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What business begins with?

you decided to begin own business? I congratulate! Statistically, only 8 people from 100 have and develop the enterprise abilities. And I am glad that you - one of them! Most likely, if you made the decision to begin own business and have no wide experience yet, you have to have a fair question: what it is worth beginning with? What in general business begins with?

Behind the answer far it is not necessary to go, just look around. The monitor on which screen you read these lines is a product of business. The chair on which you sit is a business product too. Products which you buy in a supermarket, and the car on which you move, - all this too products and decisions which are issued by certain companies and individual entrepreneurs.

And how you think what all this began with? Correctly, from idea! Someone thought that to people will work more conveniently and more comfortably sitting, than standing or lying. And efficiency of their work will increase so that they with pleasure will pay for such thing as a chair.

The same history with products and cars. Someone noticed that it will be more convenient to residents of your city to buy products in the city, than to go to next. So there were grocery stores and supermarkets. Cars appeared with the purpose to give to people the chance to move from point A in B quicker and thus more to be in time. All these and many other types of businesses pursued one simple idea - to give to people new opportunities. To do their life is better, more comfortable, more effective. Both businessmen, and businessmen are, first of all, the people creating opportunities. They differ in it from ordinary people - the consumers thinking first of all of themselves.

It should be noted that the most successful and profitable types of business are always based on daring and innovative ideas. Remember, for example, Henry Ford - the creator of the car. All considered his idea mad and commercially failure around. In one of interview Ford told: “If I asked people what they want, they would ask faster horse“. But he believed in himself and the idea, relied on innovations and achieved world success.

And if everything is already invented, you ask. If nothing new can be thought up and new ideas do not appear - what then? In this case there are always opportunities for improvement.

The Apple company did not invent the computer and phone too, however it became the largest and most expensive company of the world thanks to reconsideration and improvement of those goods which we got used to consider convenient, stylish and productive. It is heavy to call iPhone or MacBook innovative devices, however they in a root change our idea of what we used before.

And the main thing - do not doubt. It is obvious that all people who based business and own it successfully, were not the most ingenious or educated. Not everyone was visited by inspiration, not to all prompted idea “a voice from above“. But all of them are distinguished by one - courage, desire and aspiration to realize the idea. For this purpose seed capital, a professional advice and support of friends and parents is not always necessary. Rather internal aspiration and active, purposeful actions. They are distinguished by persistence and belief that invisible it will become obligatory visible.

Very often people begin the business with the purpose to be enriched. They just begin the business because hope to earn thus more money, than at hired work. It is a big mistake. The statistics says that all of them enter 95% of businesses which do not endure also the first year of the commercial activity.

Therefore if you want to begin own business - always begin with idea. From idea of how it is possible to improve life of other people or other business. How to give them something useful or pleasant. Only at such approach they will have a reason to pay money for your goods and services. Only then you will construct successful and profitable business.