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Umarex 850 AirMagnum. Why this air rifle is called “dream of a krysokhanter“?

of Umarex 850 AirMagnum (for the German market Walther 850, for American - RWS airmagnum 850) - a gas-balloon carbon dioxide air rifle. Here what is usually written about this rifle to the Internet - shops:

“Produced under the sensitive guide of the German producers, it by right is considered a quality standard. Excellent characteristics of both the technical, and esthetic parties allow to take a place of honor among gas-balloon pneumatics. The choice for Umarex 850 AirMagnum is also influenced by the automatic safety lock providing comfort and reliability during firing. This rifle received the name AirMagnum for the accuracy and energy. Though the price of Umarex 850 AirMagnum is rather high, it is possible to tell about confidence that this rifle is worth it.

Type - gas cylinder pneumatics.
bullet Speed - 250 m/s.
the Trunk - cut, steel.
Total length is 1200 mm.
Aim devices - an aim level and a front sight with fiberoptichesky threads, Walther 6x42 riflescope.
butt Material - synthetics.
the Safety lock - automatic, bilateral.
the Mechanism - the sliding rotating lock.
the Drum - removable.
Zatylnik of a butt - shock-absorbing“.

And what actually? Whether this rifle how “it is painted“ is so good?

The rifle is made entirely in Germany. Undoubted plus! Though … From the middle of 2010 on sale Umarex 850 on which “Made in Germany“ is not written come across and there is no color picture on a box. That it is reduction of costs or the Asian ultraleftist of a doubtful origin, the secret great is …

About excellent technical characteristics … What to consider as these characteristics? Accuracy and energy? But in Russia the weapon with dulny energy over 7 is legislatively forbidden. 5 J. Strelyat from such rifle even at a small breeze … Any accuracy.

And still! The rifle has many undoubted advantages and … enough frank shortcomings.

Advantages .

“With the rifle it is simply delighted! Any perelamyvaniye of a trunk, any tiresome puffing over the pump, recharges after each shot, only know that pull and press - the fairy tale! Just now understood that rifles can be not only beautiful, but also convenient“ .

Honest truth! Umarex 850 - the beautiful, convenient and accurately made rifle. And if something “is unsteady and dyrynchit“ on your rifle, be sure, the same is observed practically on all rifles.

The barrel going in a set - recharged, is enough to fasten of it to the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, to press the handle on the fire extinguisher and everything, it is possible to shoot again. And if there is no wish to drag with itself the fire extinguisher... Please, the container on two standard, 12 g FROM 2 a barrel.

Mnogozaryadnost. It is always good.

A recharge “on - to the adult“, a bolted lock, as at serious firearms.

The Nadulny muffler does a shot sound rather silent.

Well, it seems, all. If to shoot from 10 - 25 meters at jars, i.e. a pure plinking, the weapon simply ideal.

Shortcomings .

From subjective, it is sick it heavy and long.

The resource of its components of details makes several thousands of cycles of a zinc alloy a charge - a shot - a recharge. For someone it is normal. For someone it is not enough.

From constructive. The receiver and the mechanism, for economy reasons, is put on caliber 6,3, 5,5 and 4. 5 mm. In caliber of 4,5 mm the heavy drummer, fluctuates on the rigid spring calculated under heavier bullet of big caliber. Not fatally, but this sound “trrrr - rrr - r“ after each shot irritates.

The system of landing of a trunk a hook on a cross hairpin does not allow to achieve exact firing without serious alteration. The trunk just is unsteady.

When firing from a receiver “blows“, gas is spent for a shot inefficiently.

Inconvenient and at the same time an unreliable safety lock, it locks only a trigger, but not the drummer.

Practically at all rifles “850-y series“ the trunk is pressed through around a front sight, and is chamfered state part of a trunk unevenly. Technology costs.

And so on... Though handymen remake everything, cleaning these shortcomings, but then or the price of “an ideal rifle“ turns out too transcendental, or time spent on numerous alterations is measured obviously not for hours … by

I still the remark. All merits and demerits of the weapon on “carbonic acid“ are inherent in a rifle. From advantages - stable speed up to the latest shots, from essential shortcomings - huge dependence of pressure, therefore, and speeds of flight of a bullet and its ballistic curve, from ambient temperature. Speed of a bullet changes enough considerably (+- 10 m/s and above) even when moving a rifle from the sun in a shadow and back!

In my personal opinion, this weapon at all not dream of “krysokhanter“ though so “850 - ku“ is called quite often. Too long. Too heavy. Initially “ground“ only under open aim devices. Without alteration too weak. Too small caliber. Well and evaporation FROM 2 strongly depends on temperature, and to remake on compressed air such weapon oh as it is expensive!

It is just a toy for adult children. But toy cool! For a plinking (entertaining firing) and training in skills of accurate fast shooting of the best toy not to think up! The shot, distorted a lock, again it is possible to reap descent. In total on - to the adult! Both the barrel, and shop change almost instantly. The rifle surely hits into windless weather a balloon at distance over 70 m. It is a lot of!

“Kotsepsiya`s 850 - y? Well you give! It is possible to hollow rats and crows from the 17th floor! The silent shot allows to drive even at night of the howling hotdog and koteyk. And just on small bottles. And if hands grow from there, the designer still that! “ (from a forum of fans to do some shooting).