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The sound coincides with the image?

“Who wants to reach success top, has to on - to advantage to appreciate power and the power of a habit. It has to be always ready to break those habits which are capable to break it, - and quickly to pass to such acts which will turn into the habits promoting desired success“

of J. Getty`s sex (until the end of 50 - years being considered as the richest person in the world)

Imagine a situation: you turn on the TV, see the image, but the sound, words, do not approach this image at all. They at all not in a subject and not in a rhythm. What will you think?

Probably, problems with broadcasting or with the director of transfer.

Often so occurs also in life. The person tells one, and does absolutely another, even the complete antithesis to what he told. I, frankly speaking, enter “a stupor“ from it. And you?

Or: the girl of unearthly beauty meets the guy, but … when begins to speak, he just “shocked“ by its primitiveness and nonsense.

Often it happens? Yes.

One of secrets of the attractive personality - a sound has to coincide with the image, in other words, and promise everything that you tell - it has to be carried out by you for 100%, but not for 99,9%!!!

Otherwise, even mistrust can cause these 0,1% in your partner or the interlocutor!

Imagine, for example, that if our heart worked not for 100%, and for 99%, then it would refuse to 32. 000 times a year!

The parent will not be able to become also an authority for the (the present or the future) the child if teaches its to one, and in life does absolutely another! Then is surprised why his “child“ uncontrollable.

The principle of a mirror works always, you want it or not, you believe in it or not!

What this habit will give you?

1) When people will see that you say what you do, they also will “be brought up“ under you.

2) This habit will make your life MUCH better, more joyfully and more comfortably!

Well and if you already conform to this rule - say without ceremony about it to others.

Many just do not see themselves from outside and significance do not attach to it. Strange, but it is the fact …

of the Habit operate you or you operate the habits?