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And all of you still to a doveryata to television?

For a start should be noted that the television and culture became two polar camps for a long time. Except for kultura channel, that all art on TV it is buried under bright masses - media and various reality shows. And if to count a rating of the channel culture among youth, then it as a result will turn out small number of votes is insignificant that will - bondage it is necessary to draw a conclusion on spiritual falling and cultural degradation of present youth. This sad show, we will tell honestly. And here already late to change something. Changes in this case do not promise anything good. Except as charges of injustice and limitation.
It will be how completely to rewrite the Constitution of the Russian Federation. To show on TV instead of all of favourite series, the opera for example. Instead of modern comic “kamediklab“ - old it is black - white mute comedies with Charlie Chaplin. Reaction would be the nastiest, unfortunately …. Because long since the bulk of people reaches for what keeps well within and acquired, but does not bring special benefit. Simply speaking to the cheap chewing gum packed into a bright seductive wrapper. Other people understand it in time and begin to speculate with it. And it at them, we will notice, perfectly it turns out because …. I already mentioned about it.
of Youth is simpler to accept what brightly shines, is poured and “with a claim for impudence“. So went. And who is guilty of it? The same adults who, as a rule, in it do not see anything bad.
Though if soberly to assess a situation, then it is possible to notice, of course, presence on the central television some, the programs and even movies increasing the general cultural level. But all - the main consumer demand are series, show, transfers about family problems and so forth
Other history - the Internet. It as grandiose garbage can. In it there is a lot of information. Even it is more, than it is necessary for the normal person. But there is one but …. It is necessary to try that to get this information. Therefore the same youth, whose interests are limited to a glossy cover of the Russian show - business and the telecasts which are not absolutely pleasantly influencing development (I think it is not necessary to list names, and so all know them). Though all right I will tell. It is a reality - show like the notorious House - 2. And so, the Internet for many became already something like alternative reality. The place where it is possible to hide from others, from problems, and also from itself …. Also it becomes clear only over time. For some it, however, remains is hidden. For the people having though some personal opinion and rather important interests, the Internet can serve as a source of a bigger information and a stumbling block for future profession. All this conversation about the Internet I began
to state the point of view about cultural self-improvement of present youth. Television - not an exit and not a source for information, what that nibylo. It is selling business, as a rule. But, of course, as well as in any rule there are exceptions here. But now not about it …. And that each person receives that he wants. And if suddenly at it something does not leave, so he applied for this purpose not enough forces and means. It concerns also information search and the general independent development of each person. The main thing on the way to self-improvement - not to miss chance and to try to find what is wanted to try not to follow foreign opinion, and to find the. In television per se, there is no truth. - it is possible to find in the Internet. And the last - read books! It, in - the first, fashionably. In - the second, interestingly, as if you were not frightened by it at school.