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And you have risks?

“Your life, my life, life of any of us serve as either the prevention, or an example“ to

D. Ron

Today I want to tell one instructive story.

About 4 years ago one my friend (she was then 46 years old and years 20 it did not work any more, the husband supported her) with the husband got a cottage in the country, bought 2 cars (business of the husband very well developed) and … felt very “cool“ and rich people.

We with it got to talking about life and I asked it: “You know what you have risks in life, in health and finance?“, on what received the contemptuous answer: “At me? That you! I am a healthy and rich woman!“

Passed 4 years.

The husband threw and left to young, a depression, as a result - sharp deterioration in health. Do not hire since there is neither education, nor experience and age not that any more.

The crown flew …

the House demands monetary investments, the car needs to be repaired, to look after a lawn, and there is no money.

To what this history? In work with the clients I surely consider this important and invisible sphere of our life: RISKS.

Not everything is always smooth, and harbingers of possible “storm“ are very often visible already now.

Your task - in time to find them and to take measures that it was - your health, finance, relations etc. If now on it there are no time and money, then then there will be both money, and time!

If we do not build the future, we should suffer its

Olvin Tofner

Want to secure yourself?

Take a sheet of paper, in a quiet situation and in good (!) mood write:

1. That in yours health disturbs you (even trifles) what hereditary diseases, addictions &ndash are; what they will lead in about 5 - 10 years to (and the fact that will bring - it undoubtedly), also make the plan for immediate barring of these possible diseases.

Perhaps it is necessary to make blood test, remember whether long ago you were at a stomalog and the gynecologist? (it is clear what put not especially pleasant, but time in 6 months even if you are healthy, it is necessary to visit preventively these experts) etc.

K to what can give your delay?

Excuses of the &ndash type; there is no time, money, am afraid, these are negative thoughts (just the opposite), I do not want, I am healthy etc. are not accepted.

2. How many at the moment at you is in cash on an emergency (so-called, “short money“)?

They will be necessary at possible loss of work, the income from business, a sudden illness, trauma, the help to relatives or on other cases.

It is desirable that the stock of the money which is required on providing your life (if you live alone so far), or your family and children made not less than for 3 months, and it is better - for 6 months.

That is if in a month on everything it is necessary for you (without excesses) 1. 000 dollars, 3. 000 dollars (at least) have to lie in the reliable place.

3. Through some time (5 - 15 years): your children will graduate (or will go) from school, will begin to study at institute, will marry (marry), you will retire, can become the grandmother etc. of

On what means all these described cases will be financed? (it - “long-term money“).

The best choice - or the passive income exceeding your expenses of time in one and a half - two, or the policy of assurance of life for 10 - 20 years covering also risks of many diseases.

When it is necessary to save long-term money? Now!

The earlier, the better!

How to postpone?

Read George S. Kleyson`s book “The richest person in Babylon“ of

4. What occurs in your relations with the husband (if he is)? Ask yourself a question: “What will be if …? Whether“ Good it has a state of health what can be with its earnings whether there are prerequisites of your gap already now?

5. What happens to your household appliances and a condition of the apartment?

As usual, all problems fall down at the same time - both breakage of equipment, and repair in the apartment. What it is necessary to bring in the plan for this question?

Work not with a problem, and with a problem source!

… etc. Walk on all spheres of your life.

Trifles do not happen!

It will also be yours: 1) the next and 2) long-term plan for improvement of your life and prevention of a time trouble!

Be not a problem in the future to yourself!

And still:

At you is list of what needs to be made?

And at you is list of what needs to cease to be done also?

“Till 18 years good parents, from 18 to 35 - good appearance, from 35 to 55 - good character are necessary for the woman, and after 55 - good money“

“Begin with Sofie Thaker`s

action in a business presentiment, order prior to the beginning of a disorder“ Lao`s

- Zi
Be attentive

to the life!