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Belousov`s reaction - Zhabotinsky. How to open beauty in chemistry?

In science chemistry fall in love in the childhood, as with the femme fatale. Fall in love or from - for beauty of multi-colored transformations of substance, or from - for showiness of explosion of with own hand created explosive. I want to tell a story about great chemists and about their remarkable opening. In this history everything begins with explosive too, and comes to an end with beauty surprising an eye and mind.

So, in 1905 12 - the summer Muscovite Boris Belousov together with the elder brothers got to prison for production of explosive. Filled with explosive of this grenades which were used by fighters and combatants on the risen Presnya. At present this workshop on chemistry would be called preparation for acts of terrorism. Children conducted experiments unsafe (in every sense) on an attic of the big house in which Belousov` family lived. The family was not from the poor. The father worked as the bank employee.

Four of five brothers Belousov participated in business. The senior, seventeen-year-old Alexander who, actually, and a feat of brothers on revolutionary activity, managed to hide out from the police. Sixteen-year-old Sergey showed heroism: at arrest it borrowed a name. The companion whom he thus covered from arrest was more necessary to revolutionary business, than the boy who was deported for it and the dead eventually in Siberia. Minors of Vladimir and Boris Belousovykh have to be sent to Siberia too. But gendarmes offered mother of young revolutionaries easier choice: to emigrate. The family left to Switzerland.

In Soviet period a legend that Boris Belousov, living in the Russian emigrant colony in Zurich, played chess with Lenin, would say with aspiration. In our time, disrespectful to leaders, other details emerge. B. Belousov remembered that Lenin played hazardously and, wishing to win, did not disdain psychological pressure: scolded the opponent violently. Well how here not to remember the story of the famous grand master O. Bender!

“You know, Lasker reached trite things, it became impossible to play with him. He smokes the opponents cigars. And purposely smokes cheap that the smoke of baking sheets was. The chess world in concern“.

However, Boris Pavlovich Belousov (1893-1970) on it the revolutionary activity finished . He did not enter Bolshevik Party till 1917, later. Instead he entered the well-known Zurich polytechnical institute from which he graduated in 1914.

Occupations in the Zurich Polytechnic University were free, but here it was necessary to pay for the diploma. In the absence of money Boris Belousov did not begin to redeem the diploma and in 1914 came back to Russia with the certificate of the taken courses.

When World War I began, the young man did not take in field army from - for improbable leanness. And he went to work in the specialty, in chemical laboratory of steel works of Guzhon in Moscow at the Rogozhsky outpost. In Soviet period this plant was renamed into “A sickle and a hammer“, so it is called still.

Chemical laboratory of plant Guzhona was under patronage of the famous Russian chemist Vladimir Nikolaevich Ipatyeva (1867-1952) who on the width of interests and genius was compared to D. I. Mendeleyev. But in Russia his name is almost unknown. Why? Yes because in 1930, being abroad and having learned about the begun process of Industrial party, he considered for the best not to return home. Quite reasonably Ipatyev believed that the proletarian power decided to deal with “specialists“, at last. In this dismantling to it, the former imperial general, even if also to the academician even if and to the called Lenin “ with chapter of our chemical industry“, only one shone: the highest measure of proletarian protection. V. N. Ipatyev went to Chicago where he began to teach at local university. He went in for petrochemistry and actually founded this branch in the USA.

Why in the years of World War I to V. N. Ipatyev gave the rank the general - the lieutenant of imperial army? Because he held a position of the chairman of Chemical committee at the Head Artillery Department and directed production of ammunition and the chemical weapon. Ipatyev connected the capable young man from laboratory at plant Guzhon to this business. Since then for many years B. P. Belousov was engaged in the “closed“ subject. Its works on improvement of gas masks and creation of gas analyzers are not known to general public. And since 1933 he was a teacher in voyenno - chemical academy of Red Army.

A miracle it or not - but in dashing years when diligent (and retaliatory) “bodies“ mowed clean practically all military from the major above, B. Belousov escaped. Moreover, in 1938 he retired in a rank the general - the major. After the Great Patriotic War Belousov worked as the head of the laboratory at confidential medical institute, going in for toxicology and digging up resources for fight against radiation sickness.

Exactly here Boris Pavlovich faced miracles of the Soviet bureaucracy. The human resources department suddenly found out that the head of the laboratory has no diploma about the higher education. Did not decide to dismiss Belousov, but transferred to a position of the senior laboratory assistant. Naturally, without having exempted from duties of a zavlab. However, the director of institute was on Boris Pavlovich`s party. He wrote the report addressed to Stalin, and the leader wrote the instructions: so far Belousov holds the manager`s position, to pay him as to the head of the laboratory and the doctor of science.

The main opening which brought it a world fame, B. P. Belousov made in 58 years. A case in science rare. To pension nearby, brains any more not those, what here opening?.