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The man earns a little? You know what to do!

In the previous article I raised the question very actual today - a question of earnings by men of money. And money which is not enough for the woman who got used to live to a meeting with this man on rather wide leg and to have “a lot of things good“. The woman falls in love with this man and wants to connect with him the life with the consequences following from this - the birth of kids.

BUT! The production brought by the husband hardly can be divided into all family members, and the woman, unfortunately, loses temporarily working capacity in process of increase in terms of pregnancy and volumes of a stomach.
Should undertake something! Everything that will be written below, concerns only to the men who are understanding a situation and having potential, but not to becoming similar to heroes of computer games in which “are cut“ in free from work, and maybe instead of work, time. Though, I think, there are exceptions, and even inveterate fans of the TV or “shooter games under beer“ can be lifted on great causes.

So what to do to the woman who is eager for the bigger material prosperity?

1. To understand and understand for itself that if at the time of a meeting with the man and the beginning of the relations it is one character, does not mean that it it will remain and in the future. In other words, the man especially did not bother during barchelor stay on development of oil fields. Was enough for it. And suddenly You appear - independent, self-sufficient and with desire “it is good to live“. Certainly, having got incentive in your person, the man begins to move, setting the purpose not only to win you, but also to keep the relations for the rest of life.
are not rare cases and female “transformations“, for example learned to cook borsches - cutlets - pies for the sake of darling, and before his emergence by pelmeni and salatika had a bite and was not able to include an oven. Someone for the sake of darling leaves off smoking, someone suddenly dumps 15 kg or is recoloured in the blonde. The main thing - is incentive!

2. After understanding of point 1 you have to make efforts to keep desire of the man to self-improvement for long years. In konfetno - the buketny period he can promise to pull up trees, and after the first experience of joint life “the animal grin“ can be found in you and the pretty girl in a beautiful dress will turn into the aunt in hair curlers. It to the fact that it is necessary to keep desire of the man to pull up trees.

3. It is necessary to believe in the man unconditionally! And important not only to keep this belief in undercover corners of soul, but also to inform of it it. For it your belief will be the assistant in all undertakings and continuations. Even if his ideas in something will seem ridiculous, ridiculous, strange, all the same support! Certainly, it is possible to give advice and to correct his thoughts, but to do it accurately that an unintentional sneer not to frighten off the approaching hurricane of its feats. All successful and wealthy people began with ideological thought which had the soil for continuation.

4. Not the fact that at once at the man everything will turn out. We do not give up! We do not criticize, we do not abuse, we do not speak: “I and knew, all this a hogwash!“, if you stumbled and fell, it does not mean that you go in the wrong direction. It is necessary to perceive temporary failures courageously and to thank these situations for invaluable experience. Learn to rejoice together to mistakes, there are no them, you would not learn what is correct and what is not present.
I accept stoically its attempts to lower hands. Yes, he can be depressed, itself to doubt itself. Feed the man with creative energy.

5. Eventually, help it not only morally! Cases of family business when the woman in one person - both the wife, and, for example, the chief accountant or the personal assistant are frequent.
All of us know that behind each successful man there is his woman.

6. Open in it new talents. Let`s say your darling - the engineer having mathematical mentality and long time the applying this mind. And suddenly you find out with what awe and skill it photographs butterflies on fences. Butterflies and on fences! Or perfectly speculates on political subjects and always wins polemic fights. Such abilities can become something new, in our case in the new or additional way of earnings too. The problem is that the man did not pay attention to the talents and only You made out it. It is not for nothing told: “As the nature playing us is fine, the skill faceting diamond is necessary“. Become a facet for the diamond!

7. Do not compare its progress to progress of neighbour`s Vaski who almost completed the house on a site in Nakhabino. You do not know why it so quickly took and completed. Perhaps in a lottery won, can stole, or perhaps this Vaski has such wife who inspired and supported.

8. Never demand from the man of what he cannot give at present. Hiss to it in an ear: “I want to Maldives! It abruptly, all respecting people have to visit there. Went in a week!“. It will be far more reasonable to tell: “Cool that we go to Turkey. Let`s try to carry out the following holiday in the exotic countries. How to you, for example Vietnam?“ The man has to hear and understand. And to the following holiday will try. And not because you stamped legs but because you with understanding wait when it turns out.

9. And never forget that you love it just for the fact that it is. Agree if you fell in love with it, it means really worthy candidate to the partner in life position. And to try to obtain something together is always more interesting and more cheerful. In several years it will be amusing to look at photos of its old car while you dissect on brand new and modern which will stand in garage of your townhouse.

And in general no visit of expensive restaurant will replace the atmosphere of eating of nutlets on a sofa in front of the TV in an embrace. Therefore dare! Also remember - the black strip can be take-off!