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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 19 - 20? “Dictator“, etc.

I again Hollywood left cinema products of other countries on boondocks of the Russian hire. A half of ten debutants has the American origin that reduces chances of the European and domestic movies to find an opening to hearts of the audience to a minimum.

The main rate of this week is made on the new absurd comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen “Dictator“ with which the next producer project of Luc Besson “Regardless of obstacles“ will compete to Guy Pearce`s participation. Among novelties also the melodrama with Zac Efron “Lucky“ and a lethal duet of “mummies“ Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez in the tape “What to Wait for when You Expect a Baby“. In addition to it movie theaters will show two 3D - the animated film and the psychological drama with Juliette Binoche`s participation. And now is more detailed:

1. “Dictator“ (The Dictator, 2012)

the Famous comedian Sacha Baron Cohen continues to provoke America the chaotic, but incredibly ridiculous opuses. After improbable take-off on a wave of “Borat“ and relative failure from “Bruno“ the union of Cohen and the director Larry Charles represents the new hilarious tape “Dictator“.

This time Cohen represents the despotic governor of a certain banana republic who went to the official summit to the USA. The stronghold of democracy met the tyrant as it is necessary - to the poor creature shaved a beard and let to wander on the stone jungle. Now the being dictator should penetrate properly into household details of life of simple Americans and to find simple human happiness. In the form in which this concept is absolutely alien to it.

Cohen without any constraint mocks at moral values of the compatriots that often becomes the reason of the scandals surrounding its comedies. At the same time the comedian manages to notice very precisely all defects that does his pictures not only ridiculous, but also very angry. The black humour not all on a shoulder, but “Dictator“ obviously deserves attention.

2. “Regardless of obstacles“ (Lockout, 2012)

the Next producer project of Luc Besson style of execution returns

on us in 90 - e years. No, action of the picture happens at the end of 21 - go centuries. And at technological and visual level the tape “Regardless of obstacles“ quite corresponds to present, more precisely, future realities. The problem is that Besson still prefers to remove sad predictable plots, without giving chance to itself to escape from tenacious embraces of total commerce.

Removed on money of France in Serbia with the Irish special effects and English-speaking actors (Guy Pearce is the Australian, Maggie Grace is the American), “Regardless of obstacles“ represents not a graceful remix “Escape from New - York“ John Carpenter. Only this time the lonely and uncontrollable superspy saves from paws of convicts not of the president, but his daughter. And the prison for greater persuasiveness is located not on Earth, and in an orbit that some variety brings though.

And if not the flat humour, stamped dialogues and extremely hackneyed plot, “Regardless of obstacles“ could become the quite good fantastic fighter. And so - only one more cash fiascoes in the producer track record of Besson inflating from a trash.

3. “Lucky“ (The Lucky One, 2012)

If attentively to get accustomed on posters of the movies shot on romance novels of Nicholas Sparks (“The message in a bottle“, “The diary of memory“, “Dear John“ of etc), steadily is present at all couple of lovers who stiffened in a kiss or embraces. No wonder, considering that Sparks - the famous fan to direct trembling melancholy at female hearts. To the man already under a fifty-kopeck piece, and it continues to drip surely on a brain of target audience the romantic opuses. However, everyone earns money as is able, not us to judge.

This time the place of the main character was taken the pretty girl by Zac Efron who pumped up muscles and released vegetation on a face. Efron imperceptibly grew to roles of marines though the military uniform to him goes the same as to an elephant - jack boots. The young man dug out in the battlefield a photo of the nice woman who became his guardian angel. Having graduated from service, “lucky“ comes back home and finds that madam, however her ex-husband is not glad to the stranger at all. Further we have according to the list a love, snivels, emotional recognitions and a drama outcome. But it is pleasant to women what Bol?

4. “For what to wait when you expect a baby“ (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 2012)


Let you are not frightened by a tautology in the name of the movie of Kirk Jones. To which - that eyelids our localizers transferred heading correctly and whether it is worth going in cycles in it when in leading roles - Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Waited, Hollywood began to picturize grants for pregnant women. In line, probably, instructions “for teapots“ and telephone directories.

Five couples, five stories, five children. From the movie you receive all particulars not of conception (it in other genre), but incubation, the birth and even education. Stars usually agree to such projects willingly, in a shot there will be children who seldom leave the viewer indifferent. Besides Diaz and Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Quade, Chris Rock and Rodrigo Santoro are involved in a picture. The romantic comedy is shot in style of “skit“, but something bigger, than affections, from it you should not wait.

What will be offered by other debutants of hire? Handymen from South Korea it is rather professional and realistic depicted a panorama of the prehistoric world in the three-dimensional animated film “3D Tarbozavr“ . A plot at an animated cartoon purely children`s, a little pinched from the popular animation series “The Earth prior to the beginning of Times“. As the independent work “Tarbozavr 3D“ it is uninviting, but to those parents whose children are keen on this subject, it is not necessary to relax.

In the same way the French three-dimensional animated film “Also is focused on audience of younger preschool age move time“ which creators solved in an easy and unostentatious form to acquaint present generation of the little audience with famous Jules Verne`s creativity.

Very thin mockery (so thin that many are not able to catch it) will be presented on court of the viewer really inimitable (in every sense this word) by Will Ferrell in a picture “In the house of the father“ (Casa de mi Padre). Ferrell - the poor peasant Alvares who does not know English and therefore not bad mutters all road in Spanish. It is helped with development by foreign two carriers - Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Long, for the sixth time met on a shooting stage after a star debut at Alfonso Cuaron in the drama “And Your Mother Too“. What is “In the house of the father“ in fact, unclear. Judging by Ferrell - it is the comedy, but the humour of the actor even in the homeland is not always understood therefore the movie not that on the fan, but very specific product.

Before the promised term in wide release will show the European drama “Revelations“ . In a leading role Frenchwoman Juliette Binoche who should be asked in an image of the journalist a set of inconvenient questions to two very young students earning a living by prostitution. Rectilinear supply of material does not give a reason to doubt sincerity of authors of the movie especially as similar subjects are seldom discussed on public.

As for hire limited, will declare two more tapes the existence here. In - the first, the last film of the producer of a TV series “Soldiers“ Oleg Osipov, the adventure comedy “If ifs and ans were pots and pans“ . The last, alas, not extreme. Osipov left us in September, 2011. In - the second, too the comedy, but from Scandinavia, more precisely, than Denmark. The tape about the cuckold who went for the lascivious wife to Argentina is called of “Superklasiko“ and was nominated by Danes to competition of an award the Oscar.