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Belousov`s reaction - Zhabotinsky. What is beauty in chemistry?

Just these years biochemists opened so-called oscillatory reactions. Schematically these reactions look so.

In one environment in parallel there are at least two reactions. And products of the first reaction are initial reagents for the second. In turn, products of the second reaction are initial reagents for the first. What at the same time has to occur?

In the beginning the speed of the first reaction will be big, but eventually its speed will be reduced as concentration of initial reagents will decrease. At the same time the speed of the second reaction - amount of its initial reagents, products of the first reaction will begin to increase, increased. In process of the course of the second reaction its initial reagents will be settled, reaction will be slowed down, but now the first reaction will accelerate again - it had initial reagents again. And so on indefinitely. Concentration of reagents all the time will fluctuate - to increase, to decrease. Therefore also reactions called oscillatory .

But biochemistry - difficult science about the complex substances interacting with each other in difficult environments. It is too much factors quietly to study how there are reactions of new type which chemists did not face until then yet. Here if to find the oscillatory reaction happening to inorganic substances!

B. P. Belousov thought up such reaction, having shown true genius of the chemist which, we will notice, it is similar to genius of the culinary specialist! Only the extensive experience and inexplicable intuition can prompt what substances and in what proportions should be mixed to receive a miracle. And the miracle, really, turned out! Liquid in a glass periodically changed color: with blue on yellow and again on blue. If to carry out reaction in a thin layer of liquid, for example, in Petri`s cup, then it became visible how on a surface of liquid concentration change waves run, forming the fancy, all the time changing patterns. Fascinating beautiful show!

However on articles which in 1951, and after that in 1955 Boris Pavlovich sent to solid chemical magazines reviewers gave one answer: “It cannot be because it can never be!“

of People younger and less shabby life could probably object the reviewer. To send to edition the act demonstrating that the phenomenon described in article takes place. At last, to arrive to edition with flasks and reactants to show the correctness to mistrustful reviewers. But the general Belousov considered something below the advantage to prove. Though continued work on the opening.

It is unknown, than it would end if professor S. E did not learn about surprising opening of B. P. Belousov. Shnol. Having learned, he began to look for the pioneer that was business not so simple - Belousov worked at the “closed“ institute, and attempt of the publication in the public scientific magazine as we saw, failed. But, at last, S.E. Shnol found B. P. Belousov, received from him a sheet of paper with the recipe: how to carry out reaction.

As B. P. Belousov refused cooperation, having told S.E. Shnol the tremendous phrase: “I cannot and I do not want to get new friends. My friends died or died“ , professor “set“ on a problem of oscillatory reactions of the great physicist and mathematician Anatoly Markovic Zhabotinsky (1938-2008) . A. M. Zhabotinsky with employees developed mathematical model of the chemical processes happening during B. P reaction. Belousov, created physical devices for registration of these processes and even used computers to processing of results and calculation of kinetic coefficients of reaction.

Now it seems: “Anyhow?“. But those years computers were called still “electronically - computers“ and looked respectively. The steel cases placed in rather big room with conditioners. Information was entered from punched cards or from punched tapes, and output to long paper “sheets“ of listings. Truly, intellectual steam-engines! At the same time cars of collective use - for the calculations you receive only part of the general operating time of the computing unit. So use of computers for modeling of difficult chemical reaction was a novelty too.

In 1964 A. M. Zhabotinsky`s article in which the results of the executed researches were summed up appeared. Importance of this article was that it fixed a priority of the Soviet science in the field of studying of oscillatory chemical reactions. Literally in a year this subject became very fashionable and the number of articles began to be estimated in hundreds here. But by then the opened and explained reaction became world famous under the name of reaction of Belousov - Zhabotinsky .

In principle, opening of oscillatory reactions quite was adequately Nobel Prize. But, as speak, “the card laid down in a different way“. As certain compensation it is possible to consider that in 1980 several scientists - physicists and chemists, for studying of oscillatory reactions were handed the Lenin award. In the list there was also a surname of Boris Pavlovich Belousov. He was awarded posthumously.