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How to learn what person actually?

“The whole world - theater, and people in it - actors“. It is not obligatory to be Shakespeare to understand that people put on masks.

One carry kilograms of gold and loud labels on clothes in hope that they will be taken “for the“ by certain people. Others play a role sociable and socially - the focused persons, if only not to remain in private with the problems.

How to learn whom the person is actually? How it is possible to understand what it inside? What its purposes in life? What its true values and beliefs?

Whether it is possible to determine it by those words which he pronounces? Well is not present. As the proverb speaks, never trust anybody - and you it is not deceived. To take today to people the word is unattainable luxury. How many the broken hearts, how many the deceived investors how many bankrupt businesses today we observe on this common cause.

And whether it is possible to learn whom the person is, that other people speak about him? In principle, it is possible. But too not always. Here an important role is played by popularity and authoritativeness of the person. And what the figure is more known and “more powerful“ - those can trust opinion of other people more. It is quite simple to deceive several people, and here hundreds and thousands it is much more difficult to deceive.

And all - how precisely and authentically to define which of us whom actually is? The answer to this widespread question is not so difficult. Only acts show which of us who. Only our actions say that we think that we feel and that in general is in us.

And me it seems that today not how we are able to hear people is much more important or that we can read about them. More important as far as we are able to watch people - and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

It is possible even to be as much as observant, but not to draw any conclusions. And without analysis of supervision lose any meaning. Remember, for example, Hitler. All watched it and noted its oratorical abilities. All saw how it deals shortly with the ideological opponents, without hesitating to use aggressive and power instruments of race for power. But nobody made conclusions.

At least there is also the return. People draw hasty conclusions, without having worked to call in question and to check the initial guesses, conjectures and rumors. Here powerful value is played by our associations and own experience.

For example if you were deceived once by partners in business, then the following person who will suggest you to be engaged in business together, without suspecting that, it will be forced to prove the honesty and decency in the beginning, to win certain credibility before you begin to communicate with it on serious subjects.

Or if you were deceived earlier by darling, then the previous negative experience most likely will leave the mark in the form of mistrust and expectation of a dirty trick on the relations with the new candidate for the place in your heart. On extremely measure, to a togovremena while you do not recognize each other closer.

Therefore if you have no natural intuition or intuition, develop observation and analytical skills. To find out whom the person is actually, not so difficult. Good luck!