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Why the school student needs the computer?

Many acquaintances ask me for the help in purchase of the computer, more precisely for consultation that in this computer needs to be thrust that it could please also with itself(himself), and did not “eat“ spare cash. My first question always: “Why it is necessary to you?“ Very often I hear in reply: “We not himself, it“ - further me it is necessary to smile to the child for study.

It is usually followed by a serious look in my party and beliefs: “It needs actually it!“, “They at school are given a task to be written papers!“, “To it to enter the institute soon!“ Here to me for the present to begin dispute early and, in my opinion, the computer is all the same necessary. Therefore I ask the following: “How many you want to spend?“.

Once long ago such question from the manager in shop infuriated me, but now I understood that it is very true. And not only from the manager, it is interesting to them to untwist the buyer to the maximum, but also from the point of view of the user who receives to himself the most useful piece of iron. Besides I can note at once, for study there will be enough any computer which will be entered in your budget. In half a year will introduce new technologies, and the most modern computer will stop being that. Surplus of the spent means will grant you a delay before purchase of the new computer while yours morally grows old.

Let`s say you for the present have no own oil derrick, then your answer, will be approximately such: “Postponed for purchase such - that the sum, but if it is possible cheaper, then it is better to save“. And here my crown phrase: “If for study, writing of papers and school calculations, then it is enough / at the system unit of an order of the first Pentium, well, as a last resort, of the second“.
Of course, I exaggerate. The similar car will not pull either a modern operating system, or modern office software package, but it what was asked by the customer - the car for writing of papers in school.

Especially cheerfully if the end user - that adolescent for the sake of whose training all here and gathered stands nearby. After my words of the guy begins to shake, eyes are narrowed in a hatred sight to “expert“, and sometimes it is possible even to hear: “Mother, father. Let`s go from here, we will buy another time“. It would be possible to add: “When this uncle will not be near“. Because the dream of the new brilliant “real“ computer just failed. Of course, nobody is going to buy / at the system unit, such piece of iron can be held unless in a small stall for the accounting of goods. It is suitable for the school student a little as it is better to study possibilities of the computer on its modern samples.

Parents chorus shout: “No, no, / at it would be not necessary to us!“ And the adolescent has a hope that all - the computer will be “present“. Who can be killed with the phrase at once: “Well, the then rather mostly weak and cheap“, but it is better not to risk, otherwise can start something heavy. Therefore, it is time to raise a bar of functionality of the computer.

It is better to begin with parents. “Or perhaps mother will use the Internet to check mail in “schoolmates“? or “Perhaps the father will sit down at the computer to play?“ You will guess the answer? “Is not present! No! It at work bothered me!“ And though in the future, they for it nevertheless will take seat, the computer to the child is now bought. But two magic words were already heard: “Internet“ and “games“. And as they were sounded by the third-party invited “expert“, them nevertheless will grasp.

“Well, it can be sometimes possible to find the recipe“ - mother, “Aga answers! And papers on the Internet are!“ - young creation slowly begins to grow bolder and wring out back missed positions, issuing at the same time the “secret“ plans. It is possible to tell: “Here and first catch!“ Instead of “study“ we, it appears, we are going to swing already ready works from a network.

The second small fish is usually caught on “social networks“: “And “VKontakte“ will work too?“
When my colleagues learned that my son has no page in “schoolmates“, I was told that I deprive of the child of communication. He it with interest compensates the benefit by communication with friends in the yard. Your child will how deeply get stuck in virtual communication, to solve to you. My task to show in what all this will pour out. In few months I am usually called to close the websites with “cheesecake“ which incidentally opened when mother downloaded recipes.

The small fish is caught, but to pull out a tail from an ice-hole still early. Let it will more be fastened!
- Columns are necessary?
- Of course! To watch film!
- That is, the most poorish? there is no
- also music to listen!
Still a couple on a hook.

It is time to pass to larger fish.
“Well, it is not necessary to save on the monitor, buy big and new, and here what with a video card? It is possible to take built in, for study it is enough, but games will not work“. Again I exaggerate. But people have to like a question.
“Well, absolutely without games is not necessary, let will sometimes play“. Almost screwed tears are replaced by the teenager`s smile. we Begin to choose
- With this Fight 3“, with this “Fight 4“, and with this “Fight 5“ will go “.
- And we played with Seryoga in “Super Fight 7“ what to take?
Development of parents stopped for “Fight 2“, and here “suddenly“ such knowledge at the child.
Can be cut and pulled out!

Though is not present, still the melochishka remained.
- to you needs the card reader? You have a digital camera, a video camera, the cell phone?
- Oh, yes! Surely! I will download music and pictures in phone.
Is ready! It is possible to recalculate. How many there hang-ups treats study? It seems one: someone else`s paper from the Internet.

So what at us the “educational“ computer turned into? It is quite obvious that, first of all, it is entertainment center, a toy. Papers and the presentations will make at most 1%. Unfortunately, many parents sincerely believe that they buy to the child the computer that he studied better. And actually by means of the computer it is possible to learn very much, and it is extremely necessary to seize these skills in the modern world, but this training in absolute majority of cases requires your participation, at least passive control, and planning - what to study and when, ideally - coeducation is better. Having delivered to the personal computer to the room of the child, you will add to it temptations to distract from affairs. Both rest is necessary, and games, and music, and cinema. But help to stop in time, define amount of “machine“ time as soon as you buy the computer, and it is better in advance, then it will be more difficult. And it is not important how many neighbour`s Seryoga, the main thing your child, his health, his progress and good mood sits in front of the computer.