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Why that we treat, and we die (chastvtory)

After emergence of the Soviet power of that the doctor per se evaporated just because, strangely enough, also the subject of its professional activity - care about health and wellbeing of the person disappeared.

Well-known doctor Botkin, being Labe - the physician of the imperial yard, did not treat goosebumps of reigning persons at all, he cared for a family, about its health, applying for this purpose all necessary measures. After revolution the concept of care of the person as the person from certain God of this value turned into a small screw of the social device evaporated and began to be considered as part of the mechanism of state machinery. The heartless system does not need care of people, it needs to contain small screws and shpuntik in working order - suitable for service of this system. And further everything went the natural order. Buying the car, we receive together with it the guarantee book in which the scheme of procedural service where diagnostics and necessary works on maintenance of your equipment in operating state - is carried out more is designated, but also it is less.

This idea is so close and clear that it was applied also to the person in the form of polyclinic system. As the person as the personality was not interesting to anybody, the simple idea of maintenance of mass of working units in working order - usual “technical service“ and as there is a lot of “units“ was solved, the stream system was necessary, and it is the ordinary conveyor on which a number of operations is serially performed. That ordinary doctor who knew the person here categorically did not arrange as then all turn from these units would be arranged personally to him. Solved ingeniously simply - decided to put several doctors that everyone went about “own business“. And there were those “ukhogorlonosa“ when specialization was defined by convenience of survey without any accounting and understanding of interrelation of bodies and systems. So we were divided literally on an anatomic sign. And the fact that the condition of ours hearing is defined by a condition of our kidneys absolutely stopped being interesting, just because this “checkup“ of medical activity did not assume. There was an idea of a simple assessment of “manpower“ according to the scheme: “it is suitable - is not suitable“. Idea “to treat - not to treat“ companion Stalin easily defined as “women much - will give birth“. Thus, the idea of care about health disappeared completely. For elite group of the population some time there were “old specialists“ - those professors who treated an imperial family earlier, and then and companions. As for training of doctors, the idea was the simplest: professors are - let will teach. However as educational institutions had to prepare shots for “professional checkup“, well they also prepared - policlinics appeared at all production cells of society - plants, institutes, etc. All this idea was based upon a huge stock of health of the nation and its gene pool which was skillfully and quickly wasted. And just now, when the nation becomes an inveterate drunkard and birth rate fell so that we not only do not accumulate resources, but also catastrophically we die out, there was a question of what to do, and simple attempt to return doctors from the conveyor back - “that they returned to treat people“ - were not crowned with success. It is simpler to write the law on “the family doctor“ which has to about a family and cares.

Worse than that, as there will be especially nothing to learn as “specialization of workplaces“ caused specialization of medical science in the separate directions, each of which knows just, that charged to it, at all it is not aware of the person in general. But, and the colleagues from shop at all to spirit are not transferred, considering that they are full idiots that in general is very true, meaning all system. If earlier the medical profession assumed care of people for money, then now our system does not assume any care, and only money is assumed. For this reason all elite part of our population believes correctly, to restore health abroad at all not because we do not have enough modern medical equipment - now it is enough, let and not all. There is not enough simplest attention to the person and cares of the person whom you will not buy even for money now and as it is correctly sung in the famous song of Beatles: “The love cannot be bought“, - and this problem is based on morally moral values. And as professor Preobrazhensky in Heart of a Dog of Bulgakov correctly spoke: “Ruin - it not in a toilet, it in the head“. And as all this the antinational and anti-spiritual system except genocide of the people was engaged in nothing, we have only clear consequences.