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How to spend the day off with children?

on June 1 - Children`s Day! Day of protection against boredom and monotony! How to carry out this or any other day off with advantage for the kid and parents?

Idea No. 1. It is the most useful!

If weather favors to

, the best for the day off - walk. On walk it is possible to take also the most small children in carriages, and is more senior than children. The main thing to turn a usual exit into the yard in something bigger. For example, to arrange a campaign in the wood or park. As the option, in the presence of the grandmother or other relatives in the village - to go to them on a visit. Think over convenient and warm equipment, stock up with sufficient time, and - forward!

Excursion of the day off will be suitable for the senior preschool children - school students, the route can be thought over, or to use services of various guides. Such action will bring only benefit - both change of impressions, and fresh air, and development of the general outlook.

To take with itself : a thermos with hot tea, wet towel wipes, several sandwiches, cookies - drying and any other necessary provisions.

Invite with yourself age-mates - children, arrange a collective exit - departure.

What to do?

it is simple to b to walk, breathe fresh air, to admire the nature. To discuss the natural and weather phenomena with children, to listen to singing of birds. It is possible to sculpture snowballs in the winter or to roll a snowman. In the summer - to look at a grass, to smell flowers. In the fall - to collect leaves for a herbarium. At each season the charm. Interest children in game: who more names of various plants - trees - insects - birds know?

Personal experience When the daughter learned
letters, I called a letter and asked to find in surrounding any subject on this letter. Children competed who will call more words, and to the winner we awarded a tasty prize.

Idea No. 2. Who visits in the mornings?

If weather today not on your party, it is possible to arrange guest day. Visit the girlfriend (it is desirable with the child) or invite friends to yourself. Initially discuss, than you can be engaged together.

To take with itself . If you go on a visit - take with yourself a two-three of toys for an exchange (if you or at owners have a small child). Take also easy having a snack for the kid, and something to tea for hospitable owners.

What to do? And can be engaged in a lot of things! The choice of toys at modern children is usually simply huge! To gather houses from the designer, to arrange competition of cars, to feed dolls and to put them to bed... And it not all that can be thought up! And for children is more senior it is possible to take any board game, whether it be “Monopoly“, a lotto, puzzles, “Erudite“ or even cards. Adults will even join such game.

Personal experience
Initially carry away children game, sit with them some time, help to think up rules. When you see that game went - can safely sit down at a table and communicate to the girlfriend. Otherwise you will run around like a mad between children and a table. Specify at owners, what is the time you can stay for a while, and for half an hour before leaving help kids to clean toys and to finish game.

Idea No. 3. The surprise, a surprise and is well a surprise!

your child woke up in the day off early in the morning. And you so want to roll about a little more … Down with sleepy luxury! You conduct the child in a zoo today. Or in circus. In the museum, at cinema, in theater, or even just on a concert. But … He does not know about it yet!

So, you gesture of the conjurer get and show tickets … Your kid is surprised. And already streamlets of pleasure and fun awaken you from a dream better than cold water in a face.

You go behind impressions!

To take with itself . The good company will not prevent and here. All parents know that in places of mass representations for children usually there is a brisk trade in balls, toys - knickknacks. Oxygen and milkshakes, the priest - Korn, cotton candy … Therefore it is possible to take with itself some sum of money for these entertainments and to discuss accurately with the child that you are ready to buy.

Surely take with yourself the camera. Photograph the child and photograph together with him - give the chance to your child to make several photos.

What to do? Function of parents is in that before representation to tell about where they go and what rules of conduct there. And after - to talk to the child, to develop his lexicon. Whom did you see in a zoo? How the scene at circus is called? About what there was a performance? Discuss movies - animated films. Tell also about the feelings - emotions, so you will help the child to understand yourself better.

Personal experience by
Surely choose representations on age of the child. If it at you impressionable, give preference to cheerful easy representations. You will suit places far away from a scene. If restless - buy tickets closer to an exit that if absolutely gets naughty - on - fast to retire. And maybe, your kid still just did not grow to theater. And you should wait a little? Children of years with 5 - 6 look at a scene already absolutely other eyes.

Idea No. 4. Sport - our friend!

you were not in the pool or an aquapark yet? Did not jump on a trampoline? Did not go to fitness by all family? It is a high time to begin! The advantage of sports day off is invaluable both to you, and to younger generation. Even if in your city there is no special paddling pool, all can ride bikes together. And still there are rollers and skates, and houses - hoops and fitballs.

To take with itself . If you decided to play sports independently, for example, to teach the child to ride the bicycle or rollers, take care of measures of protection - buy a protective helmet and kneecaps.

What to do? to Play sports. Any. In any conditions. Houses and on the street, or in a sports complex. Children adore repeating everything after adults, and it is necessary to use it, imparting careful attitude to health since the childhood.

Personal experience
We with the daughter went to children`s fitness. And with the instructor she did not want to be engaged. To it my presence was important. And only when I ran and jumped with all group, it with hunting repeated the movements. do not leave

about daily charging At home. Do it with pleasure, and children will stretch! The personal example is infectious!

Idea No. 5. House day off


If to you do not suit above-mentioned ways to spend free day and you decided to stay at home, do not despond. Houses too it is possible not to miss!

What to do? Create

! Think up with the child a hand-made article - application. Remember also the famous and widespread origami. And you can just sew to a doll a dress or a skirt. Or to make of robot matchboxes.

Draw! Ask your child to draw a family. I think, you will be pleased by flight of his imagination!

Culinary duel. If you have children - school students, carry out a culinary duel. Parental team against team of children. Bake fritters or cake and give the chance to children to prepare something independently. And then estimate results behind amicable tea drinking.

Board games. For training in the account very much I recommend game in shop. If you learn figures or pass “tens and units“ - all this will pass in a game “adult“ situation quicker and more cheerfully.

Read the book or together watch the good children`s movie. And if there is opportunity - show or play puppet theater.

my daughter since one and a half years very much liked to draw personal experience. At first I gave it a sheet of paper - it was it catastrophically a little. We came over to not color side of wall-paper. But also here the daughter overstepped the bounds and drew on a floor. And then I decided that the way out to draw directly in a bathtub: I put on it shorts and enclosed a rubber rug on a bottom. Now nothing prevented to be developed! Than you decided

to be engaged in the day off with children, it has to be pleasant also to you, and of Parents it is important though for a while to get rid all pressing problems and to relax.

Promise that today you turn into the child again and take a broad view of everything the opened eyes. Your children will estimate it, and you - will wonderfully have a rest.