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Why died Turchinsky (dynamite) of

Every day, just laying down and getting up and just when we take a cup and we drink tea, we already train hand muscles as force of an attraction acts on us and we “move“ every day own body. In space any force there is no attraction, there is no load of muscles, and they lose the force, and catastrophically. Our astronauts it was necessary to take out from devices literally as soft toys, after it at space stations there were those exercise machines which have to provide loading. It is very important for understanding of this effect where fitness and relaxation arises very quickly.

Turchinsky very long was engaged in bodybuilding in this connection it had a hypertrophy of a cardiac muscle then it turned into show business. Television, shootings, all it, from - for what just lowered loading in the hall. Loading became less, the volume of heart remained the same - under the maximum load, and, certainly, heart began to work rather quietly, there are no peak loadings, there is enough volume with a stock, a work rhythm quiet. From - for it the cardiac muscle just weakened. One peak loading - arises a spasm of a cardiac muscle and - that lethal outcome. And this loading was caused at all not by(with) run on a path or a weight raising, and purification of blood. Just in this process active work of heart in the form of the pumping-over pump - it was necessary and it was overloaded.

Moreover, no prospects at crew of reanimation existed. They could start heart, having caused electric shock - reduction of a cardiac muscle, but as the muscle was atrophied, there were especially especially nothing to start there.

Respectively, the person absolutely reliably drove himself into a coffin, even without knowing about it. It must be kept in mind that there is a concept of “reversibility of processes“ which concerns all wildlife. Here the period of a smooth relaxation which provides recovery of all to function without loss is always three times more than the activity period. We even charge the accumulator on lower currents than which it gives in the course of start of the engine.

But interestingly another - is people intuitively very competent which feel how it is necessary to arrive. The example of it is our ingenious person and the athlete Alexey - it became the Olympic champion in a bar in five years that also more than surprising result. But the fact that then he already, without acting at any competitions, having left big-time sports and having become the administrator, went 15 more years to the hall is much more surprising and gradually lost bar weight before which it the first time undertook, having come to sport.

This effect is extremely important to all of us especially the best and favourite part of mankind yes, yes, yes … it is about women as they like to grow thin. The matter is that blood supply of fatty tissue demands much bigger warm loading, than the same volume of muscles. Fatty tissue is supplied kapillyarno, and the volume of these capillaries - very small, but which very much and many - demands much bigger volumes of blood and load of heart, than any muscle therefore the overload of a cardiac muscle from any habitual loading, even emotional will be the first problem of sharp weight loss. And it is necessary to grow thin gradually. Besides, in the course of dumping of weight all men are recommended to go to the hall for creation of the compensating warm loading or to a bath, and better and there and there. As increase in volume of muscles affects hormonal system, change of a hormonal background in the men`s party to women is not shown therefore banning more green tea - about three liters a day for dumping of toxins and creation of water balance. Then symmetry of your figure will not make a problem for your health, youth and longevity.