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Loneliness. What to do?

(It is not obligatory for sceptics to read)

Development of a civilization and new technologies go such rates that you are in time to learn, and even for a moment to track that new occurs in life...
I against this progress becomes lonely people, the destroyed families more and more, children grow in incomplete families jerked
of the Woman in business, as on war! Such here, Zhanna D ARC! Yes, at them it turns out, but the price is often too big

Why people become lonely?
cannot find to themselves couple, friends?
do not find a common language with children, parents, relatives?
Is many reasons, but the main them them exist many years and all stories of loneliness are very similar at each other. we will use
In disposal of loneliness energy of the Universe (or the Thin World), therefore strongly doubting, know-it-alls and sceptics cannot read further Wink

So to


From where it undertakes and as to get rid of it - we sort on training.
is a question not of one day and even not month.
Most often it is from the childhood. If parents forbade everything to you, punished, called and humiliated (unfortunately, this very frequent phenomenon), the person, growing up, loses self-confidence and at the mental level radiates it outside. Ourselves do not notice
, but subconsciously each of us reads out this information and reverses in the relations.
enter also any complexes Here.


Will be as I will tell!
is killed with These words any initiative of the child, he does not bear already responsibility for the acts, becomes weak-willed and conducted by other people.
Frequent result - fear of the relations and decision-making.
Also if parents constantly quarreled, the child, growing, subconsciously does not want to see such model of the family and does not create it.


It is very important point since without energy of people it cannot be healthy, cheerful, loses an initiative, pleasure of life etc. of

Where we lose energy?

,,, food, a heart-searching, we sleep a little, rage, offenses, memories of last failures and mistakes, hysterics, tears, emphasis of attention on an event in the future which is desirable, but you precisely know what will not be executed.
Communication with people - the rowdies provoking to scandal (you lose energy if you give in).
People who are dissatisfied with everything eternally constantly ache;
people are envious persons (share with them the pleasures and plans less).
Here such people swing from you a lot of energy.


1. To Clean the environment.

2. Find new acquaintances, according to your purposes and dreams.

Begin to visit places where these people communicate.

3. Deal with cockroaches in the head.

If most it is difficult - find a kouch or the good psychologist.
in itself does not pass This freight.

4. Stop to pick to pieces to men, in every possible way to call them.

Hostility to an opposite sex will pour out outside, you will not notice it, and men will be.
I will avoid you.
All this occurs unconsciously.

5. If you look for only the rich man that he was only a sponsor - you will lose 100% in the future.
On it the relations are not under construction!

6. If to Marry - your obsessional neurosis.

Men feel it and besides, run from such women. Relax, engaged in
in compliance of to a desirable image of your man. Everything will come!

7. Installations of type: I old, I ugly, I not sexually look etc. utter nonsense!!!
You only lose energy, and as a result - you do not achieve the objectives.

8. If you - business - the lady.

There is a separate history. As a rule, with the family relations at such women of a problem.
Are solved during few months. Learn to be switched by
from business to the house.

9. The fanaticism in the woman pushes away men. No comments.

10. High self-esteem. No comments.

11. Life (the Universe, God) are ALWAYS interested for you only in the best and give you hints. their
only needs to learn to be seen, heard and understood.
They always is! Be attentive
and you will see them and will understand!

12. If there is opportunity - descend on family arrangements on Hellingera.

I will tell a case:

(with the permission of the main character).

One my client - ,,,,, asked for the help. She wanted to establish a family, but, getting acquainted and meeting 1 - 2 time the man, it ran away from it and did not appear any more.
We considered all options. It did everything correctly.
Ya did not see the reasons of its problem
I then we went with it for arrangement.

It turned out that in the childhood at it the father whom she very much loved died, and on a funeral (subconsciously, of course) her soul and heart remained with it.
She lived here, but was there
A of the man was felt, figuratively speaking that they communicate with dead and ran away from it.
In 2 years of work with the psychologist it was released and returned to life. Established a family. Gave birth to the child. As she tells
now: I now live!
Here such happen stories.

13. Very much I recommend to begin to meditate and enter in an alpha - level by a method Silva.
On the Internet all this is and besides - is free.
* * * All techniques of these points are checked by

and yield result.
But is received only by the one who does! If you feel
that you will be able - understand itself, is not present - address experts.
nothing In itself will occur.
Is necessary a certain work on itself and Self-confidence, in the uniqueness, in the fact that you came to this world only behind happiness!