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Monastic Log Hut cake: how to prepare long and troublesome, and to eat quickly?

the thirteenth birthday of my younger son Came. Weeks for two to a significant event it took an interest: - Mothers, you to me will bake a cake “A monastic log hut“? - Of course, darling! - Interestingly, and that you answered on we wash the place? Promised to promise - that I, of course, but at the same time heavy sighed.

I thought: “Well why this pig chose the most labor-consuming cake from all my collection?“

Question more likely rhetorical. The cake turns out looney tasty. The combination of sour cherry and sweet condensed milk gives unique unique taste.

To pitch I am this cake infrequently. Few times in a year. As a rule, on the birthday and in some case. It seems that this year birthday youngest will be this case. Sly fellow!

So, it is solved. To pitch “A monastic log hut“. But as I bake it infrequently, the recipe is forgotten. Though it some idle time, very simple. But all the time I forget - egg is necessary or not and what specifically there to put. But it it does not matter. Retseptik (old cutting from the magazine) is stored somewhere in my treasured to the daddy. The eldest son, with sarcasm watching searches of the recipe, noticed: as you will find - post online it, next time less time for searches will leave.

About! It is a brilliant idea! If not I, then somebody precisely there already placed it. So I will enter treasured words in the searcher now, and … And full disappointment. I found recipes of “A monastic log hut“ in the Internet, and, judging by the description, it is quite tasty, but it is not my cake! In one recipe added sugar to dough, and I precisely remember - in my cake any spoon of sugar, in another - smetanny cream is not used. And I have traditional cream of an era of the Soviet Union - condensed milk with oil, retseptik - that from old Soviet magazines.

Generally, disappointed, I returned to the pieces of paper. About happiness, a treasured scrap it is found, now it is possible to arrange running on shops to stock up on necessary ingredients. First of all, it is necessary to buy the frozen cherry. On the birthday which is the share of summer I am perverted at full scale: I take fresh cherry and the whole evening I separate it from stones.

But fortunately now only May, there is no fresh cherry yet, and it will facilitate my task. Frozen cherry is on sale in supermarkets all the year round. So, cherry. It is necessary not less than a kilogram. Better let will remain (I will weld then kompotik), than will not be enough.

Still it is necessary: for the test sour cream (grams 250), margarine (a pack - too grams 250) and 2 glasses of flour. And all - any sugar, eggs, oil and other what would make this cake heavy for our stomach.

Though oil is required to us - for cream. Cream unpretentious: bank of with own hand cooked condensed milk which is shaken up with an oil pack.

Everything that it is necessary, at us on hands. It was necessary only to prepare. Feature of this cake is that it is made of separate poleshka.

We knead dough. We chop margarine in flour. We add sour cream. We knead. We spread this weight on the table sprinkled with flour. We knead dough until it becomes rather elastic that did not stick to hands, but at the same time remained soft. Dough is cleaned in the refrigerator. Cherry it is desirable for juice to defreeze and allow to flow down by this time.

Minutes through 15-20 we take out dough from the refrigerator and we begin “construction works“. Though rather it is similar to a zero cycle. We do logs.

We divide dough into three parts. We divide each part into five parts. At our disposal there were fifteen pieces of the test. It is desirable if they are identical in size.

Each piece is rolled on stripes. Long about your baking sheet, 2-4 cm wide. In the center, on all length of a strip we put cherry. Zashcheplyaem of edge, forming the present round brevnyshko. Surely we close face parts. We spread on the greased baking sheet and we bake. Many esthetes prefer to spread a seam down. So more convenient for carrying out further “construction“ works. If you are not sure, of the fortress of your test, and there is fear that cherry will follow, it is better to bake a seam up if it at you turned out quite accurate.

So, at you fifteen “brevnyshka“ from the test with the cherry baked inside are ready. We shake up boiled condensed milk with a pack of butter and we begin construction of a log hut.

Frankly speaking, the construction is more similar to a pyramid, than to a log hut. But to us - that what difference? On a plain surface (it is possible on a chopping board) we spread closely to each other first five “logs“, we grease with cream. From above we stack four, having slightly receded from edge, then three, two and one. Naturally, we coat each layer with cream.

Here if you baked “brevnyshka“ a seam up, you should turn them. It is necessary 5-6 to wait for hours that cake became impregnated with cream. Then accurately to cut off edges of a pyramid. As if you tried, logs all the same turned out uneven. We cut off edges. Now end faces at us have the identical equal form. The beautiful triangle in which everyone is visible separate brevnyshko with an appetizing cherry stuffing inside turned out.

All this. It is possible to strew with grated nuts, grated chocolate or coconut flakes. And yes without jewelry it is pleasant to us. At this cake only one minus - to them seldom is possible to treat friends. It is eaten so quickly that is enough only for the family. But birthday - a family holiday?

We descend with the son in cafe, he will communicate to friends, and in the evening - in a close family circle - we will drink tea with a remarkable cake “A monastic log hut“!