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How not to appear on life “roadside“?

You thought of why people at a pre-retirement and retirement age reduce the vital turns, lower the efficiency and are out of work?
(Is, the truth and a certain percent of young people which are in this state).


1. The person opposes to changes which come to our life: new technologies, other rate of life, other values and living conditions etc.
As can often hear: “And earlier it was better“, “And when I was young, …“ and so forth

do not get to this trap!

Past - passed. New everything - will equally come to your life, but whether there will be you in the present with this new?

Many of you remember still those times when there were no computers and mobile phones, microwave oven, electric kettles etc.
Now all this is also technologies very promptly change, especially in the sphere of electronics.

Study, change, be modern!

Accept changes!
Bjoern Borg (the Swedish tennis player) was the best tennis player in the world, but
remained is committed to a wooden racket when all passed on graphite … all tournaments since then it lost!

Because the world changed, and it did not!

is Won by the one who uses opportunities. They everywhere!

Try! Leave the “zone of comfort“ where everything is already habitual and pleasant - familiarly!

Learn to speak “Yes“ new, it all the same will come! And other people will use new, deriving both pleasure, and profit!

2. Subconsciously when time already passed and the person seriously lagged behind reality, the rage and offense from the insolvency appears...
Here also we hear talk, about the one who is guilty (these people usually know “who“ and as everything is bad).

You agree, … that it is necessary to prepare for changes in life and to accept them?

If you are on “a wave crest“ - you will always be a cheerful, self-assured, positive, modern and ageless woman!