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As purity in the Person means much …

As purity it is understood - an energy potential under the influence of which we arrive our mood, the zhenenny purposes, a positive.
Not of purity - the opposite side, that is a negative, rage, lifelessness, loss of vectors of the direction in life and so on.
Let`s sort everything one after another and as it works!?
my Friends, we often ask a question to ourselves why I have such bad mood why everything enrages me and when there is an enlightenment!? Present please such picture, take a roll of snow-white cotton wool and throw it into the desert, here directly into the center on the ashes and a heat, with desert wind so-called - a hot dry wind. And that will be with our cotton wool!? Correctly, all external time will be hammered with dust and dirt, but the center - that remains pure until to push, to move this roll …
Here most happens also to the person literally where the major mistake is only one - if he tries “to turn over“ (pushing dirt inside), difficulties grow with a catastrophic progression.
the First sign so to speak of this progression is - bad mood, a general malaise, and in certain cases even the distorted color rendition, that is the person sees as if in “gray color“ …
the question Becomes ripe: “How to push out from itself these parts of dust and dirt!?“
In - the first, we should not attract these parts to ourselves what wind would not be around us, in - the second if parts already got we we CAN push out them from ourselves, at least because they by definition not ours, that is from out of. We need to find in ourselves the mechanism of all this rejection.
As any mechanism that works, or in general sets something in motion, energy is necessary for it, I think it clear!?
Where to take a power source which will set our mechanism in motion!?
Is correct, food of a human body and the is purer food, the necessary energy is developed more that in turn pushes out parts not necessary to us easier.
But to you it is not necessary to be under a delusion so that mechanism “turns“ only depend on pure food and, at us is the whole five sense organs and each of them is direct, I will emphasize with direct impact on the mechanism!
I so we will sort each of them in more detail:
Sight - we see what we want to see the simple rule and very effective. Here you watch
, for example the Person does not want to be in a negative situation, subconsciously does not want to be, the seen information registers in some kind of winchester (so we will call it), and information with a certain purity, in a certain cluster will lay down. It is worth to remember about it at all!
As we can influence it!?? Yes, it is simple, we have to stay in what is pleasant to us and it gives pleasure. Understand, what we see, can and changes our destiny, life, a karma. That is we can be there where to us it is good and if we are there, means and we see it with own eyes. Also I want to note that we see not only in ourselves, but from ourselves too. Here you look, I look at a dry tree, on it there are no leaves and it old, it is seen by me in reality, and now draw the reality, filling this tree with youth and very green leaves. It`s a go!? Well, not at once of course, but it will turn out over time, precisely. The main thing to go to it! Such picture, actually a tree dry and old will turn out, and you in memory wrote down it in other format, more positive, than is actually. Means and information will be saved in a cluster with positive result (+) and when the mechanism requests these pluses for clarification of our motes, will take from a cell in which there was our idea of an evergreen tree. Quite so this system works.
Hearing - sounds and frequencies that are transferred by our brain to energy, also positive or negative. Did not wonder and why shamans always with such big tambourines go and knock on it, causing a frequency resonance pleasant aurally. With this frequency they enter parallels which not seen to us, simple people. Still such regularity, notice: sounds that generates a percussion instrument, have a positive frequency resonance, it is already proved by science. And the logic is simple here, we will go deep into molecular structure where there are a certain order and frequency of the movement, so fluctuation of sounds can how to strengthen the movement, to reduce the movement of these molecules. I told about positive, now we will switch to negative sounds, present a saw sound for example or the rubbing polyfoam. Many had such held-down feeling inside, and it is correct because it is the negative sounds influencing the person. Though even in these sounds we can and have to find positive tone. The sound will also lay down on the winchester and the cluster.
Taste, sense of smell and touch work in the same way as I provided above, I think, you should not paint more system of a data recording on our winchesters and a cluster, so to speak. I very much hope that I could though a little to explain about the simple principles of work of our organism. My friends, you only a little think and you will find all answers in yourself because everything, here literally EVERYTHING is written down in our sleeping consciousness, awake it and Love all. Because ALL - is a fruit of Love and It is ALL!