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Air rifle of Benjamin Sheridan 397. Why it is called “a multyakha Franklin“? At

Well, for this purpose on a rifle it is necessary to look. It is made in style of old guns of the first American colonists, such long, wooden, with fat black “trunk“. “Trunk“, this, by the way, consists of actually trunk and the subbarrelled tank for an air rating.

Benjamin Sheridan 397 (for the American market Crosman 397 is simple), is issued the American firm Crosman since 1997 I.e. the weapon it, despite its ancient vidon, rather new, modern.

The principle of action of a rifle - multicompressor. At first the special pump (the lever of the pump acts tsevyyo rifles) in the subbarrelled tank air is pumped. Then the lock is taken away back and the pool is inserted into a state cut of a trunk. Further the lock moves forward and is turned. Until the lever of a lock is turned “before click“, a shot will not follow, all as on a fire bolted rifle. It is possible to shoot. The safety lock is non-automatic. Aim devices, an unregulated front sight both regulated across and verticals tselik. The trunk and subbarrelled shop are painted with black paint.

A rifle, despite the massiveness, rather easy. The Internet - shops so is positioned on the websites: “This rifle is suitable for hunting at small distances, power quite allows, besides Sheridan 397 gives excellent power (240 m/s a pool of 0,5 g) “from a box“. And here the rifle is not suitable for entertaining firing - inflating before each shot quickly tires“.

Technical characteristics

pneumatics Type: multicompression. Unlike a compressor rifle, for example, MP - 514K “Crocodile“, it is necessary to pump with the pump not once, and it is a lot of. For the maximum power and a shot it is necessary to rock 10 times.

Trunk: cut, is made completely of brass.

Caliber: non-standard for Europe 0,2 inches (5 mm), so caliber are designated for the English and American market. For the European market the caliber 4 is specified. 5 mm though it and is wrong, but caliber 4. 5 mm do not get under license restrictions of the majority of the European countries. Marketing, however!

Length of a trunk, mm: 492.

Safety lock: non-automatic.

Type of ammunition: only soft lead.

Initial speed of a bullet (0,5 g, 10 musclemen), m/s: 240.

Length, mm: 920.

Weight, kg: 2,49.

Box material: American nut.


the rifle Positioned “for slow hunting“ not just easy and … beautiful. The rifle of an ukhvatist, prikladist, razvorotliv, therefore, is very convenient. It is not a shame with such to seem in a circle of “pnevmanuty companions“.

Zaryazhaniye as at the real ancient bolted rifle. Though for someone it can be also a shortcoming.

Very high quality of production, at the same time rather low price, in Russia - about $350.

A tree of a box and butt - the impregnated nut, scratches and chips on it are almost not visible. And to hands slightly rough, “the velvet surface“ is more pleasant, than a slippery varnish covering or cold plastic.


When inflating the wooden lever loudly knocks. Irritates extremely!

Paint from a trunk is quickly erased, baring yellow brass.

As a trunk brass, it is possible to shoot only soft pools with a wide skirt. And strongly bears them wind. To shoot heavy or rigid bullets is more expensive to itself, brass lots in a trunk will quickly be erased.

Very low front sight. The rifle practically always beats above an aiming mark. However users at forums write that quickly you get used to it.

Too big diameter of the valve of restart-up, about 4 mm. Bullets 4. 5 mm at charging in a trunk just fail in this opening, rumple a hat and a skirt that has an adverse effect on a firing grouping. It is treated by the order of the valve of restart-up with a diameter of 3,5 mm or an original way, after laying of a bullet the rifle turns over head over heels and only then the lock is closed.

Air at a shot is spent very inefficiently. In - the first, in a receiver rather big “dead volume“. Air fills it, but does not take off for a trunk. Plus unclear caliber in 5 mm. Bullet 4. 5 mm at the movement in a trunk “fly“ about part of air, filtering it on lots forward. For this reason 397 - I the rifle does not apgredirutsya, increase in speed of emission of air through a trunk practically does not influence increase in speed of flight of a bullet.

The rifle is not intended for installation of a riflescope at all. The tradition tribute, a rifle reminds guns of the first settlers and what then was optics? The people, of course, make the designs, but it was possible to think, probably, and of users. 21st century outside.

As it was already told above, the rifle is a little suitable for fast entertaining firing. Too much air it is necessary to download before each shot. You are tired quickly. Plus loud knock of a piece of wood about metal before each shot...

However, despite the shortcomings, Benjamin Sheridan 397 - the beautiful and original rifle, finds the hot admirers. The multicompressor mechanism of “Sheridan“ they call “multyakhy“, there are also others krosmanovsky “Bendzhamina“ (for example, “rewithdrawal pains““ Crosman Benjamin Super Streak or system with a preliminary rating of Crosman Benjamin Marauder).

And the name “Benjamin“ in the name of a rifle, probably, is associated with Benjamin Franklin whose portrait decorates the hundred-dollar note. Here and this rifle received the name “multyakha Franklin“.