillance cameras

the English word “ of fake “ are meant “by deception, fraud, a fake; forgery“. Here and the chamber not so real though looks very probably and even successfully imitates work.

It was necessary to see the chambers of dome type with tinted translucent plastic equipped with the motion sensor which at emergence in an area of coverage of the person with a characteristic sound direct at it a lens and begin to show diligent work, blinking light-emitting diodes.

Well who will begin to commit excesses at an entrance, having seen such thingummy which works even in complete darkness?

It is easier to teach the child to look at a screen of a peephole or at the monitor screen, not to open a door for foreign uncle and not to respond even, than to teach him not to trust the stranger who can goodness knows what think up to deceive yet the little man who is not taught by life. Probably, having remembered the childhood, everyone will agree that not for nothing parents so focused attention on it.

All examples are followed from personal experience the author and his friends and, even being technically imperfect, they are real.