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Thriller “Colour of Night“. This groan of songs at them is called?

Are heavy everyday life of psychoanalysis. It only seems that the profession of a mozgoprav requires only assiduity and attention. Unconcernedly, assent in pauses and prescribe antidepressants. The healthy person can be cured of any illness.

You have a sleeplessness and a small appetite? All this stress. Troubles at work, half-words in a family, crisis in the country, in a purse, in trousers. Panic attacks torment? Most likely, it lasts from the past. You were nedolyubit in the childhood, a little caressed, often stood in the corner. You are afraid of loneliness or proximity with other person? It is all about complexes, a low self-assessment. You want to talk about it?

… One talk you will not be full. Having despaired to find calm in conversations with the psychoanalyst, Michele stepped in uncertainty from a window of its office. Watching how around a body of his patient spreads brightly - a red puddle of blood, Bill Kapa became the selective color-blind person. Having ceased to distinguish color of ketchup and Valentine`s Day cards, he decided to postpone a trip to Vegas, and to correct sincere health on a visit at the friend in Los - Andzheles. His fellow student Bob Moore not bad settled in solar California, has highly paid practice, the smart house and a cabriolet.

Every Monday Bob holds sessions of group therapy. Among his patients - sexually anxious Sondra, the lawyer - the pedant Clark, the artist Kasey, the heart-broken father and Buck`s husband and the oddish boy Richie. Weekly this five of the insane gathers in Bob`s office to discuss the state, thoughts, dreams and mutual claims to each other. Process progresses is shaky, shakily, but pay the psychoanalyst for time, but not for result.

And then doctor Bob of 38 times is got on a knife. And Bill conducted by sense of guilt enters on an important post instead of the friend. The detective Hector Martinez suspects that the murderer can be one of patients and dissuades Bill, but to that is vital to understand himself and mysterious death of the companion. He intends to live in the deserted mansion especially as quite recently got acquainted with the mysterious and charming Bonnie who kissed a bumper of its “Mercedes“ at the intersection. New work, the torrid and passionate love affair, and also strange calls and even attempted murder - those next plans of doctor Bill for life in “the city of angels“ …

the Healthy competition - the progress engine. On a wave of fierce rivalry the most daring ideas are realized. But one desire to salt to the opponent and to force it to swallow of dust - insufficiently. In art, as well as in sport, it is necessary to be at least quicker, stronger and more cunning. And haste, as we know, is good absolutely in other cases. Typical example - history of amicable producers Andrew Vayna and Mario Cassar who founded in 1976 - m the well-known film company Carolco Pictures. On couple Cassar and Vayna managed to produce of such unconditional film hits as “Rambo. The first blood“, “Heart of an angel“, “A red heat“ and “To remember everything“. And then the company decayed, friends quarreled and the tandem broke up to two parallel currents.

And here - that at Cassar poperlo. At first loud success with second “Terminator“, and then, a year later, the producer redeems udzho Esterkhaza for the sum wildest for those times of 3 mln. dollars the scenario of “The main instinct“. The erotic thriller with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone`s participation became the international sensation, having earned more than 350 million in hire that for so specific genre and an age rating is miracle. “The main instinct“ brought a huge number of imitations to life. Also there is nothing surprising that one of the first in fight got involved the former partner Cassara in Carolco Pictures.

The problem is that in a moneybox “The main instinct“ had Esterkhaz, not the beginner in scenario business at all. In its texts Hollywood tried to obtain recognition earlier, start up also not so unambiguous. For writing of “Color of night“ Vayna invited two at once, but neither Billey Ray, nor Mathew Chapman at that time had no loop of merits. Worst of all, that the producer it is total made a booboo with the director. Suprotiv Dutch Paul Verhoeven, the author of sensational fighters “Robocop“ and “To remember everything“, he exposed “the hit pilot“ Richard Russia whose last film was “Juggler“ 14 - summer prescription. One will reap what he’ll sow.

Creators of the movie desperately tried to show a fig to “The main instinct“. Ah, your Douglas and Stone? And we have Bruce Willis (already then a big star) and the blossoming Jane March. Which - who does collecting, showing to “baize“ of the main character. Well, and on it there is a worthy slap in the face in the form of flashing in a shot of genitals of Willis. Unless the erotic thriller can do without scandal? And in mass media rumors about allegedly gentle romantic relations of main characters of the film are started, and Willis suits the partner for fathers. Add to it really smart song Lauren Cristi (and here without any sarcasm) and you will understand that rates were high. Even pictures had approximately identical as if the former workmates tried to understand which of this sum will manage to squeeze out more budgets. But Vayna lost. Unambiguously, publicly and undoubtedly.

“Color of night“ has only two obvious advantages. In - the first, already mentioned header song nominated subsequently for “The gold globe“ but which was inferior in fight to sir Elton John and his masterpiece from “The Lion King“. In - the second, Bruce Willis. A star of “Die Hard“ and “The last boy scout“ even shed a tear in a shot, than finally touched female audience of a picture. By the way, considerably prevailing over man`s. All the rest - is bad if not to tell awfully.

Was an appreciable error to stake on the starlet Jane March whose track record began and came to an end smart, but nevertheless the only project - Jean`s “Lover“ - Jacques Anno. There was quite enough natural beauty of March that the well-known magazine Maxim proclaimed erotic scenes of “Color of night“ the best in the history of cinema. But weakness of actor`s game and lack of experience have an effect on those shots where it was necessary not only to bare the invoice, but also to say remarks.

And any criticism does not maintain the scenario of a picture. To greater pleasure of a weak half of audience, Richard Rush remembered that he shoots the thriller only from time to time. Having made bed scenes red-hot, the author absolutely forgot that it is necessary to stir spectator interest not boobs and piska, but the unexpected subject courses. Only the blind person will not make out the sexual nymph Bonnie in the four-eyes Richie. And when business reached a final “sentimental“ outcome, creators of a picture finally admitted own insolvency, having crumpled all intrigue 10 minutes of incoherent dialogues and very unconvincing motivation of characters.

In hire “Color of night“ naturally failed. And quite deservedly deserved 9 nominations on “Gold raspberry“. From them two fell on Jane March (for man`s and female roles). The award found the hero only once, but in the most important nomination. As a result Richard Rush`s tape became the worst following the results of 1994.

But neither fiascoes at movie theaters, nor a low mark of critics prevented a tape to become a video hire shop hit. Housewives, not too exacting to quality of material, willingly paid kopeks for quite legal peeping for naked Willis. And all could not care less that in understanding of authors color at night not krovavo - red or frighteningly black, and is gray - mediocre.