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Change - we will argue!?? Here an immemorial subject I lift

directly here because I see according to blogs and forums as many People are mistaken in the solution of this question.
I so, we will begin with the main thing - what is change!?
is considered Change - action of the sexual character made consciously or (that very seldom meets) without consciously, but not the physical act of change, but psychological that is as people will more and stronger wound got used to call “treachery“.
I we will try to disassemble the most difficult mechanism of this problem, namely psychology...
Everything already happened and today you were presented with a fait accompli that it occurred, and from it not to get to anywhere, the event is also it cannot but be!
the First and most important mistake of people is the fact that we in a panic state, pains and offenses see the guilty person only in the person of the partner... Only later a few time we begin to understand that the fault cannot be more someone`s, it equivalent (50/50) and it is necessary to understand it accurately.
People are so created that they favourite (depending on degree of neglect of the egoism) will not will will screen themselves even if they will tell words the return. It is necessary to accept psychology of the person, not to understand, namely to accept it. Yes, all of us such, by others us only time and life does.
A an event that happens to you now - it is just control levers of Life, a karma and so on, levers over you and only.
Means, you did that is not correct and is not true, time the mechanism twisted you to such an extent that the person writhes from pain, blackens from it, and does not know as it could turn out!? The question by the way specifically eats a brain, especially at People, a little so to speak, seeing only before themselves.
For example:
the Woman, the housewife, loves the husband, raises children and all it seems in chocolate, and here time and takoo - about - about - about - e! She with tears in the eyes, to all and everyone says what it bad both what it beautiful and fluffy, and he is such geek not grateful screwed horns moreover with whom!!?? From that lean..... with ****** oh: (

... now you watch how I and how many I see mistakes, in a look of this unfortunate Woman see it.

1. The world and the center in the house are done ONLY by the Woman - it is the law!
2. If the Person washes the dirty linen in public, he wants to be claimed by this only at society in the correctness what its unfortunate would be regretted and rose on his party.
3. When there are two - both are guilty! It is the law too!
4. Accusing someone we do not suspect that we bear a negative charge us to the world, that is the Person radiates very not good energy at this moment, and at this moment near it to be very dangerous (by the way, lovely ladies when you in a circle of the girlfriends wash stones, remember it, it is very important! Washout of a stone you will bring energy not of positive character to your house, and there already as will stick...)
5. The man or the Woman will NEVER leave from where to Him / her it is warm and cozy, NEVER! (The person is so created that if he is not up to the end filled, then feels feeling of hunger and depending on severity, it parasitizes and blocks your consciousness in a consequence!)
6. Change - is almost full blocking from the partner, his replacement (I not for nothing put the word “practically“ because the part remains all the same on the former place, this part and gives then chance of rescue of drowning!)
7. Never put the opponent below yourself, you will lose to these on a root (from power to psychological character), actually already proved to you that you it is worse, you only cannot reconcile to it, but not they.
8. The rage - generates only itself! It is the law too!
9. Each word pronounced by you in anger or not bears a certain weight in scales, energy of the word is enormous, do not represent even as far as! The word give birth and kill! Did not know!?
10. And at last the last... still nothing happened to you, it only the beginning of process of an origin:)
our Life is arranged by accurate rules and laws according to which it also corrects us.
So everything that occurs today, is result of last vital actions which were made by you earlier, only already with correction of fatal changes of the Life.
She as if (that is Life) pours in the currents proceeding from a source, well, it is necessary to make a start it from something. as in this situation to make
I so that She poured positive and warm currents in us more, than hollowed on coast of disappointments and pain!?
will not keep itself to wait for the answer, it is correct - it is necessary to do these acts here and now, here directly here and right now!!!
of it waits for Life from us constantly, and will not cease to wait until the old woman with a braid comes... And even if the old woman was knocked at doors - it is not the end, it is only a pause for the following reset, and then everything since the beginning...
we Learn to Live correctly!
If did not learn, we start anew...
Thus, change in life of People is strongest and very effective lesson for us and we have to take it for that, at least because at us there is no other way out.
would be desirable to note very important subtlety in life of families with children Now!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, young people and girls, I ask you do not leave the families and children (with the broken-off threads of biological parents).
Is a huge sin, degree of importance cannot even be expressed.
Fight to the last (with by itself of course, I think already clear what to struggle with the partner is not present sense...) !
Never give up, I ask you! It is really very IMPORTANT
do not listen to justificatory statements of type:
“ We need to leave because children cannot live in an unfortunate family where mother and the father do not love each other, so does not happen!!!!
MOTHER AND the FATHER even did not make efforts
to fall in love,
and just were given also everything,
simply GAVE IN also ALL!!!“