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Saiga - 410. Whom hunt with “sadovo - the garden Kalashnikov“?

we Will consider most mass “device“ “sadovo now - garden“ the 410th caliber in Russia - the Saiga - 410. Let`s pass entertainment and a samooboronnost, about it it is already much written. And here what animal hunt with this weapon?

On the device and appearance these guns (officially - smooth-bore carbines) bear to the Kalashnikov very a strong resemblance, they were created on the basis of that legendary by joint stock company. Modifications 410K - 01 and 410K - 02 - in general are redone from fighting by joint stock company - 74. In the West this gun and is called: AK clone. 410 Siaga shotgun .

“A saiga - 410 - an autoloading carbine on the basis of the Kalashnikov and intended for trade and amateur hunting for a small and average animal and a bird. … it is intended for firing hunting by a bullet, fraction and a case-shot“. Wikipedia.

At specialized forums of opinion on hunting from “Sayozhkaya“ in general are opposite. From enthusiastic, type:

“The saiga - 410 is gladkostvol. There is a bullet and fraction. Respectively, it is possible to hunt, starting with a defenseless duck, to zdorovushchy elks and blood-thirsty boars.
Read on the Internet that the Saiga - 410K - 02, inherently, is a versatile person (dulny energy of 1000 - 1200 J). Here also I ask at skilled that they about it think“

to such here:

“- With the Saiga - 410 it is possible to go on a hare?
- You that you scoff, perhaps, all this equally that on a bear with PM. Well you on a hare will let out all shop, and he will grow furious and will bite to death you“

Here so laugh at hunters with 410 - y “Sayozhkaya“ many, someone does not understand all opportunities of this remarkable weapon, or does not want to understand. Of course, the joint stock company - a similar Saiga is not so convenient for hunting as the standard fowling piece. Many get it as the second gun for entertaining firing (plinking). But if this gun got to the hunter`s family, field tests are, as a rule, inevitable.

Whom shoot from this, the Kalashnikov despised by all “the real hunters“ “almost“? I will provide real phrases from one forum of hunters.

Here opinion of the inhabitant: “410 - trade caliber on a small animal, on a small birdie when firing at a fixed target. Presently also for self-defense, because easy and compact. I do not know what there can be other opinions here...“

First of all, shoot a raven. For entertainment.

A small bird, a hazel grouse, a quail etc. of “Cartridges “pencils“ (length of 76 mm) very much even droboyemky, on 20 grams of fraction, it is more than in the 24th caliber“ . Namely 24 - y the caliber was considered “trade“, the gun for the hunter - the professional. Of course, owners of classical guns will object that supposedly a fraction sheaf at big caliber wide and density (quantity of grains per unit area) is much higher. I.e. reliability of defeat of the flying bird is higher too. At short distances this advantage of big caliber is imperceptible, and the birdie here “larded“ by fraction it will want to eat already hardly. And the sitting bird can be winged the small-bore gun from a much bigger distance. Only it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to aim more precisely.

Presently when a rifle - the melkashka passed into the category of the cut weapon, it the 410th caliber successfully replaces. Therefore, all types of animals which shot from “melkashka“ earlier beat from the small-caliber smooth-bore gun now. Squirrel, marten and other small fur small animals. Hunt them usually in the winter.

Beavers, muskrats. Hit a beaver only into the head, the wounded a beaver dives into other space for water and often dies already where you will not get it. And beavers animals sensitive, slightly that - leave under water. And here helps out one of advantages 410 - go caliber, its range. The small-bore bullet (with other things being equal) flies further and beats more precisely, than and a bullet (case-shot) from the gun of “classical“ hunting calibers.

Fox, hare. Too do not admit close. But personally my opinion, is better to hunt them from the classical gun 12 - go (16) calibers. Painfully quickly run and to get to the running small animal from an inconvenient and small-bore Saiga, it is necessary to be just the master!

Small hoofed animals and small pylons. It is necessary to tell that with other things being equal the stopping action of a bullet of smaller caliber is weaker. It is necessary to aim to the most lethal places - a neck, heart etc. But also there is a knight`s move: to use special expansive bullets with the high stopping action. Well and “Sayozhka“ - the weapon all - fast-shooting and multicharging. Besides, to go on a boar with 410 - y the Saiga is how to play the Russian roulette. Though such thrill-seekers usually beat an animal in a long distance, using a nozzle “Paradox“.

On animals over 50 kg (a wolf, a boar, a deer, an elk) unambiguously it is necessary to apply larger caliber. Though I heard often: “Itself with 410 did not hunt wolves, but there is an acquaintance who successfully brings down them from 410k - 01“ , but, as a rule, it is only hunting baizes. In general it is better to beat a large boar from a carbine with optics, exact and powerful. This animal is very clever and runs quickly. Though in the instruction to the weapon there is such phrase: “the 410th boss is effective on an animal to 100 kg“ , but to try here I did not advise. The wounded animal loses an instinct of self-preservation and, perhaps, will die of wound by an easy pool, but will cripple the unlucky hunter earlier. Though go in the legend people: “I when worked in the north, it was necessary to communicate with Mansi. They a bear from a melkashka shot. The fourth vertebra in withers was perforated, and everything, the bear died. Main thing, ability“ . Yes, it is possible to fill up a boar from the 410th caliber. But what experience and elementary luck for this purpose it is necessary!

Well and finally. The gun in hands even of the person who is not able to shoot always put some idea about power. And here in hands “almost the automatic machine“. And still … Life is given by

to the person once. The main thing that the natural desire to pogeroystvovat before companions and to show that your “Kalashnikov“ the most abrupt, was not blocked by an instinct of self-preservation and did not beat out elementary rules of weapon handling from the head.