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With the 67th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, My dear compatriots!

Warmly I congratulate participants and veterans of the back on the 67th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, I wish all kind health, long years of life and all the best, good!
When ask me about the lived years, about war, I remember Rasoul Gamzatov which I was lucky to meet. In the poem “Years“ he wrote:

Recent and old years
Before me crowd as if people
I Look at them and I think of a miracle:
- I am still living …
Unfortunately, Rasoul Gamzatov is absent any more, it left when to it there was 81. I will tell about myself, stepped already 87, Thank Allah, I still am living.

Any of the lived years is memorable to me and it is not a shame to me with one of them though it was necessary to test everyone, since 6 years.
… 1930. My grandfather Minnigaleev Mingazetdin, member 4 State Dumas of Russia (1912 - 1917) my parents, three of my sisters and the brother, were repressed and banished from Bugulma by RT where we lived, to the Chita region in the beginning, then, in 1934 are moved on the North of Krasnoyarsk Krai, there, as it is accepted to speak: “Makar of calfs did not drive“.
Studied I at great teachers, not particularly as got there those pre-war years to those backwoods where to this day bears walk about. Was enough my 9 classes which I ended also 17 years, which were executed to me in 1942, and I was called up for Red Military service and directed in Moscow voyenno - engineering school. During war study in school was 6 months, and us, having studied only 3 months, in the summer of the same 1942 to us having given the non-commissioned officer`s ranks, headed by the Chief of school and teachers, sent to field army of the Western Front. This sector of the front was the closest from Moscow.
sharply slowed down Early in the morning the train. Many got from the top shelves, our structure stopped directly in a clean floor, the engine began to give disturbing beeps. Shouts were heard: “Air! Air!“. And then the order on alarm to release cars and to run woodward which was seen in 300 - 500 meters from our structure.
did not manage to reach the wood as flew the German bombers. Our first baptism of fire did not manage without loss.
Having gathered in the wood on mid-flight companies, by the evening we reached the destination near the station Sukhinichi. Having selected 12 people from our company, the commander of a regiment told: “We will make of you good intelligence agents. Thus I got to an investigation platoon 980 AP, 17 SD National militias of the Moskvoretsk district of Moscow, the Western Front.
the Platoon where I was enlisted, without false patriotism I will tell, was international, there were both Russians and Ukrainians, and Tatars. Also there was one Georgian whom and commanders and we called just “Genatsevali“ and with whom we very much became friends subsequently, and command with it always directed us to the most responsible tasks what I will tell later about.
Soldiers in our platoon were the senior generation, fired and having already fighting experience with which - to beginners it was easier for us to be involved in a fighting situation.
On our site of the Western Front, defense always was the most active, developing attacks by forces to two battalions were often carried out, raids were carried out to the back of the opponent by diversionary groups, capture of “languages“, a massive shelling of a defensive network of the opponent, his first line where pillboxes, earth-and-timber emplacements, weapon emplacements moving the purposes settled down.
Both Germans, and at us had a full confidence that approach of Red Army will begin on the Western Front, our site since it was the closest distance from Moscow. The General Staff, actually, with big privacy prepared approach at this time on the Staliningradsky direction where approach was carried out in November, 1942, and the Western Front went to approach in the summer of 1943
It is approach became history as fight on Orlovsko - the Kursk Arch and as the largest tank slaughter near Prokhorovkaya.
In the very first days of this fight, with my participation as intelligence agent, it was destroyed colon of Germans numbering up to 70 people, from a column survived 6 Hitlerites.
This episode is described in the “Za Rodinu, Za Stalina“ newspaper for July 5, 1943
of the Destroyed tanks, manpower, equipment, etc. with my participation in the Front press there were many weapon emplacements, and all of them appeared, as well as other exhibits, and documents of war, in the museum of a division in Chekhov.
Investigation was at all times and remains to one of the most important elements of war. It were eyes and ears of army “and the most effective form of protection of the Fatherland“.
Operation of strengthening on the Western front by Germans was called “Citadel“, the Stronghold, fortress. Under the pressure of our troops, this “Citadel“ was crushed.
in honor of valorous troops Bryansk, Western Central the fronts which occupied Oryol on August 5, 1943 in Moscow was made salute, the first in the history of war.
After capture of Bryansk our Western front began to be called Bryansk.
After defeat of Germans near Stalingrad in the fall of 1942, then in the summer of 1943 near Kursk, crash of Germans was already predetermined though still cruel battles ahead were coming.
In successful defeat of Germans near Kursk the big role belongs to investigation. Approach of Germans was planned for July 5, 1943. Our approach was begun at 2 hours 20 minutes, thereby having defeated ends of Germans on 1. 5 - 2 hours that allowed to disorganize the German approach completely.
After defeat of Germans near Kursk we went to approach. Successfully our neighbors came at the left. On our direction on the right from an edge of the wood we were met by fire from a large-caliber machine gun, several our soldiers were killed.
Without destruction of this weapon emplacement further approach was impossible. The commander of a staff of a regiment to me, Genatsvali and one more intelligence agent ordered to destroy a weapon emplacement. We had to make roundabout maneuver, to come into the back and from the back to throw the EARTH-AND-TIMBER EMPLACEMENT grenades. There we found the German chained to the machine gun. Germans have similar penalized persons suicide bombers not a rarity.
near Bryansk was destroyed by Successful correction of fire of our battery the bridge through the Desna River. This bridge was the only thing for the receding Germans. On saved at the broken bridge of manpower and equipment, caused fire of our artillery again that allowed to break big group of Germans. The case of capture of the German operator was remembered. I with the intelligence agent and Genatsvali went deep on 50 - 60 meters into the wood from the road on which our troops moved. We came across the German motorcycle and the running-away German, and a loud call: “Halt! Hyundai hokh!“, the soldier, having obeyed to us, at once raised hands. We disarmed him. It was absolutely young soldier - the operator who carried the order to the parts about planned retreat of the German troops. The German operator supplied with the valuable information which added the confidential order of the German command.
In Orlovsko - Kursk operation we lost many fellow soldiers, among them there was Proskurov Ivan Ivanovich who was at war from the first days and earlier even not having wounds.
After the introduction on the Belarusian territory, our front began to be called 2 Belarusian, and operation on liberation of Belarus was called “Bagration“.
were also very persistent fights, our troops under the direction of K. K Here. Rokosovsky performed large operations on an environment of big German groups. Captured German generals said that Russians are at war not by rules. Investigation reports that the Russian troops will appear in a certain day and hour, they appear in the same day and hour, but only from the back.
in the Spring of 1944 I returned to the part from hospital, and to return to the part to fellow soldiers was considered as great happiness. In February, 1944 me as the best sergeant of a regiment was accepted in Members of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks), and in the years of war and in Soviet period the party had huge authority.
After return from hospital the chief of a staff of a regiment, and he knew all the intelligence agents, speaks: “You now our veteran, and to this veteran was yet not full 19 years! In everything, even in small, the attention and good nature to colleagues from commanders was felt, irrespective of posts.
Is known that the Pinsky region in Belarus those years (in post-war years meliorative works are carried perhaps out) was covered with bogs and fenny places. It was ordered to us to come through a bog to the looked-through site of a bolshak to correct fire of our regiment at the receding German troops.
Through a bog, on a belt in water, we went in the set direction. Through 2 - 2. 5 km. we came to an island where 250 - 300 people of old men, old women, children disappeared in tents away from military operations. What appeared before us struck even us, all being there - on an island - were shot at a short distance. At some tents fires still smoldered. To whom did these civilians prevent?!
We, having come to the set looked-through site of the road, caused fire of our artillery. There forever were several tens corpses, cars and other equipment. It was only the part of punishment for those innocent people whom we saw on an island. There was in memory a village the Karma, it passed from hand to hand more than once since behind the village passed bolshak - the only way in this direction for retreat of Germans. The strategic importance of the village was difficult to be overestimated. Once again, when Germans tried to force out us who survived the village fire on “itself“ was caused and by that defended the village and cleared the way for approach of our troops.
In Belarus died my friend - the intelligence agent of “Genatsvali“, and then I buried and the friend Tyushkov Vitaly Aleksandrovich with whom I connected many memories.
In 1944, and war already declined, I met the person of the uniform nation and the brother in faith Mukhamet Ibragimov. It was from Ufa. We got with it into such fighting scrapes, such turns that, obviously, only by miracle it was succeeded to survive. Then we pledged the word that if we survive - we will live in Ufa. I constrained the word of the man given in the war, to it to return to native Ufa, to parents it was fated not - he died after a Victory Day.
Very heavy fights were on liberation of Babruysk. Near Babruysk the group of Germans numbering more than 40 thousand people was surrounded. Under blows of our aircraft the surrounded Germans rushed about as in the boiling copper. Many Germans were destroyed, and 15 - 20 thousand are taken prisoner. After liberation of Babruysk our division began to be called the Babruysk 17 SD national militias of the Moskvoretsk area Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Moscow.
in the Fall of 1944 the fourth time wounded me and then, after long drudgeries on temporary hospitals, I got to Moscow region hospital where celebrated the Victory Day.
to me was not necessary to storm Berlin, but the way to Berlin opened ours 2 Belarusian front and troops of the Belarusian front entered Berlin the first.
Thus, my way which began in Moscow area near the station Sukhinichi, made thousands of kilometers. Having freed the Kaluga, Oryol, Kursk, Bryansk areas, all Belarus, thousands of villages, thousands of the cities, having forced tens of the rivers, having spent 1043 days and nights in fights, I returned to Moscow, i.e. there from where I began the fighting way.
If retrospectively to divide my life for the lived years, ¾ from them I lived in the 20th century, gave the best years to protection of the Homeland, having taken in 1942 oath of allegiance to the Homeland. I am faithful to it and seed day, moreover, me neither that would force nor that would force to change the oath. since it is accepted only once in life. To depart from the oath is no other than treachery, change to the Homeland.
What is made by me to keep the promises made by me in the war to friends? to Tyushkov Vitaly Aleksandrovich I pledged to
the word that if we survive, then we will never leave each other and if someone dies from us, then survived surely will visit parents of the dead. However, I had to execute this mission about what it is described in my memoirs, and also in my memories of it in a year of the 65th anniversary of the Victory, are written in one of newspapers of Novosibirsk from where it was called up for military service. As I also promised Vitaly Aleksandrovich if I survive, I will devote the life to all live. I after war graduated from average medical school. Combining work with study, graduated from our Bashkir State medical institute (nowadays university). More than 50 years devoted the life to health protection of workers of Bashkortostan. the Promises made to Mukhamet Ibragimov I executed
. Though I am from Tatarstan, in 1945 I arrived to Ufa and since then it became for me the Homeland. I met Ibragimaov`s parents, unfortunately, Mukhamet was not fated to return to Ufa he died after the Victory in the twentieth of May, 1945 in Germany. “Genatsvali“ I did not make promises, I had no his address, and I did not know its surname. But I all - felt a debt to his family, children. I returned this call of duty which haunted me to the Georgian diaspora in Ufa. Having learned about such diaspora through the Ministry of Culture, I met them in library of Z. Validi, in detail told it to fellow countrymen about this surprising person.
A what memory of the others with whom was at war with whom worked communicated, will be reasonably asked by my dear readers. Memory of them not only is important, it also is sacred. Still A.S. Pushkin spoke:
“It is possible to be proud of glory of the ancestors not only
, but also has to. Not to respect it there is
a shameful cowardice“ …
How long and as these words are correctly told, and these words, perhaps, are still actual in our century, to the people who passed the Great Patriotic War. In various printing editions I left the memories of professors B. B. Kudashev, N. T. Bikbulatov, N. P. Nikov, A.S. Gurvich, P. O. Akopyan, K. I. Akulov, H. H. Valeev both many - many others and companions more than 40 people.
If God gives me time and health, my plans are still not settled.
As developed my life in post-war years?
From the Great Patriotic War returned the disabled person 2 groups, on crutches. It was necessary to acquire quicker profession and to come to independent Road of Life. As it is told above, having worked more than half a century on health protection, workers of Bashkortostan, I can tell words of one of Dostoyevsky`s heroes: “As life when you make something good and truthful is good“. The motto of my life was - “Hurry to be good to people“.
On rest left native university. my best years of work were
It. After retirement helped many colleagues with science, wrote memories of the ancestors. Only in the last two years gave responses in five very serious books.
in recent years, devoted free time to drawing by oil, a number of the works presented to native university, association of the victims of political repressions, etc.
Here so developed my life. There came the old age according to Voltaire (the French writer, the historian) - “A time of a gold harvest“. It, of course, so if did not overcome a wound, diseases did not disturb … Irrespective of diseases, moods etc., proceed meetings with youth, students of institutes, colleges, in military registration and enlistment offices with youths of premilitary age, with staff of hospitals, local historians and t. . Especially was meetings in a year 65 much - y anniversaries of the Victory. In total on my memory more than 25 meetings with youth collectives, youths of premilitary age, etc. At meetings in student`s audiences ask about war heroes, the remembered episodes more often.
Should explain that war is a hard work. Each soldier, each officer carries out what he is obliged to do.
Unfortunately, many millions did not return from war, among them there are a lot of heroically died.
As for me, I honestly performed the work, a coward was not, the cowardice will never rescue the person, from what has to happen. From war returned after 4 - x wounds among 3% of soldiers of draft age from 1920 to 1926.
Going to investigation or, being in a situation when only by miracle it was possible to survive, I said prayers from the Holy Koran which I was taught by my parents at 7 - 8 summer age. Perhaps, they also rescued me since to me as to the intelligence agent, it was necessary to happen many times in hopeless situations, and each of 4 - x wounds could be also the last.
Now I am a member of a mutavalliyat of the mosque “Ikhlas“. According to the lights and knowledge I try that in Russia, in our century, the morality, spirituality, culture revived.
Wants that the modern youth remembered that it put the Soviet Union on an altar of the Victory more than 27 million best sons and daughters. Our allies who opened the second front only in July, 1944 when our troops were already in Poland and Czechoslovakia lost in this war: The USA - 405 thousand people, Great Britain - 375 thousand people, France - 500 thousand people. Our losses are huge. Clearly everything that the Victory in the Great Patriotic War belongs to the Soviet Union, our Homeland, our fathers and grandfathers. A debt of youth to know the truth and to uphold the Peace!
the world within 1418 days and nights was spaced the Soviet Union from fascist enslavement. If someone tries to attribute this Victory to other country - it would mean that to commit morally a crime before ancestors, before present and future generations.
Addressing the younger generation, I call you for spirituality, for morality, fidelity and love for the country, love it more, than yourself. Give heart, kindness to the person. Always leave honor, conscience, morality for yourself. There is nothing above a debt and honor, remember it. World and prosperity to you, my compatriots!