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What stages there passes the love between the man and the woman? Circulation of feelings

It as though will sting you a ball, crumpled from a piece of paper, that it is released by force of lungs from a hollow tube. But if in the childhood the ball which is started up by the madcap - the friend, flew to us in a cheek and we sharply rubbed it, killing such massage pain, then now IT strikes us in the heart. Yes, it - IT. Time having felt it, there is a wish to try once again and still. Love! You noticed the unfamiliar girl and all … Was gone! Here it is important to approach and get acquainted. To try at least.

If you saw the girl of the dream, it is necessary to approach. It is not necessary to study for this purpose handbooks on any there pickups. You approach not to pikapit, and you try to dive into a love whirlpool. These are absolutely different things. Seeing the girl that strikes you in the heart, the whole world blossoms paints. It is necessary to approach! Because it here will take, and will disappear from the field of your vision and, most likely, you more it never will see any more.

You will be sorry about the indecision, to tear skull hair. To think out different justifications why then did not approach … But all this will be only a screen. The most important will remain the naked truth: having seen the possible future Big Lyubov on the street or somewhere in transport, at a concert, in park - approach. To look and admire from a distance insufficiently. So, the first stage of circulation of love

the First stage - to watch

Visual contact. To admire what you see. So far you still do not know it. What voice at it. Timbre. You do not know yet whether soft it has palms, whether beautiful anklebones. So far you see “a picture oil“ as speak in the people, and there is a wish to stop this instant. The same as to make stop - a shot when viewing video. To imprint a statics.

So we smoothly pass to the following stage. It is simple to look at it already insufficiently. There is a strong wish to learn that at it inside. At your possible new love. At your girl. Of what such test it consists. No, it is not necessary to clean here it as if chicken before cooking of soup. There is a wish to speak with it.

the Second stage - to talk

to Interpret

with it. Through the word, through its mimicry, through the movements of her magnificent body there is a wish to understand what it is actually. At this stage of acquaintance it is already necessary to talk to it. On any subjects. Beginning from art of an ikebana and finishing with feature of electronic injection of fuel in the eight-cylinder engine of the car. Already at this stage cruel disappointments are probable.

Everyone remembers, for certain, such case when you see delightful creation in the flitting tones and it seems perfection. But she should open only a mouth, so all aura of romanticism flies at all: strong language, the teeth corroded by caries, vulgarity, a bazarnost in communication. And even vulgar gorlastost. Sharpness that can destroy the arising feeling. To push away at all. But, maybe, will also carry: with angelic appearance she also speaks - about! - good luck! - divinely. And teeth fine-molded, white, as pasteurized milk. Breath gives ocean freshness thanks to a conditioner for a mouth or chewing gum.

Already there is a wish to talk to it often. It is desirable - constantly. Love increases. Already there is a wish for it priobnyat. To pull hard on her brittle shoulders. To Sgrabastat its graceful palms in the paws. To run a hand over hair. A palm, exactingly, but at the same time, gently to stroke her back, having reached a waist. Already there is a wish to touch her body.

the Third stage - contacts

to me at this stage it is necessary not only to see the beloved. Not only to interpret with it one, another. But most of all there is a wish to concern it. To play with it as you play with kotenoky. To iron. To overturn on a back, to finger her body. For the present it in clothes. But also then it is not enough contacts.

the Fourth stage - sex

Ya I swallow of saliva, touching the new beloved in clothes. Now I want to peel all this external cover under the name “clothes“. The clothes are pertinent on me. On you. On that here is to policy, and on that here to the woman. On all the clothes are pertinent, except as on that with which you fall in love! For such the best clothes - its absence! I to a crunch of fingers want to undress her. And from bared I want to do with it all previous stages. To see it naked, to touch, rumple, caress, speak (well, the last is not so actual).

I need to open it already. So in the morning only the woken-up person slowly exempts the egg which is just cooked by the wife for breakfast from a shell. His hands do not hurry, the brain is still obscured by a dream haze, and fingers burn about the shell heated for the present. But, as well as having breakfast hunting “to undress“ boiled egg to reach to tasty, and to the man in love too hunting to reach “to tasty“. To the beloved`s body. Yes, for the present I mentally undress her, but I have not enough of it.

Physical contact is necessary this time. I want to take it! I want to enter it. I want to make it completely the. I want to merge with it in a uniform organism. I want it so that the iris of the eye of eyes grows white from desire. I want to pierce it firm “dagger“ and for a long time not to take out it from its attracting “sheath“. At that moment I sing from triumph and happiness.
Ya is absolutely sure that I was visited by great, unique Lyubov. It came FOREVER. My beloved is sure of that too. Heaven is literally ready to fall to us, without having sustained an admiring our feelings … The avalanche of love covers us, and we dive into it, we sniff, we splash and we laugh loudly. We are absent more happily!

But there will pass time and, at last, she will pay attention that on me unpaired socks. Then reproaches slightly that on the way home I did not buy some potato for its company roast. Then she will make the remark that in the verses devoted to it I repeat. She will tell directly that over time I became more boring for it. It is monotonous.
Then slowly an avalanche of love will decrease to a stream. Through some time of feeling will be grouped already to the river size, then to a streamlet, then to a key and, at last, will reach a teardrop. Droplets. And everything will change.

I will still sleep with her, and she voluptuously to sob, but even more often being false. Our relations will be blotted from a cold rain. There will come time of Ice Age. Frostbites. Those emotions will already leave that were not very long ago when we lived in perfect harmony. Will remain physiological “ïåðèïèõîí“. It is necessary, of course, but will be mechanistic and creaking. As the rusted mechanism.

I and it already we know, we feel that time to leave came. I will go outside vdrugoryad lost and once again I will start wandering along the prospectus, up hill and down dale. Moscow - the city huge. It is possible to go the whole days along its streets and all the same you stamp on some ring.

And here - about a miracle! I will see the new girl! And again will seem to me that it - IT! I will want to look, talk on it to it, to touch it, to sleep with her. And again I will dive into this circulation of love.