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Survival (Part 3. Counteraction)

Survival (Part 3. Counteraction) works with

In our world the law of action and counteraction. Concerning matter it is one of fundamental laws of mechanics (the third law of Newton) according to which actions of two material bodies are at each other equal in numerical size and are opposite in the direction. For example, force with which the freight lying on the plane presses on this plane is equal to the counteraction force with which the plane presses on freight; force with which Earth attracts the Moon is equal to force with which the Moon attracts Earth, etc. Everything told truly and concerning spirituality. The law of action and counteraction is the fundamental law of our spiritual life. Not the nature generates diseases, and the person. The food, drink, the sexual relations are needs of nature of life, but excesses in them bring an illness, misfortune, suffering intellectual and physical, and all this is transferred as the greatest disasters to future generations. Ambition, desire to provide wellbeing and convenience to those whom we love, by acquisition of honors and riches - laudable natural feelings, but when they turn the person into the ambitious cruel tyrant, the miser, the selfish egoist they bring incalculable disasters to people around. Thus, all: the food, wealth, ambition and one thousand other things which we have to leave not mentioned - they become a source and the reason of the evil both at their surplus, and because of their absence. Become the glutton, the libertine, the tyrant - and you will become a poroditel of diseases, human sufferings and a grief. Without having they are you will starve to death, you will be despised as a pettiness, and the majority of surrounding crowd, your fellows, will make of you the martyr on all your life. So it is necessary to blame not the nature and not God, namely the human nature which became “low of - for self-love“.

Existence of the evil, dark force hostile to everything that is in the person high and light, is so considerable factor in life and evolution of mankind on our planet that to disregard this factor, without having studied as him, and all ways of its impact on the person, will be a mistake. Only thanks to the fact that existence of dark force was challenged it acquired the huge power over mankind. Many thousands and millions of ignorant people were caught in dexterously set a trap and died or perish. Effort dark to win round representatives of mankind especially strongly it is shown presently when the fate of the planet and everything that inhabits it is decided and surrounds, both inhabitants visible, and inhabitants of the invisible world. Chuya the defeat, powers of darkness make all efforts to win round perhaps bigger number of representatives of mankind for what they do not disdain any means. The whole world was divided on light and into dark. But as both dark, and their terrestrial employees cannot brag and take overweight over light the quality, they try to take quantity. Therefore the dark troops is huge, evil - everywhere. The huge jellylike, gray mass of unconscious people because Luminous intensity consider as the assistants and employees of the people who are only consciously striving for Light, only consciously working for evolution of the world belong to it not only dark, but also. And if you think that people mean far from God and the Torah, then you are mistaken, root representatives of powers of darkness are people in black hats and dress coats with long beards. Before them called epikorosam, now call them “the best representatives“ of modern Judaism, “tsadikama“. Epikoros - the Greek philosopher denying a sushchestvov - scientific research institute of God and his management of the world. Epikoros - one of the first atheists, and by definition of our wise men the Jew epikoros - an otritsatel of bases of the Jewish belief. Epikoros - the one who does not trust in a kedusha (special sanctity) therefore one of laws of Judaism says: “Sefer Toru written by the Jew epikorosy completely burn as he does not trust in a kedusha - sanctity of the Name of God, and did not write it le - a shma (for sanctity)“. Epikorosom can be only the Jew understanding and knowing Toru. And how there are a lot of them, epikoros, in the world? This question is answered by our wise men in a midrasha Teilim 104: “It is told: here the sea great and extensive, there reptiles who are innumerable - it we will pass also epikorosa“. Look and look on the parties, they around …

the Ignorant person have the right to ask you: for what, in effect, powers of darkness try to entice and catch terrestrial mankind in the networks? What they need it for? The answer is simple - they do it for the rescue. This way they fight for the existence. They interfere with approach of the Light era because know that approach of the Light era not only will limit their power over mankind, but also will be direct threat for their existence. If their chances of a victory over Forces Sveta are weak, they are ready for explosion and death of the planet, hoping to escape in this way on planet fragments from prepared to them a fate. Told with sufficient clarity speaks about dangerous position of both all planet, and each person separately. It is necessary to realize it. It is necessary to define the relation and belonging to one of these huge camps of the fighting forces, and the one who recognizes himself as the soldier Sveta has to study skill and receptions of the enemies. Understanding of the enemy and studying of ways of its actions is the first step to its overcoming. Let`s try to consider in short words those ways and receptions which enemies of mankind, fighting for the existence, entice ignorant people in the networks and prepare for them that fate which it is fated him.

The main factor of impact of powers of darkness on mankind is power of thought. One of the major space laws - the law of free will - prohibits to force will of other being, and while Luminous intensity strictly observe this law, powers of darkness in the widest size break it, for enslavement of the person. The thought - the greatest and most powerful creative factor of the universe - powers of darkness turns into a factor destructive. Luminous intensity, sending mankind of thought, necessary for evolution, do not send them to the address of some certain personality, but fill with them space in general as it is told, cement them space. Any person perceives from sent by Forces Sveta only such thoughts which correspond to his own thinking. Thus, the law of free will is not broken here. Everyone perceives such thoughts to which it developed because similar is attracted by similar. Using power of thought for the purposes, dark fill with them space too, but, besides, send them to the address of such people whom they can use for the need. Being spiritual beings, they influence spiritual human nature. Seeing our aura and reading our mind, they send to people such thoughts which strengthen their negative thinking. Thus they can choose to themselves such adherents who are necessary to them, and, sending them the corresponding thoughts, to do of them the employees. Can seem to the person that in a certain question he made the independent decision, but if this decision is wrong and unfair if it is accepted to please to some negative, egoistical and personal feeling, then in the huge majority of cases it is inspired by powers of darkness. So, often quite good people make bad affairs, becoming thus unconscious employees of powers of darkness, the zombie. The consciousness only developed gives to the person ability to understand this difficult and delicate question. Seeing internal essence of the person, dark it is easy to define from what party the easiest to approach him and than to influence his will. They always act on consciousness of the person, and their greatest danger consists in it. Really, time the thoughts inspired by them correspond to desires of the lowest human nature, it is almost impossible to define that in each case izoshlo by nature the person and what is inspired in it by his invisible enemies. Than higher on the consciousness the person, especially high dark force tempts him.

The person can be assimilated to a musical instrument with a set of strings, from the highest to the lowest, each of which makes the special sound. It is known that the adjusted tool of each of the highest strings always “sozvuchit“ on same tone the sound distributed close whereas strings of the lowest registers for extraction of a sound from them demand blow to them. Powers of darkness are musicians who play on the lowest strings of human nature, concerning them whereas Luminous intensity play on the highest strings of human nature, without concerning them. Submitting to the law of free will, They give certain tone necessary to mankind on which “ńîçâó÷ŕň“ the highest strings of the developed human entities. In it distinction of impact on the person Svetlykh and powers of darkness. Knowing it, it is easy to imagine that dark try to use all lowest strings of human nature. Having played on one string and not seeing result necessary to them, they freely pass to others until grope such which will make the person by the tool of performance of their intentions and the purposes. The hand of dark touches all parties and all phenomena of life. The ingenuity dark in an ulovleniye them the victims is as various as life is various. It is not necessary to think that they act in the rough ways. They can act very thinly and elegantly, depending on that with whom they should deal. They apply such reception which most of all corresponds to character of the person to everyone. Thus, dark not only increase the thoughts directed to us our negative properties, such as: intolerance, treachery, irritability, malignancy, envy, falsity, avarice, egoism, pride, intemperance, sensuality, sensitivity, condemnation, doubt, egoism and is a lot of different others, - but all requirements of our physical body and even some merits can be turned by them into negative properties if the person breaks the known border and does not know sense of proportion. So, for example, the quite good feeling - love to the people and the homeland - upon transition of the known border when in all cases of life the native person wants to take care, turns into an utesneniye of others, not belonging to these people, and leads to isolation and separation. But time there was an aspiration to separation and isolation, it not a merit any more, and negative, and proceeds from the forces of evil. In the same cases when the person does not give in to tricks of powers of darkness and goes to a way of improvement, he pays on himself their special attention. Its course of life unusually becomes complicated. Various obstacles and barriers disturb it in achievement of the planned purpose. Dark make all efforts to distract its attention and aspiration in other party. Either the unexpected wealth, or unexpected ruin, or unexpectedly gushed all-consuming feeling, or still something other is sent it. And sometimes against it all world of Darkness surrounding it disguised under the world Sveta as it was with me in Moscow takes up arms. Indifferently on what the person will be caught if only he descended from the planned way of improvement and stopped being dangerous to the forces of evil.

However, it should be noted that the Highest Luminous intensity for powers of darkness - that opalyayushchy fire. Their one approach to dark threatens them with destruction. Therefore all efforts of dark are bent on to allowing the person till a light way, and to take control of it when it did not reach perfection yet and stays on the terrestrial plan of existence, that is on such plan which is the most convenient field for action of powers of darkness. Especially the forces of evil against any light undertakings and the organizations take up arms, seeing in them the worst and most dangerous enemies. They try to undermine confidence to such organizations and their leaders, spreading about them the most ridiculous and foolish rumors, try to discredit them in the opinion of other people, sowing mistrust and doubt and as purpose of dark - to muddle all light, they try to blacken and darken both the organization, and all her members. Such examples in the history of our people and in the history of development of humanity great variety. In the way to perfection I endured everything told on itself when followed a true way of the Torah too and vowed Nazir.

Powers of darkness in order that it is more successful to struggle with Light, form the harmonous organization in which the cast-iron discipline exists and is supported. If the conscious staff of this organization works for the Prince of Darkness for conscience, then unconscious are forced to that by fear not only punishments, but destructions. Having misfortune to be included in lists dark there is no exit. They have to work for the Prince of Darkness because change and recreancy threatens them with destruction. Satan strong keeps in the power those which on ignorance, by levity or for other reasons fell into his hands. In general the fate them is full of tragic element. The victory Sveta threatens them with death too. But as the victory Sveta is ensured, their death is provided too. Mastering mankind powers of darkness goes especially successfully to time which had by us when, under the terms of evolution, each person has to reveal the original face and show with whom it goes: with Light or with Darkness. Therefore activity of the dark victims in an ulovleniye was never so strained and intensive as now. There was a set of doctrines and teachers who allegedly satisfy the imminent requirement of development of humanity, however under the guise of bread give to people a stone. The evolutions which are not knowing laws and laws of development of life people want in a short space of time in the easy ways, is exclusive in the egoistical purposes, to reach on what persistent work and long aspiration to improvement are required. Epidemic of obsession and general aspiration of people in sorcery and black magic was result of such thoughtless ignorance. Such conscious cooperation with powers of darkness is not less awful, than gases. It is improbable to think that the people ranking themselves as good religion are engaged in the most harmful sorcery. The most impossible rituals are resumed to harm people. Crowds on ignorance are involved in mass magic. It is impossible to allow such decomposition of society! It is impossible will allow powers of darkness to win!

As to the person to struggle with the invisible enemies and how to distinguish all those who, working in the visible world, are employees of powers of darkness from the invisible world? Of course, fight against the invisible enemy at first sight seems business difficult, almost impossible, but if to take into account that invisibility of the enemy in this case is relative, then it changes essence of business, and the question of fight passes to other plane. By itself it is clear that our main enemies live in the invisible world, and both our attention, and fight focus has to be sent to that party. Excepting those cases when the highest representative of dark is embodied in human shape and represents then serious dangerous force, most of terrestrial employees of dark force are unconscious servants and pathetic slaves to powers of darkness. But, according to laws of the universe, our enemies from the invisible world, being inhabitants of an inner world, can influence only spiritual part of our essence which corresponds to their own nature, that is the evil. Therefore, they can influence only the dark nature in the person, only on the conductor of consciousness of a body of desires, in other words, on our lowest nature. They can as it is already told above, the thoughts sent us to strengthen desires of our lowest nature. Thus, fight against powers of darkness is transferred to fight with itself, with the lowest nature. Thus, mastering the lowest nature is a necessary condition of development of life and improvement of the person, people and all mankind. Who realized it and directed to self-improvement, that from this party for powers of darkness is impregnable. Arrows of thoughts dark, sent on it, will jump aside from it as peas from a wall. To the contrary, the person irresponsible, the slave to the lowest passions, will apprehend all these arrows of thoughts, will make as wish dark, and will become itself their pathetic toy. Let`s note also that successful fight of the person against the invisible enemies is quite possible only when the person asks for the help the Creator when the person established strong connection with Hierarchy Light Sil Mirozdaniya. Being inhabitants of all worlds, they know all our enemies, see all their tricks and, sent to Gods, never deny the assistance to those who, having taken a way Sveta, look for it.

It is impossible to transfer all those funds and ways which the forces of evil entice people in the networks. They are as various as life is infinitely various, characters of characters, conditions existence and the purpose for which powers of darkness entice the person. Other means for an ulovleniye of people, except negative human qualities, one may say, do not exist. If at the lowest steps of the development of people it can be caught in a network of powers of darkness only by the lowest properties of the nature as alcoholism, envy, a self-interest, gluttony and others, then at higher steps of development catch it on vanity, on pride, on recognition of the infallibility etc. Though it is impossible to list all approaches to the person of powers of darkness and to specify all ways of their recognition, but nevertheless some main signs of powers of darkness can be specified. They can help to build the temple, but only in order that then to destroy it, can enter into the light organization, but in order that then to spread out it. The darkness is an antipode - contrast Sveta, and the appointment has to blacken all Light, to destroy all light undertakings, to counteract evolution of life and improvement of mankind, to sow discord and hatred among people. On these main signs of activity dark it is possible to distinguish their terrestrial employees - agents of Darkness. Therefore if you see how the person or the whole class of people all life work for bringing chaos, to seed discord, to cause hostility and to kindle in others hatred, then such people work not for the benefit, but to the detriment of mankind as helpers and employees of Darkness. Extreme intolerance, violence over others, cruelty, impudence, arrogance - here still strong indications of servants of Darkness.

The impact of the forces of evil on our people and on all mankind was never so strong and did not threaten with so terrible disasters as now. Fighting for the existence, the Owner of land, the Prince of Darkness, staked existence of our planet. Their rage and hatred does not have a limit because their fate is predetermined, and they feel the death. But not to die together with them and to escape with Forces Sveta, we need to remember the God Voinstv standing on permanent patrol and defending existence of our planet always. It is necessary not only to adjoin densely the Board covering us, but to strain also our small forces against the forces of evil. How? Having followed a way Sveta, on the way of the Torah of Moisey, on the way of a kedusha - special sanctity, specified by the Omnipotent Tsar Mirozdaniya. You remember: a little light is scattered by a lot of darkness.