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Choice of profession: on love or by calculation?

“In few months thousands of graduates will storm higher education institutions …“ So it was possible to begin article twenty years ago. Today a situation other - higher education institutions hunt for entrants whose number last year exceeded number of graduates - to those who graduated from school in 2011, were added “flown by“ with receipt in 2010.

It is hard to say how many from them will work in the specialty - the last large-scale researches of professional plans of graduates of professional educational institutions were conducted about ten years ago and showed that from four the brand new diploma was useful only to one person. For the others study - the wasted money and a downtime. What young people at choice of profession are guided by and ways of its receiving?

To list the main motives of the choice of professional activity, there will be enough fingers of one hand. The most clear and obvious motive of work - money . The German psychologist Erich Fromm calls this motive “money-grubbing“ and one of destructive, and type of the person - market. The market person, according to Fromm, perceives himself as goods which should be sold more expensively. Most expensive are of “services“ on a side or beyond the law: prostitution, fraud, drug traffic, the weapon, bodies etc. of

the Increased requirement to be the focus of attention quite often brings the person on television, into the world of fashion, journalism, show - business. It is good if this motive is supported with talent and diligence. If is not present - the world will receive one more unvoiced singer, the dull journalist, the importunate showman. Aspiration to glory as the leading motive of activity blocks creative abilities and the personality destroys. In recent years sharply the number of school students who want to be writers in the absence of literary abilities - only grew up to write the book, to publish at least in one copy and to put on the shelf as a pride subject.

One more motive of choice of profession - aspiration to the power . If the power - not the instrument of achievement of any noble purposes, but end in itself, then such person is dangerous to society. Test by the power - one of the most difficult in life of any person. Ronald Tolkien in the book “Lord of the Rings“ gave the bright description of a phenomenon of the power. In real life people also reluctantly leave the power, and it is unimportant, they are similar to Gorlum, Frodo or Bilbo Baggins.

These motives form a triad: thirst of money is usually caused by desire with their help to achieve the bigger power and fame, and the aspiration to the power and glory is caused by desire to have a lot of money. Many seniors want to be officials, politicians and deputies because these professions meet their needs for money, glory and the power at the same time.

Using analogy to the choice of the satellite (or companions) lives, one may say, that the called motives characterize the professional choice as “marriage of convenience“. Without concerning an ethical aspect of a question, I will note that professional success and satisfaction with work in these cases are problematic. Logical development of these motives usually leads to emotional burning out and professional deformation. Clinical psychologists consider the expressed aspiration to money, glory or the power as symptoms of certain personal frustration.

But there are also other motives. Creativity - the leading motive of work of people, for which work - means of self-realization, but not self-presentation, self-affirmation or only earnings. The French writer Gustave Flaubert very precisely placed priorities in work of the creator: “If you begin to think of how to benefit by yours compositions, you died. It is necessary to think only of art per se and of improvement of own skill. All the rest again“.

Service as the motive of work meets still less than creativity. Military business traditionally is called service. In the classical actor`s environment it is accepted to speak: “I serve in theater“ that emphasizes high sense of actor`s craft. Service is not so much a kind of activity, how many the responsible, self-sacrificing attitude to the business, irrespective of its contents.

The lamplighter from the philosophical fairy tale of Antoine Saint is Ekzyuperi “Little Prince“ who regularly lit and extinguished a lamp on the desert planet - not just unusual metaphor, and the service brought to grotesque which meets also in life. On September 7, 2010 the crew of Tu - 154 could put in adverse weather conditions the plane with the failed navigation equipment in the thrown airfield. Accident managed to be avoided thanks to the chief of a helipad Sergey Sotnikov - he supported several years vzletno - a landing strip in working order.

Creativity and service are closely connected with love as the purpose and sense of any activity. They give us strength and opportunities to reach a peace of mind though not always relieve of material problems. Most often in the specialty the young people choosing a profession “on love“ work.

Probably, the relations with a profession on type “love comes with habit“ are possible - when over the years you begin to love the business chosen from practical reasons. But in my practice of the psychologist - the professional consultant such did not meet - perhaps because the person who overcame a contradiction “on love or by calculation? “, does not need the help of the psychologist.

In pure form motives occur seldom - at everyone the individual proportions which change together with circumstances and attitude. Understanding of the motives demands courage and honesty without which the right choice of a profession is problematic as it assumes the answer to a question: “What do I want from future profession?“