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It is necessary to release!? Also look as... You know

decided to publish this subject because it very actual at all times and I think can be I will to someone is useful.
When comes time to leave, many People hold those who just want to leave...
when People leave, it turns out, whatever one may do: … one remains to
… the second - threw,
(otherwise cannot just be).
Though one situation in this deal of course is - it is when People disperse as in the sea the ships, that is to them is not hot and is cold in the relations and without them.
But we not about the last because with them everything is clear: (
I so, you even not before the choice, and already before the fact: “RELEASE!“
Yes, so happens in Life of People that they need to be released, sometimes, even to return, but already absolutely other person. But we will not be under a delusion with
, we release...
Everything, evening you are one... who creeps with
First in your consciousness - it is the memory artful I will tell you nature, very rigid and strong, in relation to decomposition of consciousness of the Person.
Is very sick, here extremely painfully to listen even to music because in “the collection of hits of last year“ for example, YOU still were, and today memory - a bough eats eyes where YOU are absent...
I what to do!?
At this moment is adequate to think very difficult because as we understood part of a brain (she remembers, picking files of the past).
Exactly here wants to place the emphasis, understand:
of the PAST!!! not to return
already those days, nights and so on, but we consciously break off to ourselves soul and we cry in a pillow (men on the quiet, of course:) so to speak without palev superfluous)...
, Why!?
the Real pain to last only a few minutes, and we invent everything that occurs later
, understand, we invent these phantoms, locks, labyrinths.
Yes, yes, that in it all to roam, take out to itself brains and to relatives at all too that is important...
But the fact remains: “It is necessary to release all the same!!!“
So let floats a goldfish, you do not know yet who was lucky!
A is lucky in this case only to ONE!!!
Only to ONE of a combination in two Persons.
Loved Toma KTO and WHO was rejected, only to It!!! you know
A why!?? Because that who Loved
, saw sacred and tried to keep it, and the second pursued a spot of sunlight, or it is possible even (that most often) hares...
Cannot be played with Lyubov in such jokes, it is IMPOSSIBLE! we Will assume
the Man leaves to the mistress, and the girl who was to it suffers and cannot release the person, she is precisely sure of the feelings to it now to a muzhchinka because it is impossible to call this similarity the Man. we watch
Now that will turn out in an okontsova:
is possible, at first a muzhchinka will even be happy (is illusory), he will even consider that he fell in love really and IT is its only! But at all not and this couple should pay all this bills soon.
I very much to pay dearly, the muzhchinka and will jump from place to place, tomorrow it will find one and only again, and will proceed so very long …
A meanwhile, that girl who endured very serious lesson in life will meet on the present of the Person who will Love it and which will bear the concept One and only is proud.
the karma Only this way puts the hands on shoulders of people, only this way.
Many can argue with me in this question, for example muzhchinka!
But I precisely know that I say and no matter you live five years or more with that who broke a bowl, time will come also it already nearby, it breathes in a back, all bl *** m who arrives quite so.
does not happen Love on foreign misfortune
- it needs to be understood with mother`s milk.
the Love has rules, sometimes very difficult and impenetrable for realization to the simple person, especially blind, deaf and curve in soul …
So needs to release the small fry because to the Person to go them for a long time, let walk yes wise grow.
A you are lovely little girls and boys (is also such who are thrown!) strongly do not worry on this account.
Yes, of course it is possible to whimper from pain and it is even necessary, know
that you always at height!
Let creep those to whom to fly not on the cards,
and you still will gain the height,
believe me, you WILL GATHER