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What means to respect itself?

Respect yourself, otherwise nothing will occur in your life.

It is pledge of everything.

It is impossible to be happy, without respecting itself

I Think, you will agree that


- to live with the one whom you love, and not vice versa, thinking that only money, the status, sex etc. are necessary for marriage,

- not to dare to become limp from one-way love and to entreat object of your passion, begging about the relations,

- to be desired for the man always and everywhere, not to dare to fall morally and physically,

- not to spend the time for those things and people who are unworthy your attention,

- to go forward, it is better to become and to achieve the dream, despite of everything,

- to have the opinion often other than opinion of sotsiumny crowd,

- to love the body and not to harm it ,,,, bears diseases and kills,

- not to enter the dependence relations with surrounding people, to adapt to someone`s mood,

- to try to seem better, than you to eat and prove it, contradicting the principles,

- to have the values and to follow them in life, without betraying itself,

- ,,,, etc. taking away from itself energy of life or doing badly to others,

- to find time for rest and a privacy, even if at work or houses a full time trouble,

- to do everything on a limit of the opportunities, becoming exhausted for the sake of others,

- to suffer situations which are not pleasant to you:

,,,, does not bring benefit and does you unfortunate,

- to act as the guarantor of the person whom you do not know or you know insufficiently,

- to be able to tell thanks, is not present, sorry, is not present, despite circumstances even if they not in your advantage,

- to say directly to the person about his acts or words if they offend you, trying not to humiliate it,

- not to judge itself for mistakes, understanding that without them is not present development,

- to be oneself, accepting yourself with all shortcomings not to be humiliated, not to creep under those who is higher according to the status,

- not to allow that to you had no respect others,

walked about you,

- to control the ego and arrogance,

- to reckon with opinion of other people, without arguing and agreeing to differ,

- to pull from a bog those people, (thinking that you help them), which do not want it and do not hear you,

- to approve itself and the acts (this full and unconditional acceptance of),

- to hold the word given itself and others and to be on friendly terms with conscience,

- to recognize own importance and value, is independent of anything.

... (your options?)

And all this aforesaid is called - to LOVE ITSELF!

In the Bible it is said that the Woman - a wreath of creation of God!

So be this wreath! This right is already granted to you from the birth!


to You very much will be helped by this super exercise:

(It is necessary to do daily (an indispensable condition!) before going to bed, at a complete silence until this exercise does not become pleasant and easy.

Usually it is from 1 to 3 - x months).

Get up (sit down) in front of the mirror, look to yourself in the face of 1 - 2 minute (without tearing off a look and without being distracted by other things - calls, talk, thoughts of children, men, weather, work etc.) also tell aloud yourself:

I love you!

In the beginning, it is normal. Continue!

Not at all it turns out at once, (it is a lot of claims not only to life, but also to itself), but it is super exercise if to do it!!!

You will see how your self-assessment will rise!

And if you have a high self-assessment - you will become just a Goddess!

And men will speak quite so about you!