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Survival (Part 6. Stresses and failures)

Survival (Part 6. Stresses and failures)

All of us live in a condition of a stress. The fact that now all of us endure a stress it is an axiom. Everyone is in own way unhappy, suffers, is afraid of difficulties of the past, is full of unfulfilled expectations, with alarm looks in the future. What it? Damnation of our time? The price which needs to be paid for the civilization benefits? Or something else? And, at last, how with it to live?. About it our lecture.

About a stress.

The stress, by definition, is a reaction of an organism to an overstrain, alarm and daily vanity. When loadings become excessive, the health worsens, other symptoms appear. The word “stress“ defines a condition of an organism at which he tries to adapt to difficult living conditions. When the person is exposed to excessive physical or mental tension, its organism at first tries to be protected. But then adapts, and reaction to the increased tension becomes optimum. Such state is called a positive stress. It is necessary for normal mental development of the person and adaptation to environment. But often the organism is not capable to cope with intellectual or physical overworks. In such state any additional tension can break a normal state of the person and cause an illness. Trying to cope with a stress, the brain stimulates release of adrenaline. This chemical comes to kidneys, process at which the saved-up glycogen turns into glucose begins, thereby strengthening a blood-groove. The blood pressure raises, breath becomes frequent (to intensify intake of oxygen in blood) that breaks digestion process. When in an organism such chemical process regularly repeats, the phenomenon becomes chronic. In such state the slightest irritation, even easy excitement, can cause overreaction which exhausts an organism. Thus, from the scientific point of view, it is possible to conclude that the stress is not an illness, but the protective mechanism, but if such protection turns in chronic, then the person becomes vulnerable for diseases. The stress exerts the strongest impact on an organism and health of the person.

Let`s understand the stress nature. The stress represents a condition of excessively strong and long psychological tension which arises at the person when his nervous system receives an emotional overload. The stress is present at life of each person as existence of stressful impulses in all spheres of human life and activity, undoubtedly. Any event, the fact or the message can cause a stress, i.e. to become a stressor. Any factors influencing the emotional sphere of the person can be Stressorami. All this that can excite us, misfortune, the rough word, undeserved offense, a sudden obstacle to our actions or aspirations. At the same time, this or that situation will act as the reason of a stress or not, depends not only on the situation, but also on the personality, her experience, expectations, self-confidence etc. The threat assessment, expectation of dangerous consequences which is comprised by a situation is of especially great importance, of course. Means, emergence and experience of a stress depends not so much from objective how many from subjective factors, from features of the person: estimates by it of a situation, comparisons of the forces and abilities to what from it is required, etc. Thus, it is possible to conclude that stresses are emotional reactions of the person to his life situations. If the person does not control them, then they lead to failures and harm him and all around.

The stress can be caused by different factors, for example: financial, personal, family, ecological, working, public and others.

Of course, it is the best of all to avoid a stress, but how, failures and “difficult days“ are inevitable in life of each person? It is all about a psychological spirit and a way of life. The way of life is our everyday life from early morning to late evening, every week, every month, every year. Components of an active and relaxation way of life are both the beginning of day of work, and a diet, and physical activity, both quality of rest and a dream, and relationship with people around, and reaction to a stress, and many other things. Depends on us what will be our way of life - healthy, active or unhealthy, passive. If we manage to affect positively the basic vital principles, to achieve that the relaxation and concentration became a component of our way of life, then we will become more balanced and we will react more quietly to stressogenny factors. It is necessary to know that we are able to influence consciously those, or other processes happening in an organism, i.e. we possess ability of an autoregulyation.

Very often people at return home transfer the working activity, excitement to a family, the family quite often becomes the lightning rod for the nervousness brought from the outside. What it is necessary to get rid of the day impressions and, having crossed a house threshold, not to vent on house the bad mood? Thus we bring home a stress, and fault to everything is our inability to be released from the impressions which collected in a day. If we unexpectedly appear in a stressful situation (someone angered us, the chief cursed or someone from house unnerved) - that at us begins acute stress. For a start it is necessary to collect all the will in a fist and to order itself “STOP!“ sharply to slow down development of acute stress. To manage to leave a condition of acute stress to calm down, it is necessary to find an effective way of the self-help, the method. I will emphasize - the method as all people different. And then in a critical situation which can arise every minute we will be able quickly to orient, having resorted to this method of the help at acute stress.

Now we will consider how it is possible to find and explain reactions of the organism to stressful situations. That is, as it is possible to define the personal stress. To understand an own stressful situation extremely important: in - the first, display of a stress at each person individually; in - the second, at a stress, as a rule, cannot be the only reason - such reasons always a set; in - the third, you will be able to find the way out which is most acceptable for itself of the created situation. The most repaid method of an autoanaliz of a personal stress is the diary of stresses. A method this simple, however, demands patience. Within several weeks - whenever possible daily - it is necessary to do simple marks when and under what circumstances symptoms of a stress were found in the diary. It is better to write down the supervision and feelings in the evening after work or before going to bed when it is easier to remember the smallest details and details. If at the end of the day of marks it is forgotten not to make, then next day, in everyday interests and vanity when and that occurred. The analysis of diary entries will help you simply and to quickly define what events or life situations promote developing of a stress. Regularly repeating situations described in the diary can also be the cause of developing of a stress. It is useful to write down the feelings at once at approach of acute stress that then in a quiet and balanced state to analyse them. If we thumb through own records and we will try to systematize them, then we will find out that some main symptoms of a stress repeat. Irritability, impossibility to concentrate, forgetfulness, frequent sighs, feeling of the goosebumps running on a body, muscular tension, “not calming down legs“ (it is not sat in place), feeling of internal weight, dryness in a mouth, an uneasy dream, fast fatigue, inexplicable sensation of fear, bad mood, a condition of a depression, frequent headaches (especially in occipital part), joint pains, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, an overeating, locks, the speeded-up heartbeat. Having analysed records, it is possible to define in what time of day most often there comes the indisposition, there is it at work or upon return home. By means of maintaining the diary of stresses it is possible to find out for himself what disturbs us in life and that causes our personal stress.

We told that stresses should be avoided or suppressed. But what to do if it was not succeeded to avoid or suppress a stress? How to cope with a stress? What can be opposed to a stress?

At the mental level - now there are psychotherapeutic techniques allowing to remove the negative information leading to diseases from subconsciousness. Besides, the qualified psychotherapists help the person to create the positive attitude towards surrounding reality, to create a positive stereotype of thinking, learn how further to avoid distressful reactions.

At the physical level - we will address active ways of increase of the general stability of a human body. They can try to be divided into three groups: The first group - includes the ways using physical factors of influence is a physical culture, an organism hardening, jogging etc. The second group - autogenic training, psychotherapy, hypnosis. The third group of ways of increase of the general stability of an organism is connected with biologically active agents. To cope with a stress, it is important to set to himself the accurate tasks and to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to refuse unhealthy habits, it is correct to be treated, use alternative methods of treatment, natural medicines. People react to problem situations differently. Some are capable to resist to a stress and easily solve problems, others, facing troubles, retire into oneself and become confused. Some feel absolutely defenseless at the alarm moments. The brain constantly looks for ways of an exit from an adverse situation taking into account the changing habits of the person.
Is several types of a stress. All of them deserve attention. In certain cases the stress is hardly notable, in others the urgent help is required. Distinguish three main types of a sress: a stress of circumstances, the raised stress, a chronic stress. Stress of circumstances. This type of a stress periodically endures each of us - for example, during an intense situation at work, examinations. We only benefit from such stresses as they load us with energy and inspire that helps us to develop and work. In most cases such stress can be controlled. If you keep regular life, then during such stress can not be afraid for the health. The raised stress. We suffer from such stress. It is important to limit negative external impact not to do much harm to our physical and mental health. Natural remedies are especially useful to removal or prevention of such stress. However you remember that natural means are effective only in a combination to a healthy lifestyle. Chronic stress. The conflicts, family problems, excessive tasks at work, can lead problems with children and/or difficult vital conditions to a chronic stress. Similar troubles put at risk your physical and mental health. If you suffer from such stress, and you decided to address the modern expert, I think to you it is necessary to know what means these experts can advise and register. These are antistressorny (reducing the level of a psychoemotional pressure) means. They have the calming effect on nervous system and mentality of the person therefore can be used both for removal of emotional problems, and for improvement of a state at some vegetative violations (for example, for improvement of warm activity). They can be divided into six main groups:

1. Phytogenesis sedatives.

The valerian - reduces excitability of nervous system, gives sedative effect, has spazmolitichesky effect concerning smooth muscles of internals. It can be combined with some other sedative preparations. Generally use rhizomes and roots of a plant - both in the form of spirit tincture, and in a dried look. The grass of a pustyrnik - has the braking, calming effect on nervous system. It is applied at nervous excitability, neurosises, at early stages of a hypertensive illness. Is issued in the form of infusion, extract, tincture. A peony tincture - weak natural sleeping pill. Use 10% tincture of a grass and roots “The peony evading“ for 40% alcohol. Has the calming effect, however, reduces indicators of attention and a tone of nervous system. A melissa medicinal - one of a kind of mint. Has very weak calming effect. Advantage - does not exert impact on wakefulness level. A shortcoming - very weak antistressorny action. A marjoram - flowers and a grass of a marjoram possess to the small calming effects. It is forbidden pregnant women as possesses abortive action!

2. Amino acids - the nootropa improving a brain metabolism.

Glycine - the natural amino acid possessing ability somewhat to reduce a psychoemotional pressure due to improvement of a metabolism of a brain. At long use (within a month 3 times a day on 1 - 2 tablets), protects nervous system from heavy long stresses. Unlike some other sedatives, does not reduce the level of informative processes (does not dull, and, on the contrary, improves memory, focuses attention). Glycine in tablets or in the form of powder after crushing of a tablet should be put under language. GAMK - scale - aminooleic acid. In a human body carries out a role of the brake mediator limiting processes of excitement in the central nervous system. Many nootropa are derivative GAMK. Such preparations as piracetam concern to them, nootropit, aminol, etc. Nootropic preparations from a stress have the following effect on an organism: support at the high level power and plastic processes in the central nervous system; keep attention and cognitive functions of a brain; have the normalizing effect on an organism at long stresses and post-traumatic states.

3. Adaptogens and immunomodulators.

The list of drugs which use at a stress can include the all-strengthening means and immunomodulators: extract of an eleuterokokk (Extractum Eleutherococci), tincture of a magnolia vine (Tinctura fructuum Schizandrae), tincture of a ginseng (Tinctura Ginseng). Drugs from this list activate protective forces of an organism, allow it to adapt to a stressful situation quicker. However, the majority of substances of this list increase arterial pressure and hypertensive persons of medicine from this list need to take with caution. Examples of adaptogens: Adaptovit - the immunostimulating and adaptogenny preparation of new generation, an intermediate form between homeopathic and traditional medicines. Contains water extracts of a maralyevy root, ginseng, a magnolia vine Chinese, araliya Manchurian, an eleuterakoka, a gold root. It is applied in the second and third phase of a stress to a raising of a tone of an organism and increase of its resistance to diseases.

4. Vitamins.

The list of drugs which use at frequent stresses have to include surely polyvitaminic complexes. The special attention should be paid to vitamins of group B - B1 (tiamin), B2 (Riboflavinum), B3 (nicotinic acid or RR vitamin), B6 (a pyridoxine, piridoksal), B12 (cyanocobalamine). Tiamin (B1 vitamin) even call “optimism vitamin“ as this substance reduces fatigue, and defuses irritability and tensions. At a stress these vitamins are spent very quickly therefore many people living in the city suffers a shortage of vitamins of group B which contain in in covers of cereals and crude vegetables and easily collapse when heating. Also, at a stress, it is necessary to increase in a diet share of food, vitamin-rich With and E. These substances are necessary for development of energy in cages which during a stress is spent much. However, be careful with vitamins D and And which can cause gipervitaminoz - the illness caused by excessive amount of vitamins! As these vitamins are a part of many vitamin complexes, they cannot be drunk irregularly and in large numbers - accept them courses, several times in a year.

5. Inorganic substances.

The most often used sedatives of an inorganic origin: bromides, magnesium salts, lithium preparations. Separately bromides are applied at neurotic states, neurosises followed by weakening of brake processes in a cerebral cortex. They possess the calming action. These preparations are appointed strictly individually after obligatory consultation with the expert since the type of nervous system of the patient is of great importance. Long purpose of bromides is not recommended from - for opportunities of development of complications (memory easing, the general block, emergence of skin rash etc.) . Salts of lithium is special group of preparations which is applied generally to the prevention of development of manias and depressions at some types of psychoses, and also to treatment of manias. Important at a stress to provide also receipt in an organism of mineral substances - potassium, calcium and magnesium. Drugs from this list at a stress are vital as stressful situations cause increase in development of glucocorticoids (protivostressorny hormones of bark of adrenal glands). Side effect of these substances - removal from an organism of mineral salts. Salts of magnesium have sedative effect. To this preparation sulfate which has the calming effect on the central nervous system belongs Magnesium, and also gives anticonvulsive and spazmolitichesky effects. It is applied on doctor`s orders.

6. Anksiolitiki and antidepressants.

The disturbing state accompanies experience of the emotional discomfort connected with trouble expectation, a presentiment of imminent danger. The main component of alarm - subjective experience. At the expressed uneasiness accompanied with sleeplessness or difficulties in performance of daily duties antidisturbing preparations (anksiolitik) can be required. However, it is desirable to apply them only after consultation with the attending physician. Anksiolitiki (tranquilizers) - medicines which possess ability to eliminate a condition of concern, alarm, a psychoemotional pressure. Have sedative effect, functions of the central nervous system and mental activity oppress. Usually they have no somnolent effect, but change structure of a dream. At excess of a certain dose cause exhaustion and tendency to a dream. Antidepressants. The depressive syndrome which is a frequent consequence of a heavy, long stress includes three symptoms (“a depressive triad“) the - the suppressed, sad mood; motive block; slowness of processes of thinking. Besides, the depression is followed by an agedoniya (loss of interest in all usual occupations), disorder of appetite, loss of weight, lack of a libido, frustration of a dream, an adynamy (powerlessness), ideas of self-accusation, suicidal thoughts. Antidepressants call the means improving mood. They exert positive impact on the affective sphere of the patient with a depression that is followed by improvement of mood and the general mental state. The effect is reached not at once - only through one - three weeks after the beginning of reception of a preparation. Some antidepressants contain amino acid tryptophane which lack in food in experimental conditions leads to a depression.

I want to notice that the transferred funds will not solve the existing problems and will not help to avoid new, they are urged to alleviate suffering only. To resist to sufferings in life it is necessary to understand their reasons. The main drama of human life consists that except all of the famous and clear laws of the physical world, there are laws of spirit, unclear and known only the little, and, along with that, a free will of the person: to execute them or not to execute. The will of the person which is not conformed with laws of spirit and directed by egoistical motives of the lowest nature only for satisfaction of its needs expresses the motives and desires in these or those forms, in these or those acts. But while these forms and these acts break laws of spirit, they are in advance doomed: forms - on destruction, and acts - on causing to it sufferings. Thus, ignorance of laws of spirit on this part of a way of evolution of the person is for it the reason and a source of constant sufferings. And until he does not know these laws and will violate them, - he will suffer; the law will direct it, and he will be a slave to this law. Such thing as injustice, in the universe does not exist! The fact that it seems to us injustice is result of our misunderstanding and our mistakes. The person the limited mind is not able to comprehend all depth and wisdom of spiritual laws of the universe. All spiritual laws are intended for the benefit of the person, but this benefit is not the benefit of a present situation, but, perhaps, very long-term future. The suffering will follow each mistake of the person steadily until he does not understand that it is impossible to break spiritual laws until he understands that to truth only one way conducts. That set of ways which people think to reach truth, no more as a set of mirages which all are unreal and all terminate for the person in suffering. The suffering is the chief teacher of the person. The person only taught by suffering finds that only way which leads it to truth. All spiritual laws are intended for the benefit of the person, and, having passed school of life, the person is really capable to find the eternal benefit which will eclipse itself all ideas of those imaginary benefits what the person could imagine at present.

In the universe there is an immemorial fight of forces Sveta with powers of Darkness, fight of the shown World against not shown Chaos which Sveta seeks to absorb and destroy all achievements. All Great Teachers of mankind knew about it and in this or that form reported to people about need of fight against Darkness, but none of Them never learned that he has to answer the evil of people with the evil. If to become on the similar point of view and to begin to put it into practice, then the evil would flood the world, the Chaos would set in, and the world would die. The world exists good and keeps the truth, but not the evil, and the evil can be overcome exclusively kind, but not the evil. The person who pays for the evil in the evil promotes Chaos and cooperates with Darkness. Thus, the evil arises where the good is unstable where representatives Sveta is weaker than representatives of darkness, but where conditions are opposite, there the evil does not have the place. Therefore all efforts of the conscious mankind ranking itself as an assembly of forces Sveta have to be directed to creation of conditions, adverse for emergence of the evil, such conditions under which the evil becomes powerless and disappears at approach of good the same as the darkness at approach disappears Sveta. Nevertheless, both of them: and angrily, and good - parts of a single whole, and both serve for the good the person. The good helps the person with correctly chosen course of life, the evil acts as the police officer punishing for a deviation from it, inflicting suffering, forcing the person to pass school of education. A question of education one of the most important questions of human existence as has a direct and direct connection with evolution of mankind. Aiming to promote identification of an internal essence of the person and formation of its character, education creates the person. Therefore a lot of things depend on the correct statement of this question, the destiny, both the certain person, and all mankind depends. To it, in view of its undoubted relevancy, enough attention from mankind of all steps of development was always paid and paid to a question: from savages lacking culture who put in this business something available to their understanding too, to more perfect cultural people among which this question is raised with the bigger or smaller width and completeness. Any people and any state are always anxious with that in the person of the children to prepare to itself in a vital field of deputies who could continue the affairs begun by their fathers. But it is already separate subject.

So, moving on the correct way or going way of mistakes and experiences, it is conscious or not, quickly or slowly, the mankind moves to perfection. And the most powerful factor of improvement of mankind is beauty. If the love is that mighty engine by means of which life in the universe develops, then beauty is that purpose to which the developing life aspires. Though most of people considers as an ultimate goal of development of life approach to the Prime cause or to The one Whom people call God, but aspiration of everything living to improvement, that is to replacement of imperfect and primitive life forms on difficult and perfect, there is, in effect, an aspiration to beauty. The universe develops beauty, and improvement of life the ultimate goal has beauty. Perfection out of beauty cannot be. Achievement of bigger or smaller perfection is achievement of bigger or smaller beauty. Total perfection is absolute beauty, there is a Primary source of the universe, and the aspiration to improvement and beauty is aspiration to the Primary source of life! Beauty is not abstract concept, but it exists as the independent phenomenon, as mighty self-sufficing force which works improving, in an ennobling and pacifying way on everything living. Beauty wins all hearts. To in total it it is subject, before it everything incline, even the most proud. Beauty causes in everyone, even the most rough person high emotions and light rushes. Before the phenomenon of true beauty all hangs rough, trite and low. At least for the shortest instant, but the soul aspires up, to the best, to fine. Contemplation of true beauty uplifts the person to the Highest Spheres, brings closer it to Truth and gives it knowledge of the purposes and problems of the universe.
Love, this major factor of life and development of life, is caused mainly by beauty because love as the independent phenomenon, without the reason of its defiant, does not exist. The love and beauty are inseparably linked between themselves, and beauty is the reason of emergence and emergence of love. In order that it appeared, influence of beauty is necessary. Beauty has so powerful attractive force that it attracts and attracts to itself all. We love only what is fine. Ugly causes in us feeling of disgust and pushing away. How many we tried to fall in love with the fact that for us it is opposite or indifferent, the love will not appear. We can cause in ourselves in such cases feeling of compassion, but not love because the love is caused only by beauty, just as the desire volunteers to drink thirst. Beauty is that source which causes thirst and desire to drink that pleasure and that pleasure which it can give from this source. It is difficult for many people to understand how to perceive God if He is ubiquitous and has no body and any form. Visualization, and in a pursuit of imagination begins, people give Infinite the final forms, falling before idolatry. The simplest means to understand that God is shown in the universe as Truth, Good and Beauty. In all nature which we see around. God was shown as Beauty. And the more the science gets into nature depth, the more true it appears told. The more attentively the person gets into the nature, the before us beauty of this immanent life with all perfection and strange details of the mighty life proceeding from Supernal Loveliness begins to shine more brightly. Beauty as God, is present everywhere and at everything. Ability to find beauty everywhere and in everything, in the same way as ability to see God everywhere and in everything, depends on extent of spiritual development of the person. What more people it is spiritually developed by, especially beauty are noticed by him around itself(himself). Idea of God as about Beauty is completion of human ideas of God in general, there are a wreath and synthesis of all concepts which developed around concept of God. Really, that such good, justice and other high epithets which people call God how not manifestation of beauty? Without beauty there is no love also. Unless we could love God if He was not an embodiment of all of the highest, that is Beauty? If to imagine God not as Beauty, but as something terrible, then nobody ever could love such God. Would be afraid of it, but did not love. But the fear of God as a method of education of mankind is suitable only at initial steps of human development. The fear is slavery fetters. The fear of God leads to revolt and revolt against God, to denial of God and godlessness. Therefore in further evolution of concept of God the fear of terrible God is replaced with love to Beauty embodiment. Truly cultural and educated person to any phenomenon will find an explanation, any thing the place, in everything he will see expediency of the laws existing in the universe, regularity of causes and effects, a rhythm, harmony and beauty of boundless improvement of eternally replaced life phenomena. He will see beauty in dazzling shine of the sun and in blinking of the remote star; in fluttering of the butterfly flying from a flower on a flower and in the manure bug digging in manure; in a smile of the child and in a pathetic grimace of the poor beggar; in joyful gloss of eyes of the bride and in the going-out look of dying; in a terrible roar of a storm and in the caressing rushes of a warm breeze; in a majestic ocean wave and in silent murmur of a stream and so further, everywhere and in everything, to boundlessness. Beauty in the manifestations is boundless. It does not hold in any framework and it cannot be limited to some limits. The purpose of the universe is the boundless growth of harmony, that is beauty. The essence of beauty, thus, consists in harmony, that is in compliance of this phenomenon of life or this form of life to the laws of development and improvement of life existing in the universe. Everywhere, where there is such compliance, there is boundless growth of harmony and beauty. There is no such compliance - the disharmony breaking development of life which will be given by the same laws of development of life to destruction and destruction is gained. Observing in life that we call fine, whether it be a natural phenomenon or creation of the human genius, we always, everywhere and in everything, in each true phenomenon of beauty, see this harmony or compliance between ourselves details of the whole phenomenon of beauty with the environment surrounding it and conditions which caused it. True beauty is full compliance and full harmony of everything that makes object of beauty, with everything that surrounds it.

Thus, the correct understanding of true beauty is in direct compliance with our development. The narrow person with a limited intellectual and spiritual outlook will be limited also in understanding of beauty. Many beauty will pass by his look unnoticed because it can notice only such beauty which holds in his consciousness. To see beauty which as God is present everywhere and at everything light because in the dark we can see nothing is necessary, but this light has to be in ourselves. Development of ability to see beauty - is a necessary condition of evolution. All diverse and for human consciousness difficult imaginable beauty of the highest worlds for the person who did not light in himself the own lamp will turn into awful grimaces. He will see all in the distorted and perverted look and therefore behaves respectively. The darkness of his consciousness will not allow it to see what will be seen by the person who lit in himself fire of the highest knowledge, fire of the heart. Therefore, he needs to fall in love with beauty, to develop in itself observation and correct, without prejudices, an assessment of each phenomenon and each thing, it is necessary to develop in itself experience in understanding of fine. Beneficial influence of beauty on moral development of the person is noticed and realized by the best minds of mankind for a long time. “The road to the world of moral goes through the world of fine. Where appears fine, the hardened hearts are softened there and the soul opens for the best feelings. Where defects and fight, from there fine leaves and there roughness and debauchery set in. The person can never reach a moral ideal if it is not capable to like concept of fine. Therefore fine was realized into a sign of moral. But moral it is impossible to mix with what is called morals. And while truly moral is at the same time and truly fine because fine cannot be immoral, the morals not only do not need beauty, but consider it as the excess phenomenon, unnecessary, sometimes even harmful and sinful. Fine changes the person, ennobles and sublimates it, but the morals can change nothing, it establishes denials, bans and restrictions. The requirement to surround itself with beauty is the introduction on the way of spiritual improvement.

Being the finest work of the Creator, people as reflection of the Universe, maybe, in effect, has to create and extend around itself beauty in all manifestations of the life because, only going way of beauty, it is possible to reach tops Sveta. But as people do not want to understand that the taking place events are result of approach of space terms when what is intended by the plan of evolution has to be made, and persistently defend old life forms, is clear that situation from it does not improve, but every day worsens because to change intended out of the power of the person. But where fight, is not present beauty there. Beauty in friendly cooperation of people between, but not in animal fight for material existence. Where fight, appears hostility, animosity, envy and other lowest and negative sides of human essence there. Where fight, from there fine leaves. Observing modern life, we see that fine it is almost expelled from use of life of the modern person. Occupied with fight for the material existence, he departed from beauty, ceased to understand it, ceased to feel need for it. From a disgrace of modern living conditions, from degradation of morals and further running wild of mankind, only beauty can rescue people from animal fight for existence. Therefore it is necessary to look for beauty always, everywhere and in everything and, having found, to store and preserve this delicate flower against a touch to it all low, rough and trite. It is necessary to develop and raise in itself beauty, consciously preserving the inner world against penetration into it of all ugly, negative and corrupting. It is necessary to fight with himself and against the lowest nature because it is the only sort of fight which brings good results and to listen to a voice the highest I which directs us to a way of improvement. Loving beauty, we love God because God is the Highest Beauty which is present everywhere and at everything, it is only necessary to be able to find it. Today many religious people speculate with the participation in Truth and God, preaching intolerance and hatred to others, not going their way, not similar to them. Know that these people, very much widly of the mark and from God, and them carry out also religious manuals - lie and impudent deception. The highest happiness of consciousness of Truth, the highest happiness of merge good luck consists in love and beauty. The love and beauty are two sidewalls, two parties of a ladder on which the person ascends up and which step he builds. If people gave to thoughts about fine at least the tenth share of that mental force which they spend for negative thinking, then we would have long ago nothing negative because the positive thought is stronger than negative. If people, having agreed, all at the same time began to think about fine, they would create so great force which would move heaven and earth and would create such beauty what it is even difficult to imagine. But what can make hundred people thinking of beauty if millions think of a disgrace? The disgrace it also remains. So it is not necessary to be surprised why people suffer why the states why the people suffer suffer.

That there is a suffering, everyone because there are on our planet no beings who, living, would not suffer from anguish in this or that form knows. Everyone who lives - suffers. There is no exception in this regard for anybody; a difference only in a size and a form of suffering. Through suffering of the mother of people receives the beginning of the physical life. Development of its terrestrial existence is followed by various sufferings, and the person finishes with invariable sufferings the stay on the earth. According to dual human nature, consisting of spirit and matter, and sufferings at it happen a double sort: sufferings physical and sufferings spiritual. Needless to say that the person spiritually undeveloped will suffer from anguish mainly physical, sufferings of the body because when the person suffers from anguish spiritual, or, as usual say when he tests torments and ugryzeniye of the conscience, it is an indicator of the wakened consciousness, an indicator of growth of human spirit. In duality of human nature there is the main reason of human sufferings. Aspirations and desires of our spirit - our the highest I - are opposite to aspirations and desires of material human nature, our the lowest “I“. Eternal fight between the divine principle which pushes us up, to improvement, and the lowest beginning which attracts and pulls us down, in a chasm, - a root of all our sufferings. If in that dissonance in which there are among themselves the highest eternally and the lowest began, wins against the highest which finds pleasure in an otdavaniye of and the neighbor, all the for the benefit, - the person tests pleasure; if wins against the lowest which seeks to take, take control and hold taken only in own favor, the person will suffer steadily from anguish. With the end of fight between two of these beginnings also the suffering of the person will terminate. When both beginnings of the person work in one direction and between them there will come full harmony, and will not be more in their aspirations of dissonance, then human sufferings will stop. But to reach harmonious cooperation of the beginnings - a task hard and demands long and persistent aspiration to improvement. People entered themselves into a suffering circle. And until the evil is valid over the person, there cannot be a speech about reduction of human sufferings. Any suffering as great, and the smallest, is our own generation. Each drop it is result of our own acts, desires and thoughts in the past. Therefore we have no right to look at the sufferings endured by us as on punishment, as to the act of vindictiveness from God. God does not punish. Ourselves punish ourselves. Therefore, the suffering has educational value for the person. It is our teacher who seeks for achievement of the final purpose: to submission our the lowest “I“ - to the highest, disclosure of divinity in us. And so far these objectives are not achieved until the person is in the blissful dark of the laws which are rather existing in the universe until he learns to distinguish real from unreal until he prefers desires of the lowest nature and command of the body to command of the spirit, until then the suffering from life in life will follow steadily it the same as its shadow follows about it.

Except the ignorance leading to violation of laws of the nature, other reason generating suffering are human desires. The person is full of various desires, and the most part of his desires is directed to acquisition of various worldly goods. The modern person of materialistic outlook directs all the efforts to acquisition of different types of property which from the point of view of the supreme laws of life are not valuable, unreal, is passing and are illusory. Such desires are insatiable, it is difficult for them to put a limit. To the person not only that he has, and he always wants even more. All this ties the person to the earth and all terrestrial, does not let out it from a wheel of births and death and expands a circle of his sufferings more and more. As our terrestrial existence makes a small share of our stay in an inner world, is clear that only the spiritual benefits make true value, but not material. The possession of the whole world does not give to the person of absolutely nothing in that world which is for us both our homeland, and our permanent residence whereas any terrestrial existence is only a small episode from our general existence. It is given us not for acquisition of the material property creating to us a continuous chain of sufferings, but for development of our consciousness, for acquisition of eternal, integral property which teaches the person to distinguish real from unreal and can make of it, the scanty owner of material values, the lord creating the worlds and ruling forces of nature. If to exclude those sufferings which we receive operation of the law of causes and effects, as result of our evil acts in the past then a new series of sufferings generated in each life are result of forgetfulness of the person about the divine origin. Stay in matter has big attractive force. Mortal life has many attractive parties. She creates illusion of value of worldly goods and the firm durability of all bases of terrestrial existence. Thus, appeal of our mortal life, immersion in illusion of worldly goods, on the one hand, and oblivion of the eternal heavenly homeland and the divine origin - with another, do what from the first steps of the conscious terrestrial existence of people departs from what is real and eternal, and goes deep into what is passing and unreal. Thereof there is a need for some factor which would correct human errors, would awake it consciousness, would direct it from a false way to true. Such correcting factor is the suffering.

Development of life in the universe demands harmony compliance with laws. Balance of the world and consequently, and its existence, is reached by exact performance by Forces Sveta of this great law. Any disharmony brought in the Universe by a harmful act, the evil word, low desire and nasty thought for which the known amount of energy is spent will be transformed in the general life of the universe to the same quantity of the adverse effect directed to other person owing to what balance of the World in relation to this another is broken and has to be restored at the expense of done harm suffering of the last. The suffering brings to the person experience of life. Any knowledge of any fact of life is reached by the most part from experience of suffering. When the child burns a hand, having touched fire, only thanks to the anguish suffered at the same time he learns inadmissibility of such action and when the person from life in life suffers from a number of various anguish, eventually, it forces it to pay attention to the reason of these sufferings and to take some measures to their elimination. Thus, the suffering forces to learn life lessons, it gives wisdom. Everyone who will allow itself work to track the life will see that it made the most important lessons of life and the most considerable decisions under the influence of suffering. Therefore, the suffering is the incentive motivating the person to act. But the suffering has also other purpose. It clears, improves and ennobles the person. Under the influence of suffering we seek to be exempted from what causes suffering, from our shortcomings and defects. The suffering softens rough temper of the person and smoothes sharp lines of his character. The person who was ever suffering is capable to understand suffering of other person. When nothing else is capable to cause a response to suffering of other person in heart of the person, only that own suffering develops in is mute compassion and gives the only way to release from all of the lowest, for the sake of achievement of the highest. Everything have to pass through a cleaning way of suffering, the evolutions which are subject to operation of laws, and are not present any human being which reached the highest steps of development which would not take place in the fiery way of suffering. Therefore we will bless all those sufferings which are not a brake or a stumbling block in our procession along a way of evolution forward, but a fine ladder of ascension which do of a rough animal - the person, and from a simple stone - the diamond shining all fires of gloss.

Big danger to become obsessed threatens the person to irritable, subject fits of anger. Anger in general very dangerous phenomenon. Its danger not only in what in anger of people, without being self-controlled, tells unintelligible and tough words and makes irreparable acts and even crimes, not only that the person spoils the relations with neighbors, but mainly in what during anger in the person burns out all stock of its mental energy. Mental energy is deposited in a human body by grains and collects slowly, but any fit of anger - and all saved-up stock is destroyed instantly. Then the person - that the burned-out lamp. It is defenseless before attack of dark. Here to you both stresses and failures. But it does not settle heavy consequences of irritability and anger. Irritability and frequent fits of anger deposit special poison on walls of nervous channels. Thus, absence in an organism, thanks to irritability, protective force - mental energy - and adjournment in nervous channels of poison is led to destruction of nervous substance that, in turn, conducts to many nervous diseases and even to such scourge of mankind as cancer. But there is more to come. Being deposited in substance of nerves, poison poisons not only a physical body, but also spiritual.

Who wants to avoid stresses and to join the highest power who wants that kind time came rather, has to take care of improvement and increase of the consciousness first of all. The highest power is reached and the superior quality of mental energy is developed not by mechanical receptions, but spiritual aspiration. It is necessary to direct to the Highest open soul and pure in heart. Persistent, not slomimy aspiration to the High Society and the highest knowledge, honoring of God and a continuous spiritual bond with It, aspiration to fine, love and compassion to everything living, conscious work for the public good - here ways of improvement of the consciousness and means of mastering the highest spiritual power. The person addresses God because he knows and if he does not know, then unconsciously he feels belonging to eternity. In a prayer it is expressed and the prayer keeps its contact with eternity, with boundlessness, the Highest Worlds and the Highest Forces. Really, than by another communication with eternity and a unification and communication with the Highest how not a constant prayer, a constant reminder on to IT and about the communication with IT can be reached? Need of a unification and merge with the Highest by means of a prayer is put in the human nature, but is expressed variously, depending on spiritual development of the person. But, as well as the primitive person worshipping fetishes and forces of nature, modern spiritually developed the person will obey the same impulse - command of the spirit, but it does the first unconsciously, instinctively, out of fear of ITS greatness, the second - is conscious, testing the greatest pleasure from communication and a unification with God. The aspiration of human spirit to a unification and merge to all the Highest is observed always, at all times, at all people, at all steps of development. The comer for mortal life from the Highest Worlds, spirit human knows the homeland, grieves for it, knows the origin from Pervoistthe resident student of life also seeks to return to Him. From here constant and ineradicable requirement of spirit human though sometimes though for a short time to return on the homeland - to the Highest World - and in a prayer to merge with the Primary source of all real to derive strength, necessary for further life. Such communication with the Highest Forces and the Highest Worlds of our spirit is food, necessary for its development and life, also for it necessary as the physical body requires physical food. The spirit which is not receiving such food fades, just as the body fades, without receiving food corporal. Thus, the person feels need for a prayer, that is for communication with the Highest Forces, at the beginning of the evolutionary way when it costs close to the nature and childly trusts everything that say to it when corrupt influences of doubts and denials did not concern his consciousness yet and it unconsciously follows commands of the spirit. His employee and the associate in a prayful feat is the person approaching the beginning of the bogochelovechesky way. Then the person knows about the divine origin, knows about reality and beauty of life of posthumous existence and consciously keeps in the contact with the Highest Inner World and communication good luck by means of a prayer. The prayer - big force, it can a lot of things. In order that the prayer carried out the appointment - to keep in contact with the Highest Forces, - it has to be a constant. A constant prayer, both verbal, and mental as in general any word and any thought, creates in spirituality continuous vibration which, depending on the words or thoughts enclosed in a prayer, creates a fancy - the living being inspired with that idea which is concluded in words or thoughts of a prayer. This living being goes to those Forces and to those spheres where They are, and appears at Them as a live image of that state in which there is an applicant. What human prayer, such is and the fancy created by it. Both the applicant, and his prayer is determined by this fancy, and also as far as it deserves execution.

So. The condition of a stress at the person is also old, as well as the person. All are subject to a stress - from the newborn to the ailing old man. Activity - here the only opportunity to finish a stress: it you will not overstay and you do not perelezhit. Continuous focusing on light aspects of life and on actions which can improve situation not only keeps health, but also promotes success. Nothing discourages more, than failure, encourages nothing more, than success. It is possible to cope with a stress, only the desire is necessary. And what, happens so what there is no desire, - you ask? Yes happens. It is pleasant to some people to realize, the fact that they have a stress, telling and “complaining“ everything, about in what they a deep stress, looking for in it sympathy and understanding. Dear friends! Smile! Straighten shoulders! Inhale a full breast! Play sports, art! Learn to think positively! Look for in all beauty and harmony! If you love people, then help it! Lead full life! And then even the sea to you will be knee-deep, even mountains - on a shoulder. And any stress from big trouble will turn into cheerful history which in the future you will remember with a smile.