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How to bake apple pie?

How to bake apple pie? If completely to be guided by our instruction, then it is very simple. The simplest option is, of course, all a familiar charlotte.

For its preparation it is necessary to take: on one and a half glasses of granulated sugar and torments, 5 eggs. We shake up a nimbus or the mixer of egg with sugar, we add flour. We stack apples on a bottom of a baking dish, we fill in with the test and we put to bake. Let`s not stop in detail on preparation of a charlotte as this recipe is on any culinary website.

We will bake apple pie - not such popular, but very tasty.

To bake apple pie, it is necessary to take:

- egg - 3 pieces (if eggs perfect, then eggs 1 or 2 categories are necessary less, if, then 3 eggs are required);
- butter (it is possible to replace with margarine) - 2 packs on 200 g;
- granulated sugar - 2,5 glasses;
- cream of any fat content - 50 ml;
- apples - 0,7 kg;
- potato starch - 3 h a spoon;
- flour oat, wheat or their mix - 4 glasses;
- soda - 1 h a spoon;
- vanilla sugar - at will.

Process of preparation takes not enough time. Shake up granulated sugar with eggs before obtaining magnificent white weight. Dissolve soda in cream, add mix to egg weight. There put butter or margarine. At desire add vanillin. Carefully knead, gradually pouring flour. Divide the received dough into two unequal parts, one it is more, another it is less.

The baking sheet oiled sprinkle with flour. Roll the most part of the test and put it on a baking sheet. Make a small side that on dough it was possible to place a stuffing. Strew the rolled dough with a thin layer of potato starch.

We start preparation of a stuffing. We cut apples as it is pleasant to you more. I prefer to cut apples small cubes as vegetables on Russian salad salad. Fill up them with four tablespoons of granulated sugar. After a while merge the juice which separated from apples.

By a dense bed it is displayed on dough apple filling. We sugar apples (4 tablespoons).

Roll smaller part of the test and put it over a stuffing. Fasten the top and lower layer of future pie and make relief tucks at the edges. It is possible to use the second part of the test for ornament. Create from the test of a strip, lay beautifully on pie. Connect the imagination and decorate with leaflets or florets from the test.

Time of baking will make about 40-50 minutes at a temperature of 210-220 degrees.

It is possible to make apple pie with a smaller quantity of products. How to bake apple pie if in the refrigerator there was neither cream, nor oil?

It is required to you: 5 eggs, 3 apples, on a glass of sugar and flour, 3 h. starch spoons, breadcrumbs.

Mix yolks with sugar. Fill flour and starch. Accurately stir dough. Add to it small cut apples, again mix. Add the whites beaten in foam. Bake not less than 30 minutes at a temperature about 200 degrees. Define readiness by a wooden stick - toothpicks or matches. If on a wooden surface there is no stuck test, pie means it is ready.

Now when you know how to bake apple pie, you can invite guests and treat them with tasty titbits.

Appetite pleasant to you!