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4 minutes instead of hour training. Sustain?

All scientific researches in all areas can be characterized two words in recent years: “How quickly …?“ To grow thin, rich, become the master of martial arts, to win war …

Sometimes does not manage it (for example, in Iraq), quite worthy results sometimes are found. In 1996 doctor Izami Tabata with colleagues from the Tokyo national institute of fitness and sport investigated impact of aerobic and anaerobic exercises and removed an interesting technique.

Working in two directions - with kardio - and with muscular system, it allows at the same time both to burn fat and to develop muscles and to increase endurance. The doctor called it it is plain: interval method (or protocol) Tabata . The technique was quickly picked up by athletes and “civil“ trainers.

In what its essence? Everything is quite simple.

1. Take the exercise loved by you (recently) and within 20 seconds carry out it with the greatest intensity - with maximum of which are capable. Has to burn down muscles directly - though, perhaps, the effect of burning will arise only after 2 - 3 - 4 - go approach.

2. Have a rest ten seconds - too as much as possible! Without any arguments, without music - only breath restoration. It is possible to reach a piece of paper and to write down how many repetitions managed to make.

3. Execute 7 more similar series: for 20 seconds blew up - and on 10 died … the Cycle takes with

4 minutes. Simply and incredibly effectively. As experts declare, it is even enough one exercise for achievement of notable result, but usually use 5 - 6 exercises. Between cycles - rest 1 minute. Total - 20 minutes. Naturally, before exercises it is necessary to make warm-up, and after - quiet “potyagushka“.

As exercises it is possible to use standard squats, push-ups, swings of a press, and it is possible pinany pears and jumps through a jump rope. It is desirable to take exercises which are directed alternately to work top and a lower body - they will force blood to move and change the direction, thereby helping to increase quickly the frequency of heartbeat and to strain all muscles of a body. Alternate study of parts of a body also helps to avoid an overstrain of any one part or a possible trauma.

But the most suitable exercises for such trainings the complex exercises influencing several groups of muscles are. Who knows army: fell - it was wrung out - jumped out … Such is base which formed the basis new, winning western fitness - halls of systems of trainings.

So, widely famous fan of the Russian sambo American Scott Sonnon created tactical fitness - takfit, making use of rich sports experience and knowledge gained from the Russian instructors: the complex exercises which are carried out from a tabat - intervals.

Similar trainings are rather high-intensity therefore they advise to train 2-3 times a week. 20 minutes a day 2 times a week - no wonder that techniques of this kind were quickly adopted by eternally busy Americans. Similar training excellently is suitable for purposeful people who want to achieve fast results!

So. Warmed up. 20 seconds intensively we carry out exercise - 10 seconds we have as much as possible a rest - we repeat 7 times. We write down the number of repetitions in each approach. The number which you could extend in the last approach will be control, showing progress on your multi-day a tabata - ways.

We take the following exercise, then the following. Then - calming “potyagushka“. And - a break for 2 - 3 days. For simplification of tracking of time it is possible to use a set of a tabat - timers or interval cuttings of the invigorating music.

And the most important - all - consult with the doctor!