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Why that we treat, and we die of that (part one) of

Absolutely clear that if we treat, the person does not die at all, and it is simply obliged to recover. Just because “we treat“ - we do it so that the person became healthy that does not occur. The second part of idea - “we die“, and the idea this quite national is also absolutely real. All idea of modern official medicine about the compensating impact on a symptom taking into account side effect of heteropathic preparations - and it is usual tablets - leads to the fact that even if at best we temporarily compensate a symptom, without causing treatment, then side effect of these preparations anyway destroys our organism.

The logic of the events is quite simple here and easily explains all this picture. In what the reason of this disgrace? It is clear, that there is no medicine, and existence of very developed surgery appears even more hostilely the person as essentially inadequate application of surgery instead of normal medical process only worsens everything therefore idea “we do not treat, and we cut“ is the main method of action of official medicine. On that is several reasons which we will consider on reception of oncological diseases. The oncology is engaged in all new growths, and cancer the new growth malignant is simple here.

So what treatment process begins with. That something to treat, it is necessary to establish precisely what occurs in an organism - and it is diagnostics. It is absolutely clear that any disease it is necessary to treat at the moment when it only began to develop differently it will manage to bring the secondary destroying consequences in an organism, and we will be already forced to fight against them. Therefore here diagnostics and diagnostics at the earliest stages which completely is absent in official medicine is important.

Its absence is explained even not by lack of the corresponding methods and the diagnostic equipment, and simple misunderstanding of development of processes of a disease. Unlike the infections introduced in an organism, oncological cages, including cancer, are normal for our organism. The organism of any person develops every day millions of cancer cells, and only under some quite certain conditions they begin to be grouped in quite usual tumors - those cancer new growths as we do not understand the nature of processes and to fight here especially there is nothing.

So, all problem in understanding of the processes of interaction of bodies, systems, organic chemistry, mentality and their joint influence happening in an organism.

Here quite amusing process of elimination of medical medicine as class went. All doctors, including Galen - and it is the ancient Roman doctor - very much showed consideration for studying of work of a human body and nature of a disease. That an illness to treat, “it should be known“ therefore to Galen all medical science learned to understand and distinguish these or those diseases of a human body. Then all went in for anatomy that is extremely important, but does not solve a problem per se just because the structure of an organism and human organs says to us very little about how this organism works. A classical example is the brain here. At the moment its anatomic structure more than is known, but also as the chemical composition of a laser disk does not give any idea about written down on is mute information, and the anatomy gives very few idea of the scheme of work of an organism.

So, development of anatomy and surgery practically gave big fat up as a bad job development of functional diagnostics - the section of medicine which gives an idea of that, “as all works“. And by the way, to the most exact and detailed data on this subject not less than six thousand years, also are they in the treatise to It - the Jing - a certain collection of works on traditional Chinese medicine. And though all descriptions are given in very unusual not only for the doctor there, but also in general the western person terms, it is, perhaps, the only system work “about the device of health of the person“. Certainly, as any normal work, it comprises knowledge of how everything works, of methods of diagnostics and concrete recommendations about treatment. It is a certain theoretical base for training of specialists on traditional Chinese medicine.

But it not everyone. Even after Galen still very long there was a concept about the doctor as about “the expert in health“, communication with whom consists in very simple principle: if to you it became bad, you call him, and it does so that it became good. The respect for such experts in traditional cultures is so high that when to it the patient comes, and after carrying out all diagnostic testings receives a certain medical set, it even has no thought - that it as he understands that this expert has that knowledge which - to the patient - is inaccessible to it. And it is the doctor. That is the expert on whom you can and is obliged to rely, the person to whom you can and is obliged to trust. The person to whom you trust the most expensive - the health and even life and whom you appreciate it. The analysis of history shows that in general approximately so all and was to the known revolutionary events which a lot of things changed not only in a political system, but also in our life in general.