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Eternal fight against excess weight. What spices and spices to choose?

Many people categorically do not love various diets because this test for an organism. Usually dietary dishes are dishes without taste, salt and aroma. The majority of diets suggest to use them without any spices and seasonings.

But time we have to limit ourselves in food and is in the small portions, there is a wish to eat only tasty dishes. So why then not to choose those spices which do not stimulate appetite and add to a dish saturated taste?

I already very long keep to a diet of own production and learned to hold weight, but in me still there are several extra kilos. I learned to replace many products, in every possible way reducing the caloric content of the used dishes. For example, decided to refuse potato and now began to cook soups and borsches without potatoes which replaced with egg. That to give to egg a type of potatoes, I shake up it, I add a little salt, spices and I fry the improvised omelet on a frying pan. Then I cut it straws and I add to first course.

So what spices to choose for “tasty“ weight loss?

Ginger. Traditional seasoning to many dishes. In cookery underground escapes of ginger apply mainly in a ground look. This seasoning represents small powder is gray - yellow color. Ginger promotes clarification of an organism and removal of products of disintegration from all bodies and fabrics. It removes excess liquid and relieves of hypostases.

With use of the crushed ginger it is possible to cook stewed meat, sauces, to add it to drinks, sweet dishes, pastries.

Thyme. Leaves of a thyme use as a spicy additive to many dishes. They are rich with essential oil, gum, timoly, contain olein and ursolovy acids, tannic, mineral and bitter substances.

The dried-up grass is applied at conservation of cucumbers. The thyme enriches taste and aroma of soups, broths, borsches, sauces. Leaves of a thyme add to salads, eggs, mutton, chicken, rice dishes.

Coriander. Greens of a coriander are called “cilantro“. The coriander well influences an organism. It often is a part of infusions and broths for treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, cold, inflammatory processes in airways. The coriander possesses strong antiseptic action.

Fresh leaves of a plant are put in salads, soups, meat dishes. The ripened and dried up fruits of a coriander apply as seasoning to fish and meat dishes, a pickles, marinades, sausages, bakery products.

Caraway seeds. it is applied at a meteorizm, locks, an intestines atoniya, development of putrefactive and fermentative processes in intestines, hepatitises, bile - and urolithic diseases, pathologies it is warm - vascular system. The tea prepared from caraway seeds fruits has laxative, soothing and carminative effects.

Caraway seeds improve taste and aroma of dishes from meat, soups, sauces, salads and bakery products.

Marjoram. the Use of infusions and decoctions from a grass of a marjoram is applied at a meteorizm, cold, cold, flu and paralysis. It serves as an aromatic additive to tea, such tea will give easy diuretic effect.

The marjoram is usually added to soups, salads, vegetables and fish dishes.

Basil. Spicy seasoning which gives to dishes original bitterishly - sweet taste. The infusions and broths prepared from plant leaves normalize digestion process, eliminating a meteorizm, an abdominal distension and stop spasms.

The basil helps to impact special aroma and relish to various dishes. It is added to meat, sausages, dishes from bean, eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes, cabbage.

Carnation. the Spice representing not revealed buds of a clove tree. Modern European physicians recommend to enter it into a diet to the people having diseases of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract.

The carnation is one of the most important components of the marinades intended for mushrooms, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and berries. For obtaining thin and hardly noticeable aroma the carnation should be added shortly before readiness of a dish.

There are spices and seasonings which, on the contrary, increase appetite. With such seasonings it is necessary to be more careful if you watch the weight. It is a saffron, rosemary, a turmeric, a tarragon, mint, allspice, red pepper, a hyssop.

Various spices and seasonings huge set. And some of them very much are even useful to the use in food in some diets. To make the diet fragrant and to improve taste of a dish, it is possible to choose spices and for itself.

Grow thin with taste! Only you remember that in everything there has to be a measure and too you should not go to far in spices.