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How to treat antritis?

Antritis are inflammatory process of a bone wall or a mucous membrane of an additional cavity of a nose which received the name by last name the person who for the first time described this disease. This cavity is called gaymorovy. Antritis happens chronic and sharp.

Antritis symptoms: a nose congestion, notable pains in a nose or a forehead. At easy percussion on these zones pain amplifies. Allocations from a nose with an unpleasant smell are possible. They can be liquid, viscous and purulent.

It is known that often at antritis high temperature appears.

Of course, the symptomatology of antritis is more extensive, only the doctor can make the diagnosis. I want to stop on how to treat antritis, without leaving the house. As I already spoke, the doctor has to appoint treatment. Applying folk remedies to treatment of antritis, you should not forget about medicamentous methods.

How to treat antritis by means of drops in a nose? Can buy

ready preparations, and it is possible to make drops independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take 10 grams of a camomile and sushenitsa of marsh and 15 grams of a St. John`s Wort. To make each grass in a separate glass of boiled water, to insist and filter, then to mix these infusions. To dig in the received curative liquid in a nose on 5 drops three times a day. It will reduce an inflammation in gaymorovy bosoms.

How to treat antritis by means of inhalations?

At antritis needs to use those herbs which application promote decrease in the hypostasis and fluidifying separated from a nose. Never apply an inhalation method if you before it less than for half an hour used vasoconstrictive drops! Before carrying out procedure it is necessary to clean a nose well.

At antritis inhalation from the following herbs is useful: St. John`s Wort, camomile, chistotel and yarrow. Take 1 part of a St. John`s Wort and a chistotel, 2 parts of a camomile and 3 parts of a yarrow. Well mix all herbs. Fill in 4 tablespoons of mix with two glasses of abrupt boiled water. In half an hour it is possible to do inhalation.

How to clear nose bosoms of purulent allocations? can prepare for

For these purposes special means. It will be necessary for you: honey, onions, milk, sunflower oil, alcohol, laundry soap. Take all ingredients in equal shares. Juice of onions should be mixed with other components of ointment. Put ware with mix on a water bath and wait for full dissolution of soap.

After the received mix slightly will cool down, curtail from turundochka cotton wool (the extended “sticks“ from cotton wool, them still call wadded zhgutik), dip them in ointment, insert into both nasal courses. The patient at the same time has to be in lying situation and breathe freely through the mouth. In 15 minutes remove turundochka from a nose. If you want to receive good result, repeat procedure 3 times a day, within three weeks. If the state did not improve also the congestion of a nose or purulent allocations proceed, it is necessary to go to the doctor.

Whether it is possible to warm up a nose at antritis?

can be Warmed up, only if it was recommended by the doctor. Usually he appoints UVCh. When purulent allocations already ended, but cold proceeds, it is possible to use compresses from clay. To dissolve clay with hot water to a consistence of the dense test. To moisten a gauze in sunflower oil and to put on a nose bridge and under eyes. To make flat cake of clay weight and to lay over a gauze. Take clay on area of nasal bosoms of about 40 - 50 minutes. Repeat procedure daily, yet there will not come the simplification.

When you begin to treat antritis, it is very important to remember that with cold a large amount of liquid is lost. Drink more water. Tea from a cherry leaf or leaves of wild strawberry is very useful to replenishment of a reserve of liquid in an organism.

Now you know how to facilitate a condition of the patient, and here is how to treat antritis, the doctor will prompt!