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Eternal fight against excess weight. How to fall in love with cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese - one of the most valuable dairy products. He is trained from the fat-free and whole pasteurized milk. Cottage cheese has high biological value, in it full-fledged proteins, the easily acquired fats, mineral substances and vitamins are successfully combined. Cottage cheese promotes digestion of other foodstuff used in combination with it.

This product is especially useful to the children, people of advanced age and people watching for the is powerful. Skim cheese is recommended to the patients having obesity, gout, diseases of kidneys. Also cottage cheese is irreplaceable when carrying out fasting days for improvement of a metabolism.

Cottage cheese is used not only in the natural form. From it various dishes and culinary products prepare, widely use it for preparation of farinaceous dishes. Are well combined with food cottage cheese from grain and vegetables.

In the natural form I not really love cottage cheese, but I try to eat it. Earlier I always used it only in cheesecakes and lazy vareniki. But all of us develop and we learn new cunnings. For example, for reduction of caloric content I add cottage cheese to cream. I bake cake layers or I buy ready biscuit cake layers. Also I do cream: condensed milk, butter and cottage cheese. Tasty it is also useful.

I will share with you several more recipes of dishes with cottage cheese addition. Not so long ago I opened for myself new food which struck me up to the soul depth.

Chicken cutlets with cottage cheese

of 700 g of chicken breast, 300 g of cottage cheese, 2 bulbs, 1 carrots, 1 egg, salt, pepper. to Overwind

on the meat grinder or to crush chicken breast, 1 bulb and 1 carrots in the blender. Small we cut the second bulb, we fry and we add to forcemeat. We add egg, salt and pepper to taste. We fry.

These cutlets in my family enjoy wide popularity. Cottage cheese can be added to any dishes, here some more dishes which we periodically prepare in our family.

cottage cheese and milk Sauce

On 1 liter of sauce: 300 g of cottage cheese, 700 g of milk, 20 - 40 g of sugar, 10 g of salt.

Cottage cheese is wiped, parted with milk, add salt and sugar to taste. Use for vegetable dishes and salads (the amount of sugar and salt is defined depending on a dish to which serve sauce).

Snack from cottage cheese with a smoked herring

of 30 g of cottage cheese, 50 g of a herring, 30 g of sour cream, 1 egg, 2 g of salt.

Pulp of a herring is passed together with the cottage cheese and eggs hard-boiled via the meat grinder, add sour cream, salt and pounded. The received weight can be eaten together with crackers or black bread.

the Eggplants stuffed with cottage cheese

of 700 g of eggplants, 500 g of cottage cheese, 50 g of sheep cheese, 150 g of butter, salt to taste. Large eggplants cut

lengthways on halves, without clearing of a thin skin, salt and put under oppression that bitter juice flowed out. Then eggplants are baked in an oven to semi-readiness and take out from them the middle. Cottage cheese is wiped, mixed with sheep cheese and filled with forcemeat of a half of eggplants. The prepared eggplants stack in the oiled ware and bake in an oven.

Stuffed cabbage with buckwheat cereal and cottage cheese

of 500 g of cottage cheese, 1,2 kg of a white cabbage, 2 glasses of buckwheat, 100 g of melted butter, 6 eggs, 40 g of greens of parsley, fennel, 1 glass of sour cream, salt to taste.

Cottage cheese is wiped. From buckwheat cook friable porridge and slightly cool. To divide cabbage into leaves and to weld slightly. The prepared porridge is mixed with crude eggs, the wiped cottage cheese and all carefully mix. Stack forcemeat on a leaf of cabbage and turn. Stuffed cabbage spreads on the oiled baking sheet, fills in with sour cream and bakes. Give with sauce, having strewed with small cut greens.

And still a couple of recipes in your moneybox. For a dessert it is possible to mix cottage cheese with any fruit, sour cream or low-fat yogurt and to add a little honey. I add a little cottage cheese to muesli. Very tasty it is also useful.

the Prunes stuffed with cottage cheese

of 1,3 kg of prunes, 50 g of cottage cheese, 1,5 glasses of sugar, 1,5 glasses of kernels of nuts, 0,5 glasses of liqueur.

Cottage cheese is wiped with sugar. Prunes are a little boiled, delete stones and filled with cottage cheese forcemeat, spread a hill on a small frying pan and baked. Hot prunes are watered with liqueur, strewed with pounded nuts and at once given on a table.

the Cottage cheese pounded with milk and strawberry

of 500 g of cottage cheese, 1 glass of milk, 0,5 glasses of sugar, 1 bag of vanillin, 300 g of strawberry.

Pound fresh cottage cheese with sugar, vanillin and milk so that sugar was completely dissolved. Display in vases and mix with strawberry.

You love cottage cheese. Improvise, grow thin and good luck!