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How to find idea for a mobile application? Oleg Tinkov tells two living examples of Si El

: “Our present is online, and our future - mobayl. There will be a big break, milliard states in the next years will be created“ . In online milliard states are already created. One Facebook of what costs. According to experts, in the area mobayl a bigger break is planned.

Now especially violently the market of mobile applications develops, them nearly one million are created. However, the majority them them - a baby`s dummy: that the appendix was in demand, it has to satisfy some pressing need. Means, what idea initially is the basis for this or that appendix is of very great importance. Even the expert of the average level can develop very successful mobile application if he uses really good idea.

How to find good idea? can be helped by a technique of Si El Here is such improvement for which:

1) the problem which it solves existed long ago, but long time remained unnoticed;

2) technical capabilities for realization of this improvement existed too long ago;

3) this improvement can be realized by addition to already existing product by certain rules of some simple element;

4) the simple element has another (in comparison with initial goods) a functional purpose.

In other words, Si El is what forces the person to think: “It is necessary as it is simple! And why nobody guessed to make it earlier?“ A good example of Si El is the suitcase on rollers.

Some things created by addition to something that already was of other simple element, become not just very successful. Sometimes they occupy all possible market for very long time. For example, the design of a fishing hook to which added the thorn which is not allowing fish to come off it remains invariable already several thousands of years. And this with the fact that life cycle of the majority of goods becomes shorter and shorter every year.

Not for nothing say that opportunities lie at us under legs. If you manage to add to the goods or the service “correct simple element“, then you will have a chance to become the leader in the market (including in the market of mobile applications), and for a long time.

For example, the SleepCycle company and made. It used idea from the Soviet invention of 1989 No. 1471171 to add the sensor watching fast and slow phases of a dream to a usual alarm clock. (Even earlier this idea was “spotted“ by aXBo and Sleeptracker). Result: today the top of sales of AppStore in many countries heads a mobile application thanks to which the awaking signal of an alarm clock is given in a timepoint, optimum for awakening. Very actual requirement is satisfied: the person sleeps less, and gets enough sleep better.

Years back aXBo sold to Eshcheneskolko the alarm clocks at 200 Euros, and Sleeptracker - at 200 dollars. Today requirement “to sleep less, and it is better to get enough sleep“ it is possible to satisfy for only one dollar, having downloaded the SleepCycle mobile application with AppStore.

Reduction of price in 200 (!) time is very telling argument in favor of the fact that at a mobayl really great future.

It is the first way to find good idea for a mobile application: to spot already existing product like Si El and to translate it in mobayl - a format.

The second way - most to create new Si El.

Let`s consider on a living example as addition something simple to what exists for a long time, can lead to creation of a new mobile application.

Now there are already programs which allow on the modern photo of the person to create his image it what he will be after a certain number of years. In other words, this technology allows to see how the person will look in a year, five or ten years.

On the other hand, many people in the advanced countries have excess weight and therefore want to grow thin. They know that for this purpose it is necessary to play sports, to do special exercises, to eat properly, not to eat a lot of bread, sweet etc., especially before going to bed. They know it, but they lack motivation to do it.

Here is how it is possible to create the application increasing motivation.

Now in the Network there are a lot of stories how this or that person managed to grow thin (or to pump up muscles), using this or that diet, physical exercises, etc. Often these stories are illustrated by couple of photos - as the person looked before ( to ) and what became his body as a result of application of a diet or a technique of trainings ( after ). Some people place even several pictures, taken with an interval, for example, in one month that dynamics was well visible - as there was a weight loss process (or increases in bicepses).

On the other hand, now there are technologies, allowing on the modern photo of the person to create, generate the images showing how he will look in a year, in five years etc. In other words, this technology allows the person to look at itself in the future through any number of years.

The idea consists in that to the modern photo of the person wishing to grow thin, add technology of creation of the images showing how he will look in the future. That is to create a row from several photos which will allow the person “to look at themselves in the future“ and to see what will become his body in a month, through two, through three if he diligent does the corresponding exercises and to observe the correct diet.

Technically it looks so: the person loads the photo of the naked body into the computer, and the appendix gives it a number of the photos showing how it will look in a month, through two etc.

Can even be made so that the appendix generated several rows of photos.

The first row - what will become a body of the person if he observes a diet all the time and to regularly play sports.

The second row of photos - that the person will receive if he sometimes misses trainings or slightly to break a diet.

The third row - that will be if it begins to do exercises every other day and sometimes densely to eat before going to bed.

The fourth row - if trains only occasionally, but to often indulge itself something tasty late at night. Etc. The appendix can generate the corresponding ranks of photos for any combination of how the person trains and eats. Ranks of photos located one under another will accurately and demonstrate that he will receive otherwise.

The person can print out these photos and hang up them on a refrigerator door, in the training hall, etc. Pictures will visually stimulate it to achievement of the best results.

The appendix generating such photos will be useful not only for persons interested to grow thin, but also for engaged in bodybuilding.

Choose! To find good idea for a new mobile application, you can use any of the offered ways. You want - use already existing Si El, you want - create own.

If you use the concept of Si El before competitors, then get additional chance to bypass them already on start.

P. S. On May 1, 2012 the rights for application programming on the considered idea were transferred the Dvimay Technologies companies. Soon the appendix will be available on AppStore.