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Man and vodka. And in what, actually, communication?

Somehow happened to observe to me quite widespread picture. On a holiday friends gathered at a table. Of course, drank. One man came a little later, and to him poured “penalty area“ (almost full glass of vodka). He first refused, but, having heard in reply “You what, not the man, perhaps?“, all - drained.

Then, of course, and the second palmed off on it... I lost sight of further details and its actions. But in several hours it rolled under a table (in the company of other not less “courageous“ friends). Then I reflected: and what here communication - “man“ and vodka?

Man … This concept assumes manifestation of some certain force (spiritual, physical, etc.) . Yes, the man is ready to cross this unpleasant threshold (the first portions of alcohol), but then things are going swimmingly, it is easy - easy. And there is also other threshold (I would tell even - a fence), which to get not to everyone on forces. It is refusal. If the person does not want to drink, he can not drink (who driving or at whom is with health of a problem - is not counted). So there is a manifestation of force - alcoholism or refusal? I think, everyone can answer this question.

I do not consider those who already have alcoholism who completely wallowed in alcoholism whose organism itself persistently demands a dope. It is about those who can choose - to drink or not to drink. To drink a little or “to get drunk in stuff“.

The person is conducted on provocation (“You what, not the man perhaps?“, “You respect me?“, “All drink, and you give“, etc.) also is caught in a net in which it is possible to get confused, get stuck, and subsequently it risks to appear under a table. Why all this? Yes, vanity - strong piece. It is difficult to cross through himself, especially to the man. But it is possible!

The problem of man`s alcoholism in our country is known to all. Friday - means, run... I will call as is - to thump. A holiday - run to thump. Outdoors gathered - again … Etc. It is possible to tell: “Well, on holidays it is possible“. At the same time nobody will want to notice that holidays - that “becomes“ more and more. Every Friday is a holiday. It is possible to think: “Were tired. There is a wish to have a rest, relax. Why not to drink?“ And women here are not tired. They “like“ to drag on themselves the become soft drunk bodies and “at all are not ashamed“ of the “got drunk as pigs“ husbands. Everything is all right.

Producers of beer it is sensible advance goods. They made so that to drink beer is as if abruptly (“beer with male character“, “beer for the real men“ etc.) . The youth quickly picked up this idea. Already classes from the seventh begin to try. Well, and students - so on an equal basis with adults. Same as a real man.

There are countries where in general consume alcohol more. But feature of our country - in culture of drinking. It is a lot of - and at once. If something is noted, celebrated, then - before “grunting“. And differently what sense? And the weakling will call the one who gets drunk with one bottle of beer. And to the one who for time can drink liters eight, will tell: “About - oh, well you are healthy!“ And on most - that business healthy who?

Of course, women drink too. Also become an inveterate drunkard. But to a lesser extent. Why so? I think, this question will be answered only by the woman. Widespread answer: “Yes at men put a little, here and become an inveterate drunkard“. The man, of course, has the right to be indignant and look for the mass of justifications.

Or perhaps all the matter is that it is simple not to reproach the woman the question “You that, not the Man Perhaps?“