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How SCORPIONS wrote the anthem fate - N - a beater, the anthem of love and the anthem of reorganization? To birthday of Claus Meine.

If you are not Anglo-Saxon, and the true Aryan, the Gaul, or, God forbid, the Slav to break through on world fate - a scene oh as it is difficult. In the English-speaking world also the singers are enough which sing in clear language, and if with accent, then only British. However, now there are exceptions.

And in 1970 - x to sing “Them vil“ and “Du Hast“ was full nonsense. It is no wonder that to the German group SCORPIONS as to pioneers in the world of Anglo-Saxon fate, about native - primordial it was necessary to forget.

K. Meine:
“Our music never was German, it always had this English - the American sounding - we never sought to be the German group! We are Germans and, but only not in our music“.
even talented performance of songs by strangers in English yet guaranteed nothing

In 20 years prior to RAMMSTEIN. SCORPIONS was necessary to spend all the talent and 10 years of work that in 1982 to break in the American Top 10 with an album “Blackout“. And here at peak of success the vocalist of group unexpectedly strains the voice. Noble Claus Meine wanted even to leave SCORPIONS not to spoil their career, but not less noble members of group persuaded him to remain. Operations, trainings - and Meine again in a system - even in the best form, than earlier.

And here in 1984 SCORPIONS put on show - business the most powerful blow - there is an album “Love At First Sting“ containing at the same time and big fate - the fighter, and the dramatic ballad.

Rock - the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane“ (“Will stir up you, as a hurricane“) written by the guitarist Rudolf Schenker became the fighter. According to Schenker, it is his most favourite song, such “the ideal anthem to fate, in it it is sung about rocker outlook on life and about sexuality“ . By the way, the text to the song was written not by the guitarist, but the drummer Herman Rarebell, having just recorded a real sketch.

Herman Rarebell: “The text to this song was very easy to be written
. I woke up early in the morning after all night long plaid about cocaine and struck; I slightly opened curtains. “Early morning, the sun rises. There was an excellent shake-up last night, and rather loud. My cat purrs, scratching me skin“. It scratched to me a back when we made love. I just sat down and wrote it“.

Standard fate - the cliche was supported with the defiant clip with the wild animals, seminude aunts and musicians locked in a cage. This video became one of those drops which overflowed patience of five influential American women and forced them to organize Parents Music Resource Center which was engaged in censorship, in thought up to paste the labels reporting about the harmful maintenance of this or that work of art on disks.

While in the USA went bananas and were indignant concerning the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane“, in Europe and the USSR SCORPIONS won audience first of all the ballads combining at the same time both musical beauty, and fate - N - rollny power. Many compatriots still know and love SCORPIONS generally for ballads.

From interview with K. Meine:
“- How to explain that many years ago you passed from a hard - fate to romantic ballads?
- Is very simple: we wanted that at our concert there were more girls (laughs)“. of “Still loving you“ same 1984 of the same Rudolf Schenker, “Time recognized from the first three notes and four words , it needs time costs to i> to

On the first place from...“ . Those who know English better than SCORPIONS still laugh at the name of a song. The matter is that “loving“ means the action made at present. As a result, instead of conceived “Still love you“ (“Still I love you“) left “Still I make love to you“.
the Mistake was prophetical. Under this song really often made love - especially in France where the single with the ballad was sold out in the circulation of 1,7 million copies and as joke, provided the sharp growth of birth rate.

To the middle of 1980 - x “cold war“ was in the heat therefore even in a line from “Still loving you“ - i “ your pride became too strong wall which I in any way do not manage to destroy“ - saw a hint on the well-known Berlin wall which divided post-war Germany into two parts - capitalist and socialist.

From the beginning in the USSR of reorganization the former world changed. “Iron Curtain“ began to rise, and SCORPIONS became one of the first western a hard - fate - the groups which gave official concerts. At first it was several charitable performances in Leningrad in 1988. And already a year later at the Moscow Festival of the world SCORPIONS spoke on behalf with the whole bouquet of “monsters of fate“ (of Ozzy Osbourne to BON JOVI). Inspired by the events in the USSR, Claus Meine writes one more well-known ballad - of “Wind of change“ - “Wind of change“, having got in line for Mary Poppins from known to / f and Kostya Kinchev from ALICE group.

R. Schenker:
“I always loved Russians and since the childhood watched on the TV everything that occurred in Russia. And the love to this country was especially shown when we, one of the most popular fate - groups, for the first time arrived to Russia, and one year later we could not but notice those changes that here occurred. We went on the boat from hotel to Gorky Park to celebrate this event. There were Russians, Japanese, Germans, French, British - the whole world was in one boat, and after it the song “Wind of Change“ arose.
SCORPIONS did not manage to write to

this song as in November, 1989 the Berlin wall failed. The group executed that hour the new ballad at a concert at Bradenburgsky gate where there was a wall fragment, together with an orchestra which was conducted by M. Rostropovich. Since then “Wind of Change“ became a peculiar soundtrack of this historical event. In a year of SCORPIONS will take part in similar action - in the well-known statement of Roger Waters of “The Wall“ (Wall) at Potsdamskaya Square. Besides the group decides to let out “Wind of Change“ in Russian.

Stas Namin:
“I wrote down a demo - a vocal that Claus Meine copied the correct pronunciation of words. As a result they and sang in Russian, but it was possible to understand the Russian text hardly“

In the same 1990 - the m leaves to year a new album “Crazy World“. The single “Wind of Change“ accompanying it it becomes natural the most sold single of group in Germany. SCORPIONS said that this success allowed them to worry “granzhevy“ 1990 - e and not to break up.

But there is more to come. In December, 1991 SCORPIONS realize ambitions of which could not think two years ago. Namely - they became the first of fate - groups which were accepted in the Kremlin by the head of the Soviet state. Certainly the crucial role in it was played by the same song.

K. Meine:
“Gorbachev invited us to the Kremlin after he heard the Russian-language version of a song about reorganization of “Wind of Change“ which became a world hit. Your first president - very charming person. We spoke the whole hour with it about music and policy“.
Stas Namin remembered

the following ridiculous conversation between group and Gorbachev:
“- we still remember those times when Khrushchev at a meeting of the UN knocked a boot on department.
- And it as was pleasant to you? - unexpectedly Gorbachev asked.
- We all so got a fright! - honestly they told.
- is strange, began with it Soviet hev - threw, - Mikhail Sergeyevich joked“.

Cordial relations of the last head of the USSR and the German rockers on it did not stop. Not so long ago SCORPIONS acted on 80 - Gorbachev`s anniversary which it celebrated far outside the homeland. To the destroyer of the Soviet state at our people the relation not really warm. Having modified a proverb, one may say, that what to the German - is good, to Russian - death.

But of course the German rockers are not guilty of this accident at all. Their ballads became worse from it not and are still constantly played at a concert. Two times they even was even were rewritten with orchestral maintenance (2000) and in acoustics (2001).

A press - the SCORPIONS conference in the city of Kazan, 2005:
“- Claus, depends on you my private life: tomorrow on a concert I will bring the future wife! I will make it the proposal of a hand and heart at your concert!
Claus: - the Fantasy! Yes? After what song - “Still Loving You“? We will try that your offer was accepted your bride!
- After “Wind of Change“!
Claus: are changes in your life!“