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The first impression about us is dictated by our clothes?

the old Russian proverb in which it is said that meet everything - on clothes is known to All … Only then estimate our personal human qualities, business abilities and so on. The first visual impression about us carries quite fatal consequences for all further communication. We did not start talking yet, did not tell the main thing, but already on our appearance, an image, our clothes our interlocutor made about us the first impression. And to break this first impression further communication - oh as it is hard. Therefore it is very important, the fact that we carry as we look - all this directly influences how we are perceived by surrounding people.

Not to spoil the first impression from perception “on clothes“ the people surrounding us and to pass to the second part of communication - perceptions “on mind“ - it is necessary to adhere to the main requirements to the clothes and the appearance and an image. There is no need to employ the whole staff of stylists - makeup artists to look for hundred percent and to inspire in the types arrangements. Everything told below is the alphabet on which stylists - makeup artists base the conclusions.

First of all, the clothes have to be pure and tidy. Dirty spots or stains, a crumpled look (if of course it not the original embodiment of an idea of the designer) - hardly add pluses to your image list. Of course, there are corresponding styles in clothes, fashionable trends which mean existence of abstract spots, attritions, a fringe, an uneven edge of finishing, however all these things are created to hands of professional designers and to count that your interlocutor will take a fat spot on your skirt for fashionable accent just unreasonably. Actually, such negligent and inaccurate external types, you make the corresponding impression about yourself - the negligent and inaccurate person.

The clothes have to correspond to the place and time. It will be ridiculous to look an evening dress by the light of the morning sun. And here the men`s wear for the house perfectly will be suitable for a house informal meeting of old friends. Is not necessary for work at office to choose open low-necked dresses of too short length - to these you, of course, will draw attention to yourself, but with such appearance you should not count on the serious attitude towards you. Before to stop the choice on what today to put on it is necessary to scroll mentally in the head the list of those places which you will have to visit today. Whether your dress will be pertinent there?

Our clothes either are harmoniously supplemented, or the accessories accompanying it krichashche discord. The theatrical handbag - a clutch will look unclear with a set from jeans and a t-shirt. And lack of the corresponding evening hairdress on your hair will spoil your image of the evening fantastic princess. Fine details are capable to add very harmoniously our image and appearance, or to finally destroy any favorable impression about us. Therefore it is also worth paying the attention to them.

You should not experiment with the clothes if visit of the places and actions demanding accurately certain observance dress - a code is necessary to you. It is better for imagination of the beginning designer to hold will for an informal situation. From - for strict requirements to observance dress - a code, at best, you just will not get on action, in the worst will cause sneers from people around the ridiculous look out of place.

It is necessary to remember that meet “on clothes“ - it is important, but see off all - “on mind“. Therefore besides that you are going to gain the interlocutor the appearance, take care about that to you was that to it to tell.

Shevtsova Olga