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When it is time to change itself? To everyone - the “bottom of a well“ of

“The well bottom“ is a limit of patience. Those events or incidents further which there is no way. Line behind which the person will make everything to change the life. Unfortunately, some do not feel “bottom“ - continue to suffer and prove to destiny that it is not right.

A well bottom - associative concept. A well - as a tunnel on which life slides down. A bottom - a limit further which there is no place to fall. This limit defines everyone for itself. Or does not define. Suffers and continues to fall, get stuck, dangle, anything, only not to rise (not to change itself).

There is an opinion that we on this earth to improve the soul. It is better to change, to raise, become. However all this clearly and looks good in the theory, and in practice not everyone also is not always ready to change itself(himself) even for the sake of noticeable improvements.

When that moment of enlightenment comes? When internal readiness, forces and determination to take the responsibility for the life comes, and after that and ability it is not simple to speak about it, to think, plan and dream, and to do and change really …

For one “a well bottom“ treachery of darling appears. For another - discrepancy of overgrown children to own ideals. The third will be killed concerning failures at work. To everyone - the. And each of us knows that for it the most painful, the most terrible. And the seeming identical events for someone will be norm, and for someone will become a bottom. In total individually. And where the personal side - will show life. And the person will begin to see clearly. Also will solve - will be enough, further I will not suffer!

After arrival from a honeymoon trip at us serious conversation in which (the man of my dream) drew MMM that I went for reception to the endocrinologist took place:
- you have an inadequate behavior, understand? Be checked, I sincerely wish well.

The rigid voice of the doctor sounded as the sentence, and seemed that I hear it very far.
- by results of a biopsy of a tumor of a thyroid gland the diagnosis - probable cancer is made. Operation with full or partial removal of a thyroid gland is without fail shown you. It is desirable to be operated soon.

There is a theory that some diseases develop owing to long painful feelings which the person has. Psychosomatics, in a word. In the circumstances I quite believed that threat of my life appeared not incidentally.

And then told “no“ operations. Time to wait was. And time to think … And not solving, agree or not. But how to stop internal harmful influence of painful feelings. If it is simpler to tell: how to cure the feelings, to accept them, to work and even to clean. And thereby, maybe, and to pass development of an illness. I had chances. And I decided not to miss them. Because the second time will not be given.

And darling did not pass tests. And it is not important what internal arguments and the reasons at it. Important the fact that it left. In his my life did not become.

That`s all. The love ended. Perhaps, it also did not begin? And not the love was at all? But it is unimportant too. Important the fact that I so could not she is not skillful to live.

But everything occurs then when we are capable to overcome it. Not earlier and not later. And in my life that time when pain of loss began to be felt insufferably strongly, madly came. Also enlightenment came. Feeling of that bottom of a well. It does not happen without pain. But comes at our desire and opens eyes on all events.

You are itself and there is the main reason of all failures of experiences in the life. Zri in a root, zr in.

And it is not volume, “what I it made what the man ran away?“. Such statement does not raise a question nothing, except the empty burdening self-flagellations. Depressions, falling of a self-assessment thus it is possible to achieve. Something acceptable is absent -.

Business here in what: what in me what internal imperfections attracted such events and such person? (Which is capable to betray, leave, etc.). Why I agreed to such life, suffered the harmful relations and still I cling to them in search of something? What do I look for what I need?

The answer - a reference point for changes. Carrying out searches in the right direction, it is possible to understand what needs to be done to change the life. That the tragic relations, unnecessary pain and sufferings nevermore repeated.

It will also be the only way to get out of the well.