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Movie “My Angel - the Keeper“. Life to us is unfair?

very often seem to us that life to us is unfair. It is too much problems, unfulfilled hopes, unembodied desires - all this is so heavy and such freight lies on our shoulders that we are just bent under weight of all this, up to the end without realizing that to real trouble, Thank God, very much and very far.

And if to consider all our problems under a microscope, then they and the egg which is eaten away in many cases does not stand. Because in the world there are things, situations, events which can really shake, destroy, break... And it is not the so unfortunate novel or cancelled increase. It is not quarrel with the husband or the conflicts of fathers and children at all. It is deeper, stronger, more difficult … the Remarkable director Nick Kassavetis in the movie “My Angel - the Keeper“ tries to inform

the viewer of it. Contrary to sample melodramas Kassavetis shoots “heavy film“.

Against the tragedy which consists in Kate`s illness two dramas are played. On the one hand, the girl tired of operations, hospitals, treatments and wishing to die not to suffer most any more and not to torment the family, and with another - mother who in rescue of one daughter is ready to endow health another again and again.

A leukosis (leukemia, an aleykemiya, a leukemia, sometimes “blood cancer“) - a klonalny malignant (neoplastic) disease of the haematogenic system.

It is the scary diagnosis, and with it not only Kate, but also all her family tries to live.

Fight for rescue of a family and fight for rescue of the daughter are conducted in parallel. And in this fight of Kate, having lost, wins.

Difficult, it is impossible, unreal to accept swear at the fact that her daughter decided to die. Kate tries to inform of the pain, the desires parents, but encounters misunderstanding. Mother with frenzy fights for her rescue, without paying attention that her life and life of her relatives collapses.

All hope for rescue of the girl consists in little Anna who constantly has to share herself and, share itself, with the sister. And at some moment Kate, tired of fight, makes the decision and carries out it the sister`s hands.

Eleven-year-old Anna files a lawsuit against own parents to seize the right to dispose of the body. It right there faces misunderstanding, inadequacy, but there is no one in this fight. The lawyer - the epileptic agrees to take this difficult business and fights to the last. But how to be to the baby when on the party of charge her own mother who undertakes lawyer practice again to compete with the little daughter?

Dear people each other do not want to concede in this fight, and it does the movie even more painful and heavy.

And meanwhile Kate slowly dies. Her tortures and torture of mother in the face of whom the daughter dies is what I will not wish also to the enemy. And it seems to me, at such moments it is worth wondering, observing it, - and whether I have actually problems?

What they? May I compare them to what I see on the screen now? Whether cinema it? And that if to walk on special hospitals and to observe these people … people for whom each lived day can become the last. Whether we will be able to tell then that life is unfair to us?

... Only at the last hearing of court the elder brother Keith tells the truth. But even at this moment mother does not want to hear about desires of the daughter, does not want will reconcile to the fact that has to release her. Does not want to allow it to die. Unless any of mothers would not arrive also?

Whether it is worth condemning her for repeated attempts of immolating of one child for the sake of life of another? Only in it she saw rescue of the daughter. But the destiny disposed in own way, all attempts were vain. It is that and understood Keith.

They spend the last night together - mother and the daughter - having understood, having forgiven, having accepted.

Nick Kassavetis as nobody else could show to the viewer that there are moments in lives over which anything and nobody is not imperious. Therefore it is necessary to be able to rejoice to what we have and to live, but not to indulge in melancholy, tears, grief. Because most often all our plaints have under themselves no really serious basis.

Life one.