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Prophetic dreams happen? You judge. I will tell part 1

Ya to you byl.
of All a few years ago I was the convinced atheist, did not trust either dreams, or prophets - believed the reason and the experience. Then I did not know that big secrets are revealed to reason through big pain of soul and a body. To me such pain came, and dreams which parted forcibly my mind sleeping began to dream as it appeared. Or I exaggerate? You judge.

Light has a source. The source is a body. The body from which light proceeds cannot be hidden, it probably. The darkness has too a body in which it is. The body shining cannot win against a body where darkness, having remained a light source or having remained to live. A body where the darkness, cannot win against a body, from which light because at a dark body the place. Only the third essence - light can abolish opposition of two bodies. The body - the lamp is not omnipotent. But also body, where darkness, unless bezdonno? If in a body where the darkness, will enter light, unless there is no it a light source? The dark body demonstrates only that in it there is no light. There will be no darkness in a weight which put on light. Unless by force light won a body in which there was a darkness? In any way.
Such is the true general universal law of a world order.
U of all is a limit - a certain size. Transition from one size to another is possible always through quality change - the physical law of transition of quantity to quality.
of Couple of water, is invisible to eyes rising from the Earth`s surface up to the certain height - (the movement of water in a vaporous state With the BOTTOM IN TOP), having reached the completeness - will spill the rain drops visible to eyes - (the movement of water in a liquid state With TOP IN the BOTTOM). In it sense of the law of transition of quantity to quality. Everything begins
with unit, is filled to a certain limit, and then inevitably has to be given, and the one who gave has an opportunity to receive. But giving never it is exhausted before disappearance, and receiving never will take more, than can contain. (However, there are single exceptions.)

on September 06 - 07, 2002. Dream.
“Against a crimson disk of the setting sun in a profile costs the man. It without clothes, but I it do not see a body, only a silhouette accurately from three figures 9. Suddenly one lower nine turned and became the six, and then two other nine turned at once and became shesterka. I saw three six as one number - 666. The top six on the head of the man formed a horn, as at a cow, directed forward. I watched
At the man from far away and saw it everything, and then well made out a horn close as though “having run“ a video camera and having increased it. I was surprised: such simple solution of ancient secret, and people two thousand years tried to calculate it “number of an animal“. (See rice) by

of People it is created just like Bozhiyem. All bodies of the Universe move in two counter directions and happen in an active phase and in passive as a breath and an exhalation. - It is the general law of the movement, evolution, variability and preservation - Energy breath, breath of Time, breath of Space, realization of Reason - breath of Life.
What I understood from this dream? I understood that the law of Truth is reflected in “device“ of a body of the person. According to the same scheme the system is built: the sun - Earth - the moon. In each system is (1.) certain energetically - the strong material center to which (2) other center “are attached“ - financially - power (the material weight since the total of the energiya belonging to certain material subjects is less than energy of the center dominates here), and (3) still is the third financially - the power center having communication both with the first center and with the second. Speaking in images: there is a head, a body and a tail. the Moon to us specifies by
change of time within one month (i.e. for a certain period): happens - decreasing, and happens - growing.
Of a month by a month - the movement of Earth around the sun: winter - summer, and between them short transition periods: fall and spring.
What changes when changing one period by another? When changing one temporary period with another power streams which provide transition of quantity to quality change, one may say, bear on themselves new reality.
If I accept this dream how prophetic revelation, then what conclusion I have to draw? In my opinion, in the picture of a dream the most important that the man (an embodiment of system the sun - Earth - the moon) stood against the setting sun. In that case, the center around which our sun rotates “comes for the horizon“, i.e. it begins the descending movement when it does not give energy, and will take away. Well, as on the seashore: in the afternoon &ndash wind; from the sea on the land, and at night - from the land at the sea. Our sun will “cool down“ more actively in relation to “sun“, i.e. to give more energy - in that case, activity of the sun has to increase including solar storms. the Chinese proverb tells
: “God between reason and heart put wind“. In the person a source of vital energy - the brain - is tied with heart - between them “wind of emotions“. Changes of solar activity will inevitably affect “tranquility“ of “Earth heart“ - on tranquility of a kernel of Earth. And his “concern“ has to affect the wind movement - air - i.e. climate etc. of
If “sun“ of our native sun on a decline and at the horizon now, then it had both a rising and midday which bore with themselves change of power streams in our galaxy and change of activity of our sun too, and, therefore, and climate change on our mother - Earth. Whether global climate change in a short period on Earth is connected with it: Ice Age and Flood? the Picture of a dream indicates
that the passive period of system the SUN - the EARTH - the MOON ended, the active period began.
the World is so arranged: in total in everything - as a nested doll. And the smallest - invisible - is only-begotten with infinite - to our invisible eyes. Everyone in depth has grain, and everyone has the tree - everyone has basis, and at everyone the roof. There is a morning and there is an evening, there are a midday and midnight.

Christians of a century wait for arrival of some terrible animal, in the form of the person who has to disappear under figure 666. And the figure - that is written, appears how bbd. “There is a wisdom. Who has mind, that consider number of an animal because this number human; number its six hundred sixty six.“ (Bible. Saint John the Evangelist`s revelation. Chapter 13, Art. 18) (I think, it is worth waiting for transition from V to T - to it is pointed by the head and a line of revelation).
Very much I hope that this dream not that God will rise against us - ungrateful, innocent, dissolute mankind.
If an end is put to everything, and ascending is invisible will come back probably down, that is the sense to pray. It is told: you knock - and will open for you, you ask - and you will be given. Let`s address or will persist to remain to us on the old place which obligatory will be destroyed?
Or prophetic dreams does not happen? Orthodox priests do not allow to trust dreams.