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Where give habits? To fulfillment of desires!

This article is never intended for the people who are freely flitting on life, nothing more or less constant principles and views expecting from it, not having. Generally, I write for adults and maturing.

How many it is already described the most various methods of receiving the desirable! And every second derived some benefit from them, or perhaps was disappointed in them because did something not so or, on the contrary, found in them the solution of all vital questions. Here and I will join a close formation of directors of reality and I will tell how I see a way to dream. Though... what dream? It has to be fantastic. And we will construct a firm, steady and direct road to desirable life .

It is not necessary to be too far-sighted and at once to represent what color there will be a parquet in your country house which you will construct in 10 years. It is enough to create habits which though it is a little though on one hang-up correspond to your desires.

Much councils about planning of tomorrow - about themselves, before going to bed, in the form of records, schedules and everything that can come to mind are given. And it is really useful, it is a step to a victory over itself. You write the plan, you follow it, you suddenly have more free time, you manage to remake a heap of affairs, perhaps, even your life will change to the best. And thoughts at the same time only that it is necessary to put ticks at the end of each line of the plan and to discipline itself. At the end of the day you check the plan, are convinced that everything is made, and satisfaction appears. You are happy that you did not give in to temptations which surround us everywhere, you the strong-willed person, so you will be able to achieve everything. Also you continue to plan absolutely the same next day. You accustom yourselves to be the performer , develop at yourself a habit to follow instructions . And I suggest to look at it on the other hand.

To get used not to process , and to feeling . To assume as a basis an ispolnennost . To force the brain to think a little more superficially over all these daily affairs including in the plan. Get used that everything conceived by you is executed. Form new thinking. For this purpose the assessment of last day should be carried out not by the principle “I am a good fellow today, did exercises and learned 30 new words“, and approximately so: “I wanted that today I made a number of exercises and that I knew English better. And I received it. My desires were granted“. It is insufferably simple example, but if I though can inform the reader a little of the fact that so well I understand, but that was such difficult for the description, then I am immensely glad.

Further... What will occur further? Your brain will accept the statement as an axiom that all your desires are steadily granted that you always achieve the objectives. And then just like that, without hesitation and uncertainty in yourself (because there will be neither left it, nor fear of defeat any more also in scanty quantities) you set before yourself really big purpose, one of long desires, and, certainly, receive that you want. Because your reason does not understand other outcome any more and does not accept.

It is also a way which is built by the most important habit - a habit that everything is received . Try to create it, and it is very easy, it is enough to feel once feeling of an ispolnennost of desire, to record it and to continue in the same spirit day by day. Just change the relation to daily affairs: now it not just events with your direct participation, their results - your granted desires.