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Survival (Part 5. Relationship. Immersion)

Survival (Part 5. Relationship. Immersion) Let`s dig

even more deeply and we will talk about the physical embodiment of a vital form in human shape … Space - time, that is the world of physical matter, and, and in particular, human existence on Earth represent quite interesting anomaly. It possesses certain features, unique from the point of view of development of reason and consciousness. Thus, human life has many attractive parties. Somewhat, she reminds visit of the huge amusement park filled with the most various attractions, playgrounds where standard (unearthly) rules for a while lose force. Many plunge into human existence, they see in it a fine opportunity to much to learn, to gather merits, to reach heights on the way to perfection, that is to rise by other spiritual step. Characteristics of human existence at various stages of evolution provide them rich opportunities in practice. Restrictions which are connected with the physical embodiment in human shape lead to increase of concentration of the certain forms of spiritual energy available only in this state. Thus, human existence becomes the only way to receive them. In fact, the embodiment and life of a spiritual form in a material body - are the most real school. When you meet “graduate“, all your thoughts are reduced to desire to become same. And it is possible. Thus, we “are embodied“ for the sake of it is for the sake of the accelerated process of training at school of very unusual type. It means that the basis of this training consists in merge of two various types of power modulations. It is possible to call one man`s, and another female. For literal “imposing“ of coherence, merge and mutual understanding between these two systems of consciousness motives, requirements, the cultural environment and any other factors can be used.

Immersion conditions in physical life in human shape are rather strict, they something remind very detailed legal agreement. First of all, the spiritual form has to reconcile with the fact that the space and time really exist. Without such consent it is impossible to receive primary human consciousness. The form should take for granted the fact that there are time and its calculation. Besides, she has to agree that mother Earth really exists and looks exactly as it is perceived by the person. At last, she is obliged to reconcile to the fact that the consciousness concluded in a human body possesses special characteristics and restrictions. Deleting or, more precisely, zabyvaniye of all previous experiences becomes an integral part of the agreement. This requirement guarantees that human existence of this spiritual form will be subject only to the minimum influence of last way of life, both in the physical worlds, and in other realities. It should be noted that such requirement is connected with the level of conscious perception, it does not mean elimination of essence “the spiritual form signing the agreement“. Former experiences remain in a new, human spiritual form at the unconscious level. It is extremely important as main objectives and the previous experiences can quite be the fundamental incentive force which pushed an initial spiritual form to human school. After the decision is made and the agreement “is signed“, for a spiritual form “entry point“, favorable, suitable to its purposes and tasks, that is circumstances of the birth is selected. At the same time environment factors, public, political and economic conditions which can promote the purpose of its immersion are considered. Other cases are connected with such quantity of unpredictable factors that the most fascinating test is reduced overcoming adverse external conditions or to change them the thoughts and actions. Some spiritual forms are keen on such “adventures“ though they do not cause interest in others.

Thus, the most part of an initial stage of human existence is connected with conscious, and painful attempts to seize the new body. Not smaller amazement causes in the newborn and absolutely unfamiliar need for food as in former living conditions completion of energy was absolutely automatic process. Let`s add to it a continuous avalanche of the powerful and chaotic signals coming from earlier unknown five sense organs - now it becomes clear, his first experience is how painful for the newborn. Such beginning becomes primary rule of training which proceeds throughout all human life. Its essence - understanding increase. Sufferings and pleasures on which inform five physical sense organs draw attention to the event which caused them. The memorable lesson is learned from the received experiences. If it is connected with an emotional response, then is remembered even better. Extreme experiences significantly accelerate training process. Speaking to simple words, learning ability (memory, a recall) directly depends on experience depth. It means that lack of bright experiences and the weakened attention fairly reduce effectiveness of training. At “elementary school“ those data on which physical life of each person is based are studied. The subsequent programs of training affect thinking and acts, but the fundamental principles of existence lean on objects of “elementary school“. Other type of training, “high school“ with which human existence is connected belongs to what occurs beyond the scope of consciousness. It data which are taken by five sense organs irrespective of concentration of attention. Such training constantly proceeds at usual wakefulness, and the saved-up data remain up to the slightest details. As the attention does not participate in this process, the realizing reason most often is able to remember no more fifth part of similar data, but they make that boundless layer of memory which it is unexpected and without conscious efforts rises by a surface at an urgent need. We almost do not realize these memoirs, however, they make powerful impact on our thoughts, decisions and acts.
the Third form of education is connected with periodic unconsciousnesses - a dream. In reality we can remember only small part of this activity though it is closely bound with ordinary life and is important part of system of experiences and memories on which existence in a material world is based. The representations imposed by culture forced us not to pay special attention even to those events in dreams which we remember; people extremely seldom recognize influence of dreams on their acts and experiences in a condition of wakefulness. However at a look from the outside automatic application of dreams in the course of training becomes rather obvious.

The main form of education developed by various cultures throughout all human history is well-known and remains quite standard, - but absolutely unnatural. In most cases traditional education completely ignores internal experiences and pays the main attention only to primary and secondary training. As a result it imposes an artificial form of diligence and discipline which is not connected with means of increase of understanding at all and, in general, is simply inaccessible for usual human consciousness. On occupations (in particular, when performing of the monotonous, repeating exercises) the attention of pupils wanders and distracts that usually interferes even with automatic, natural process to training. Whatever primitive it seemed, such education is highly appreciated in human society though it is connected only with accumulation of knowledge, strengthening of the power over physical matter and practical application of its various forms, including the corresponding kinds of energy. The most depressing fact is that the dominating far-fetched and limited education system leans especially on signals of five sense organs. Such principle leads to destruction of the last remains of initial essence which remain in the identity of the person. Thus, traditional education at the same time is both a root of a problem, and the major test for an incarnate spiritual form. Having appeared in the conditions of human existence, it practically does not face anything it that could reject her thoughts from direct enthusiasm for physical matter and space - time. Unfortunately, such form of education is preached also by those organizations which extend other systems of attitude. In the past and the present the persons who kept understanding of the initial essence and within human existence met, but during the retelling and transfer of this knowledge to a form verbal, clear to the person, and also owing to inevitable loss of the facts at repeated statements only remains of data on the correct process of training remained. Unfortunately, the remained fragments can tell only about consequences, but not the reasons, and only in the most exceptional cases bring clear understanding of initial thought.

Thus, for the term of the human life the spiritual form selects and accumulates a set of the unforeseen and disorder impressions. Emotional experiences become the most powerful of them; they are distortions as are connected only with reality of space and time. These feelings have such force and appeal that it is simply impossible to endure all their variety throughout the only human life. Impulsive thirst for the repeated embodiment which would allow to finish begun, to achieve the objective “out of time“, to pay off with imagined “debts“ becomes result... Having often forgotten about the true appointment, and the obligations given to its embodiment, the spiritual form is fond of material values and pleasures of this world, and violates the contract. The compulsory measure to the repeated embodiment becomes result. This list can be continued indefinitely.

It is similar to animals, plants and other representatives of organic life, the physical person since the birth bears in himself a powerful instinct - will to development and life, desire to survive. This instinct is expressed in two main manifestations: protection of a material body and care of it. The first requirement is search and absorption of water and food. It is followed by need to surround a body with heat or a cool, and after - requirement to save a body from predators - in the broadest sense, from other people and carnivores to insects and the smallest viruses. When several such requirements enter open collision and try to find out what of them is more important, there is a classical dilemma “to fight or run away“. However, in the listed facts no contradiction is visible. In what, actually, a problem? All normal people spend the most part of the periods of wakefulness for satisfaction of these needs for this or that form. There is no other choice just. If you do not doubt that such requirements will be satisfied and tomorrow, and next week, and throughout all life, then you are at the top of a pyramid of mankind and are among the elite making only one million share of the population of Earth. There is nothing new and in amazing distortions to which such fundamental requirements underwent. Stocks of food and other objects (only if in the future there will come hard times), an infinite variety of the products intended not so much for food, how many for pleasure by taste and esthetic pleasure, special methods of preparation and laying of dishes... Such perverted forms of “food“ as alcohol, drugs, tobacco... and subsequent return to products, useful to health. The clothes which not just keep heat but also are beautifully sewed, painted in the favourite color and are nice on the touch, clothes for all occasions - and, certainly, being in the changeable fashion. A roof over the head which ceased to resemble a modest hut among hills long ago: the big houses built in the successful place, equipped with often replaced latest furniture, conveniences, jewelry - and all this, first of all, to please to individual tastes and commands of fashion, and only partly - to requirements of comfort and the exaggerated “needs“. Many innovations brought the person to such state when it is already not so easy for it to die. The most difficult and madly expensive equipment for maintenance of life in modern clinics can be an example. The main thing that the body continued to live, the rest is not important. Similar excesses and complications are proved and come true the uncountable reasons, but not so many of them are capable to sustain criticism and the careful analysis of their need. Circumstances are complicated by rivalry in accumulation and distribution of various objects which reflects the natural physical law of supply and demand in all completeness. To save the saved-up “riches“ urged to serve a material body (who we consider as ourselves), it is necessary to raise numerous additional resources: locks and locks, fencings around houses, doors and gate, laws and rules, drugs and the medical equipment, the weapon, police, lawyers and doctors, various panaceas, the cities and the states, banks, armies and atomic bombs. These distortions also become that glue, from - for whom heavy particles stick to a power form - and all this began in old times, in the most ancient agricultural cultures and tribes. Cruel murders for the sake of a survival were considered as the normal phenomenon. All other does not matter. And had to happen, we have “free will“.

We go further. Sexuality and reproduction - are the most powerful manifestations of an instinct of a survival, and they dominate over all others and, therefore, are exposed to the strongest distortions. The greatest among them were and remains false idea that, being the act of creation, sex automatically means creative feelings of love - eternal and divine. As a result it results in the irrational and at the same time holding-down attachments and obligations that not only incredibly distorts sense of the current physical life, but also is transferred to the subsequent in the form of illusory sense of guilt, a debt and a wide set of the corresponding unconscious memoirs, too powerful that to forget about them. Moreover, the initial aspiration to reproduction became secondary long ago in comparison with fleeting splash in sensual pleasure which brings process. If not to consider rare exceptions, it is difficult to assume that with men the situation ever was differently. Knowing about it, the women predisposed to a sensitive susceptibility exploited male weakness and for hundreds of years of cultural development reached in such manipulation of original tops. In process of accumulation of the increasing volumes of objective knowledge of the influential force of an instinct of a survival and, in particular, aspiration to reproduction, the related temptations and temptations began to be used intentionally and absolutely impudently. It led to further distortion of the powerful splash in feelings accompanying the process - whereas even easy instructions on initial mission of intimate relationship were carefully suppressed. Unimaginable scales of the power of seduction stretch from certain people and large show business to government level. Result is loud cacophony of distortions which are directed only to strengthening of desire and need for the act of reproduction, on a problem aggravation without the slightest attempts to find its acceptable solution.

Further … All that we call emotions can be considered as manifestations of a certain unknown of “an instinct of primary energy“ - that Creative Force which from the birth is inherent in each of us. There are no exceptions: the pleasure, a grief, anger, happiness, hatred, friendship, nostalgia, feeling of property, fidelity, egoism, greed, sense of guilt, fun, concern, alarm and all other belong to this Force. Let`s add this list with nonconventional emotions, such as inquisitiveness, an impressionability, belief in general equality, hope, loneliness - and, certainly, love. From such point of view of emotion are the most important reason of all thoughts and actions of the person, the fundamental inducing force. Even the most strict objectivity most often concedes to emotional rushes. If to trace a source of their emergence, then it will be found out that rationality and emotions always go side by side. If the person is generation of such Creative Force, then it is possible to call human existence emotional expression of this energy rightfully. In human history there was no uniform important event which would not submit to emotions. Shrewd politicians already thought that voters vote for candidates emotionally that even the driest facts and figures contain a certain emotional coloring. All great leaders in human history possessed undoubted emotional appeal and in it scooped the power. The motivation represents preliminary manifestation of emotionality. In recent years in practice numerous researches, authoritative books - and millions of dollars were devoted to the embodiment of this principle. Certainly, all of them owing to ignorance or simple denial diligently avoided the fundamental reason of this phenomenon. Chaotic mix of the extramental and sprayed energy which is represented by human existence resulted. Rare attempts to think and work were made, without paying attention to feelings, but they were absolutely unsuccessful. Over time it became clear that even results of strict laboratory trials depend on inadvertent, unconscious and almost inaudible influence of the experimenter. It means that exact repetition of this or that event can achieve only under identical experimental conditions, - but it is impossible too as emotional reactions and thinking of any observer and experimenter remain wandering, unstable. To be convinced of it, try to recollect one and all thoughts and feelings visiting you in the last minute - and then try to remember that you felt and what thought an hour ago of. At the individual level this statement becomes even more clear. During every instant of the existence we represent the boiling copper of emotional responses to external and internal irritants. And in a dream, and in reality we are overflowed by incessantly changing mosaic of mobile energy, numerous splashes in various amplitude and frequency. We subject each fragment of this raging soup to an assessment and judgments which rely on the saved-up experience and bear the impress of our cultural environment. When experience and education conflict, we usually prefer education - it is more expedient. Thus, we try to express in all completeness the behavior “good“, at the same time suppressing and eradicating “evil“ (usually simply we push it far away, from eyes down with). Original heritage of the vast majority of people is degree of those efforts which are aimed at management of this powerful and incredibly important energy. At best, we try to obtain only partial success as we use the wrong principles of measurement. We make decisions in a rage attack, and then we regret for them. We feed hopes, and later we are disappointed. We laugh for pleasure and when the instant of fun passes, we become despondent. We hate the person, the place or the phenomenon only because they do not correspond our idea of what they “should“ be. We believe that we “love“, - and we break to ourselves hearts when we find out that it was not the love, but a tragic mistake at all. Such list can last indefinitely, but we continue to make nonsenses because we cannot just keep and we do not know other way of life. We rush together with inflow of the feelings, we shake on its crest, we fail and we soar up up until we become cynical - diligently without noticing that the neglect also is emotional reaction. This turmoil becomes even more randomly when we suddenly understand that effective and exact decisions of the left hemisphere actually are made under the influence of the same emotional factors imperceptible and carefully disguised. This fact awakens an old syndrome “again I cannot suffer it, I cannot live without it“. It becomes clear that freedom is not so free and will in it a little as all of us are surrounded with the whole swarm of emotional hindrances.

The largest and excessive burden is that emotional freight which we rather foggy call “human person“. Possibly, in the beginning it was a tiny sprout of an instinct of a survival, but now continuously demands and greedy absorbs huge portions of emotional reactions, and also encourages searches of new feelings which remain by the nature distorted and distorting. The ego masterly uses belief that emotions are necessary for life that the feeling of conviction cannot exist without support of an ego that happiness is the satisfied personality. The ego is capable to generate hundreds of irrational emotional responses only to justify own existence, - and carefully avoids the fact that emotionality and irrationality at all not synonyms. It persistently sticks to that point of view that, there is no ego, the person would lose any identity. Well, certainly, is not mistaken in one ego: the person really is an emotional being. The question is reduced how it uses the feelings as puts them into practice. Big advantage of emotions is their direct, direct connection with events, objects and relationship on Earth, within physical matter, in the world of space - time. For the same reason, emotions cannot just be applied and even to exist in other reality other than this Wednesday. Is the most important reasons of receipt in school of human experiences, in - the first, desire to learn to turn this energy in notable form, in - the second, aspiration to become the first-class creator of such energy. It is a task it is not so simple, right at the beginning we do not even know that it represents as to hold it and, at last, to receive voluntarily. Present that the person learns to sing though he never heard songs and has no idea of what is words, music and hearing, - are worse than that, he does not even know that it has vocal chords! The clue can disappear in widespread wrong interpretation and an identification of the similar, but definitely differing from each other emotions. To avoid such confusion, we will call this special feeling of Sverkhlyubovyo. Let`s emphasize that the major feature consists in its difference from that concept of “love“ which is used in the broadest sense now and long ago lost any accurate value. For a start we will repeat our short and simplified definition: Superlove of a neunichtozhim. Having arisen once, it is not subject to influence of the subsequent thoughts, feelings and events any more. The superlove does not depend on the phenomena in the world of physical matter and activity of the person at all. It has no animated or inanimate object though other person can quite become that catalyst thanks to which it will arise. Superlove - the continuous radiation which occurs by itself, irrespective of a similar environment and other external conditions. It is simple to eat superlove.

The peace arrangement calls for continuation and distribution of activity live in all its manifestations - physical, intellectual and emotional. It does not mean at all that any factors can weaken live or threaten its existence as even they would only aggravate process and it would not be constrained at all. The basis of changes is covered in the principles of perception and management, in ability to change the direction of development of those spiritual power forms which all of us are. The concentrated beam of light becomes a laser beam and brings absolutely improbable results. Reality - what we perceive. Staying within space - time, we perceive this world, and it is for us reality. If you never perceived other power worlds, they remain unreal. On the other hand, it is quite possible to assume that once all of us perceived such worlds, but now they just appeared out of the sphere of our consciousness. After that it is necessary only to remember... Energy does not exist, does not receive expression yet. We are energy expressions. That energy which we will transform or we develop, cannot be considered real until it is expressed. The idea remains something nonexistent, is not embodied in practice yet. The stiffened knowledge and the facts are dead if they are not extended, do not use in life. The usual thought is absolutely unreal, will not be embodied in acts yet, will not make impact on the person or people around. Thinking and acts - here that effective, creative combination which leads to intellectual or physical expressions in one or several power worlds. If the stream of any such energy to block, constrain, force to stop, it will just cease to exist. The concentrated energy amplifies exponential. Magnifying glass is capable to collect a sunlight and to create a beam of the huge temperature much exceeding initial. Similarly it is possible to transform and alter other forms of energy. It is especially important when it is about the power range available to human consciousness. The fact that the most part of life we practise in energy transformation (including her not physical shapes) unconsciously, in a random way, at all does not belittle potential importance of this ability. The consciousness - is the concentrated energy. The consciousness of the person is concentrated mainly on physical matter of the world of space - time, but it does not mean that human existence covers all completeness of power consciousness, - other types of the same consciousness at the same time work in absolutely other worlds and realities. This statement has two important consequences: in - the first, a human aspect of consciousness it is possible to concentrate much stronger, and it will bring so incomprehensible and improbable opportunities that I do not even try to reflect on their character. In - the second, if necessary we can call to the aid other, inhuman parties of the same consciousness. Even these squeezed thoughts allow to pass to a “practical“ stage. In system of human training there are no strict schemes and invariable rules. The events which happened in the childhood sometimes recur to the memory already at mature age, many years later.

Dear friends! Life goes on twenty four hours a day. Try to realize more often that you do and what you think in the most different time of day of, than you now were engaged. Note the most powerful, the emotional factors drawing your attention. Investigate them. Put an ego into a strict diet the Frontal attack on this strengthened center of the distorted emotions is contraindicated. To take this stronghold direct attack - just excessive task. Very many lost such battle, without having entered it yet. Cunning is in beginning to reduce gradually feed by emotional energy which is necessary for the existence of an ego. It is at the same time possible to transform its energy and to change its direction. Do not forget that you constantly are exposed to a stream of sophisticated remunerations from an ego; these praises are aimed at that your behavior adapted to interests of others. The essence of a problem is covered not in flatter self-conceit and the subsequent actions, and in an emotional response. There is nothing bad if you want to buy the magnificent car only because it is pleasant to you. But if you want to povazhnichat, dream of that you were seen driving such car if the car becomes for you a medal on which “mine“ is written, then you just strengthen the power of own ego. Estimate all desires and acts from such point of view - and behave respectively. The second source of feed of an ego is that emotional energy which comes from within. It is conventional that the ambition and aspiration to high achievements are, first of all, thirst for remunerations from an ego. To define whether your desire is caused by such reason or has deeper roots, carry out the elementary inspection: whether you will be happy with this result if nobody about is mute does not learn, and will not congratulate you on success? Whether it is necessary conceived for a physical survival? If you are ready to answer both questions in the affirmative, then, without realizing that, you took a huge step forward. Even if the success will bring you glory, a state and public recognition, the total amount of ballast will not increase. If both answers were negative, try to understand why you so want to achieve the objective. At a certain stage of this analysis you will notice gleams of radiation of Primary Energy, and it will bring any proofs what can only be required. As all of us stay in the power of the main distortion, illusion of space - time anybody of us has no opportunity definitely to define quality of thoughts and acts, to distinguish the good and evil, correct and incorrect. All of them - only illusion. When the spaceship is in an orbit in space, for it there are no “bottom“ and “top“. Perhaps, from the point of view of expediency it is rather useful (or it is simply necessary) to follow the representations accepted in the current culture, however, without having an opportunity to see everything from outside, from broader point of view, we are simply not able to comprehend the final importance of the acts.

Thus, just be yourself and be exempted from such ballast, being discharged of steady emotional responses to any natural phenomena and acts of people around. Distinguish the phenomena and the emotional reaction to them. Material objects, geographical position and the other phenomena are elements of space - time. They should be used as supportive applications of training and accumulation of experience. You remember, nothing from this is “ours“. We do not own things and, especially, other people, anything and nobody belongs to us. Even that matter of which our physical body consists, so to speak, “was borrowed for a while“. Save up memoirs and experience, and leave emotions behind a board. Everyone is responsible for himself. We got used at any opportunity and all available ways to dump from ourselves responsibility, to blame for troubles of circumstance and other people. If we make that it seems a mistake, then by all means we accuse others, but when we try to obtain success, we consider it as only merit. Being guided by ideas of free will, ourselves provoke ourselves to similar behavior. The quiet attitude towards progress and failures will bring you energy, necessary for take-off. Free will - an invention. The assumption of a free will is ridiculous owing to living conditions in space - time. Appearing in this world, we are held down not only the previous experiences, but also a genetic structure of a new physical body. Since the birth we have no other choice: or long the forthcoming life will be short, we anyway should submit own plot. We are obliged to care for a body and to work within those restrictions which are imposed by the fact of possession of a body. As for conditions and circumstances of our physical existence, they are defined by other people, - at least, in a childhood. As free will with a big stretch it is possible to consider only that motley and various mass of opportunities which remains. Attempts to impose the will to others only increase ballast. How to dump it? To expand the freedom in not physical spheres and to reconcile quietly to inevitable restrictions of a material world.

Someone from you will exclaim: I am ready, or I am ready, but how to be with other people? Relationship therefore is called so that assume reciprocity. And, at last, how to be with the people denying any reciprocity, creating the evil?. One my acquaintance somehow told: the I learn people more, the more I love dogs... Actually everything is very simple. The evil exists because there is a good, both of them are single whole halves, under the name Reason. And, if the evil disappears, then will disappear and kindly. Together they - uniform system of the modern world which was result of spiritual falling of the First Person. There is no absolute evil, also as there is no absolute good also. And therefore any human relations - are mutual. Life of each person is very important. If God gave it to him, then in it there is a need. You manage with each person, as with special, unique. Your positive relation to it or support can be a turning point in his life. Be not afraid to be on friendly terms, and smile more. Become a light source for others. Look for the best in each person, believing in him. If you treat people quite so, your relations with them will become more intelligent, and even some casual communication will enrich also you, and other person. But the most important - you will cease to clash, the world around you will absolutely change, it will become kind, light and pure!