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Survival (Part 7. In total to the best)

the Survival (Part 7. In total to the best)

Life … Human life is what happens to it since the birth to death, including what it does during this period. The pleasure and grief, glory and disgrace, suffering and pleasure, wealth and poverty - all this endures each of us, and not once. But each person tries to live so that to him as little as possible problems and difficulties, difficulties and experiences, torments and sufferings met. And when they come, he is indignant: why it happens to me why right now?!

The person is inclined to sum up: “Life is always difficult“. Difficulties just are present at it by default. And from that, how deeply and fully we accept for ourselves this idea as self-evident, our quality of life directly depends. Most of people in principle do not accept idea about regularity of difficulty of life. And life for them becomes a chain of various frustration and complaints. Complaints to the oppressing action of problems, complaints to the especially unhappy destiny, complaints to uniqueness of those adversities and disasters which fall down their heads. But the reality of life consists that problems will never end. Just because in life there is nothing constant, change - and there is life. And in constantly changing vital conditions of a problem are inevitable. And from as far as we give ourselves in it the report, our sincere health in many respects depends. Sometimes it seems that if any rather long time to ignore existence of a problem, it somehow will resolve by itself. At the same time, distinctly you understand that all as a result will be on the contrary, the problem will not get to anywhere, and all the same it is necessary to solve it, but already at the price of much more serious efforts, but all the same take this position of intended ignoring. Just because once long ago in the childhood at you something like that turned out quite successfully as it seemed to you then: You close eyes hands, and nothing terrible is already visible, it seems... And, it seems, there is also no it any more, time it is not visible to you“. But the collecting unresolved problems serve then as the soil for various “nervous“ frustration. As several programs which are at the same time started in the computer load work of system even if to hide windows with information on their performance, and vital difficulties and cares continue the extramental pressure if you try not to notice them. Sense of guilt, shame, disappointment on themselves from feeling of the solved problems will wound to a shower, sometimes, much stronger, than the difficult feelings and emotions arising in the course of the active solution of problems.

People are inclined not to agree with what happens to them. And then they begin war with the events, fight for so-called “justice“ begins. Everything in the world looks wrong, bad. These negative feelings will paralyze the person. They prevent to move forward. They will paralyze the person and do not allow to take a step in the right direction. People become judges, decide what is fair and what is not present as it seems to them how has to be in their opinion, pronounce a sentence. And then life becomes even worse, and often the person decides on inadequate acts, having made which completely breaks to himself life. Having become on this way, especially gifted people in search of so-called “justice“ create the organizations, the coalitions, associations, and plunge the whole people and the states into chaos. The fascism was so generated. Results of fight of fascists for so-called “justice“ all are well-known.

Is also such who turn the angry look towards God, blaming for all him. How the person dares to complain of Togo Who gave it life and all the rest?! Who told that all carried out indignant, truly? Can be to it only it seems that it is right that lives and all does right thing, and actually on the contrary! And in general, despite everything, God - our parent, He gave us life, He wishes well to us only! It is wrong to turn the anger into its party, it is silly and criminal. What it is similar to? On mother who gave birth to the child and her love to the child. To show it, I will provide to you Kaysyn Kuliyev`s poem “Life not to live without rainy days“:

Life not to live without rainy days
But in an hour of trouble and in an hour of powerlessness
you do not curse mothers
For the fact that they gave birth to you.

To them Everything that them waits for children on light is not allowed to foresee
But everyone on light mother
Wishes only good luck to children.

Singing lullabies to babies,
From a century of mother dreamed,
That did not stumble their children,
That on the road did not fall.

And not one on light mother,
What would not be we,
to us, to children, did not wish to become
Neither the victims, nor executioners.

Let a lot of things were not given by
It to find once,
They dreamed that was to
to their children is free and is rich.

And if it did not come true,
Who - who, and mother is not guilty.

Therefore and in black hour,
When our way is thorny and difficult,
we will Not curse mothers of
For the fact that generated us.

And all - it is necessary to understand why problems and difficulties are part of our life? Why we cannot avoid them. Why they always arise irrespective of how many forces we put taking our life under control? All of us periodically meet difficulties which address us as barriers. And each time these barriers become more difficult. Why?

People who would not meet difficulties and problems do not exist. Difficulties, to be exact their overcoming, - an essence of life. As a rule, any problems are a consequence of certain actions. We specially use the word “certain“, but not “incorrect“ actions. “Truly“ and “incorrectly“ - concepts very subjective, you should not estimate our actions from this position. The vast majority of all our acts is caused only by fleeting desire, at the same time it is senseless to speak about any prospects and forecasts. Moreover, many of us, having made this or that act, remember: “And knew what does not need to be done it …“. Mistakes which were not the reason of emergence of serious problems most often remain unnoticed and absolutely meaningless. We categorically do not wish to be reinsured. Still to a lesser extent we want to study on others mistakes. On own - that it more reliable turns out.

So there are no difficulties and problems which are presented to us by life, we could learn nothing, and would begin to change nothing in the life. When to study, - you ask? Around there are so much affairs which require our urgent attention, - to sit down - that once, where to find time for the analysis of the acts!

Everything is simple: difficulties and problems are and there is a training, an essence of school of life. In life there is a mass of the examples confirming this simple truth. We would not graduate from the institutes, did not try to grow professionally, would not do career, we have no need for material benefits and social self-realization. If over us the fear of loneliness did not hang, we would not look for compromises, would not establish a family and would not give birth to children, would not look for friendship. We would not be treated if we were not ill. Nobody would move without special need. At the same time by an old age we would not become wiser and happier. Let`s tell our problems thanks, that we have them!

Difficulties play the positive role in life. They are necessary to each person for growth and improvement. The plant which grew in hothouse conditions will not sustain the slightest failure in graphics of watering, and growing on a stony slope of the mountain will endure both a drought, and rains, and winds, and snow, and will expand even more magnificently in the spring. The same and with the person. Without serious difficulties and without skill of their overcoming any person will not be able to achieve success in life.

However all this is right only while the person is able to use difficulties and to wrap them to itself on advantage. The people who visited a difficult or critical situation at emergence of similar are not lost any more. They make use of the acquired experience and much easier recover from crisis. The “beaten“ person can rise over minor everyday problems which do not irritate him any more, he can neglect daily vanity and concentrate on the solution of more important and vital issues. Difficulties show what we cost actually. After the person could overcome a difficult situation and find a way out of it or solve a number of serious problems, it becomes stronger. Having passed a test for resilience, everyone reveals the hidden abilities, the potential which in usual conditions so and remained misunderstood and unused. Difficulties allow each of us to understand where our internal force is hidden. We find out that we possess the weapon against difficulties! Difficulties force the person to appreciate what he has. Especially those difficulties which are connected with loss something. Even at such moments of people has to feel gratitude for what it has. And as our main ideas and desires have property to come true, in the presence of gratitude for what we have we will earn reward from life.

Difficulties force people to be more flexible and force to work. The feeling when you understand that you dvizhtsya on a nayezzhenny track which will not lead to anything good is familiar to each of us, but there is not enough determination to escape from captivity of own stereotypes … Often only crisis or struggles of life can force the person to change the way and to refuse templates. Problems quite often arise in order that the person understood that his life needs adjustment.

Difficulties give us new opportunities and new prospects. Anyway each crisis conceals in itself the potential of new opportunities and new affairs. When one door is closed, the destiny opens for us another, and quite often much the best.

Difficulties are a positive factor for development of self-confidence and increase of a self-assessment. Each person who overcame this or that critical situation receives a fair share of confidence in the forces and determination. Such increase of a self-assessment is already shown not only in one specific question, and and in another matters, and in everyday life. Therefore the person who passed a number of difficulties and overcame them inevitably becomes much stronger, more surely and much easier goes on life, than the one who constantly was in “hothouse“ conditions and never solved the problems.

Be not afraid of problems and difficulties - they are necessary for human height in the same way as forging of damask steel requires a hardening fire. Only having passed through fire, the piece of usual and ordinary-looking iron turns into precious damask steel. At any difficulty one purpose - to break us or to make stronger. Overcoming obstacles, eventually, we learn ourselves, we learn this life from other point of view.

It is important that changes happened in the personality. Quite often there are such situations when the person before accident was one, and after accident changed. It is normal, and has to be. And if the person does not sustain, - you ask? He will not receive tests which the person is not able to sustain because in them there will be no advantage. Always you remember that if you face the vital difficulties now, whether it be an illness, congenital defects, divorce, financial crisis, you are capable to overcome it because we are always given only those difficulties which we will be able to experience.

People do not realize need of the events with them, do not see and do not understand the reasons which caused it. Everyone believes that he deserves the best that happening to it is bad and that it would be better in a different way. Dear friends, and what the best means?. What is well and what it is bad?. It is very ancient question, but if we understand it, then we will be able to understand a lot of things and to realize. And thus we will facilitate to ourselves life.

The problem of people consists in what achievement of the desires, and more animals, they give out for Well, and everything that did not come true or came without their desire - give out for Badly. Moreover, in our understanding these concepts are unstable and, often, are confused with each other. Example. The person is late somewhere, there, where he has to be obligatory. It is good or bad? I will tell you a real story from army life. Somehow a shock platoon alarmed terrorist threat. Who managed to put on - put on, who did not, all ran out and jumped in jeeps. But one of soldiers, having reached the car, found out that he in a hurry forgot the bag. It jerked back, but when returned, all cars already left. The poor guy plummeted to earth and clutched at the head. Now his friends in business, and he is a deserter, and it is possible that to it not to avoid tribunal. How you think whether its situation is good or it is bad? Of course it is bad, - you will tell and it and itself in it it is confident. You do not hurry with a conclusion, listen to the end of history. In 6 hours the notice comes to base that its platoon was ambushed, there are no survivors. Other example. The young man was born in a small town and grew in a poor family. He always wanted the best and dreamed to live in luxury. There pass 15 years. Moscow. Across Rublyovka four jeeps of the fighters armed with submachine guns, in the middle armor Mercedes go, and in it our not young and not poor person, but the owner of the oil company sits. How you think whether its situation is good or it is bad? Of course it is good, - you will tell and it and itself in it it is confident. You do not hurry with a conclusion, listen to the end of history. The column approaches office of the large lawyer, and our hero the lot of security guards literally pushes in the building. It is brought to an office and the door slams. Let`s approach, and we will listen what they speak about. What is it? Crying? Yes, our hero cries. I lived to myself earlier, was not afraid to go outside, never looked around, did that wanted, did not know cares. But now my life in constant danger, everywhere problems, this world I do not see, neither to work, nor to have a rest, nor I cannot even sleep peacefully. There is no private life, even into a toilet with the security guard come. And now also it, - he told and pointed to the document from prosecutor`s office. To me the end, - it finished the monologue.

What you will tell now? Seeming bad it was good, and seeming good it was bad? No! In total absolutely not so. It is possible to give a lot more different examples, but an essence at all of them one - everything that the person considers good or bad, correct or not, actually neither that and nor another! Any thing, any event bears in themselves both good, and bad, both correct, and not correct. Anyway - all events are urged to help you, to direct you, to change you. Life should not and will not follow your desires as desires of the person arise under the influence of his environment. Life will lead you as for you it will be better actually, proceeding from the purposes of your life, proceeding from your opportunities as independent unique being.

If something occurs, and you not in forces to change it, do not spend the vital energy for resistance and frustration. Think: “Everything that becomes, already occurred. Whether there is it your nerves?“. Learn a lesson from a situation and taking into account the got experience live further. Remember that any event is caused by you, your acts, thoughts, aspirations and beliefs. And the is lighter and motivation to the events is purer, the result will be more favorable for you. And, irrespective of, this way will be how thorny. You drive thoughts of probable failure and any doubts away and as it is possible further. Everything that now becomes - to the best. Any doubt is an opportunity to be hooked for a negative and to steep in it. Therefore during changes it is always better to think of good, to go forward. You have to not just believe that everything becomes to the best, you have to take it for granted. Be not afraid of changes, they - the engine of your life. As soon as one door, an otkryva is closedanother etsyatsya. All trouble is that we look at the locked door and we do not pay attention to opened. Safely walk on life. Remember that even the most difficult hour consists of only 60 minutes. Here the aspect of mutual aid is very important. Life - difficult piece, and all of us have to help to pass through it each other. Never lose courage, you look on all happening to you with understanding. And never forget: everything that occurs - to the best.