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Survival (Part 3. Minor purposes of the person)

Survival (Part 3. The minor purposes of the person)

Along with a main goal of the person generally and particularly, the whole complex of the minor purposes exists that is visible from its duties in this world. Duties of the person are infinitely various, just as human activity is infinitely various, it is in direct compliance with the general development of the person, with his situation, a state, belief, an era, race, a nationality, age, climate, a residence etc.

the Example of the minor purposes of the person are the duties fulfilled by it, and first of all, connected with his debt. The debt accompanies the person in all aspects of his life. Exist: moral imperative, moral duty, civic duty, patriotic debt, military duty. All precepts of the Torah are connected with it, and first of all are duties before the Creator who gave to the person life. There are moral precepts - precepts on education of children, precepts on honoring of parents, precepts on the relation of spouses to each other. There are precepts of moral character - do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not wish the stranger; or - give way to the aged man, help the neighbor. There are precepts connected with civil duties - separation of tithe from a harvest, bringing of donations, the first issue of cattle, payment of taxes. There are precepts of military character - service in army.

All this is generally. Let`s notice that the concept of a debt is much broader and to formulate precisely what is a debt, it is impossible. The debt of one cannot be a debt of another, and what for one debt, for another can be violation of a debt. As any debt is expressed in this or that action, and any action can be good or bad, any good action which is useful for another which ennobles and improves the person and brings closer it to the Divine Principle will be our debt. To the contrary, any action which is harmful which humiliates the person and alienates him from God will be violation of a debt. Generally, the idea of a debt is perfectly expressed in saying of the wise man of the Torah Gilel: “Do not do another what you do not wish yourself“.

As we are under the influence of the law of causes and effects, it is possible that this or that position in which during life we are put is a consequence of the reasons created by us in the previous lives which, in turn, are result of intellectual and moral development of the person. Activity of the person puts it on that step of a ladder of development which it reached by the efforts, on that place in the general life of mankind what it on the abilities can occupy, in such situation and in such conditions which will be most useful both to the person, and to that business on which it is put. Thus, what we call a debt is not something the invariable, eternal, but this concept changing and growing. The debt of the person who is at a low step of development often happens violation of a debt of the person of the highest development, but at all steps of its development constant and invariable is a principle of a debt. The debt of each person is in direct compliance with that step which each person occupies on the general ladder of human development, and concepts of its debt progress together with development of the person. Therefore the debt of the people who are at the same step of development will be more or less identical, but not quite because and here have to be taken into account and conditions surrounding us, both abilities of the person, and his state, and there are a lot of other conditions. But, as we already told, there is a debt obligatory for all people which consists performed by the great precepts and precepts defining duties of the person to the person and the person to God given to mankind.

Life is human, in particular presently, it is so difficult and diverse that it is impossible to provide all those provisions and cases which life provides to the person for permission. We often face the whole complex of various duties from which everyone sends us to other party, and the developed consciousness is necessary correctly to define the debt and not to do mistakes which will be a barrier to further development of the person. It is easy to fulfill a clear and simple duty, but it is very difficult to understand difficult circumstances when the person considers a duty slavery of habits when desires of the lowest nature cover to it an outlook, obscure his reason, and it we cannot establish: whether there is he on the way of desires of its lowest nature or does the duty, following commands of the highest? It cannot be given instructions as the person should arrive in all cases of life, but in each case he has to define both the debt, and the responsibility for violation of a debt. We live in the world of causes and effects where there is nothing casual where everything is provided. Therefore there is no person whom we had to face, in relation to which we would have no obligations. Our obligations follow from our relationship. We have an obligation, or a debt, in relation to above us standing, equal and below us standing. As the law of life is hesed - an otdavaniye, we have to give all something. Above us standing we have to give the feelings of honoring, devotion, love and obedience; in relation to equal we have to show goodwill, cooperation, the help, participation. We have to give others not that it is not necessary for us, and what is necessary for others; not in what we have surplus, and in what others have a shortcoming. Below us standing we have to render protection and protection, to show compassion and kindness.

But it is not necessary to think that our debt is limited only to duties in relation to God and to people. We have a debt in relation to our younger brothers - animals, a vegetable kingdom and even things. In relation to animals we have to stop, first of all, them abuse. If animals cannot speak human language, it does not mean that they do not understand and do not feel them abuse. We have to stop murder of animals, we have to care and feed those animals who are on our care. In relation to a vegetable kingdom we have to follow the same rules: to care and support life of those plants which are on our care, not to destroy and not to exterminate anything that grows because everything growing lives without need and everything living feels. Therefore a debt of any person to do not as - nibud, but in the best way that business on which it is put. A debt of the governor, priest, soldier, builder at all not above a debt of the modest handicraftsman, the grain-grower or the ordinary family man. There is no such low work which could humiliate the person. If the person is forced to play only small roles, then it is a sure sign of the fact that for performance of higher and responsible roles it is not ready yet, but if it always carries out the small roles with all diligence available to it, then it will be prepared by it for performance of the highest. The best performance of the next debt of people by the fastest way moves in the evolution.

Any life is given to the person for acquisition of the known experience, but if the person was lazy and did not gain experience, then it in the life can come back tens of times to the same conditions until this lesson is learned. If the person, being the powers that be, was unfair and oppressed small, then if did not improve in this life, in other gilgul - transformation, it can come to be in position of the unskilled worker. The law of the universe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs kaneged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the measure for a measure will put it in such conditions that he learns need of justice by own experience to all, and in particular to it who are easy for offending. Laws of evolution wisely conduct the person through various conditions, through all states and provisions that, having gained a full experiment of life and having reached perfection, the person was fit for any role and was great on any place.

The area of a debt is boundless. The debt embraces and fills with itself all human life. Since birth and to the death all human life is continuous performance of a various type of debts. The first debt with which the person gets acquainted at the very beginning of the life is a debt in relation to the parents. Later to it the debt in relation to the tutors, schoolmates, servants, animals, things etc. increases. At more mature age when the person gets a family, there is a debt in relation to the wife, children, relatives, seniors, the country, the people, the state and as a wreath of everything, a debt in relation to God. Receives the first lessons of a debt of people in a family, and then at school. If since small years to the person the sense of duty is not imparted, then life of such person will be heavy further. It eventually will be brought by severe lessons of life to consciousness of need of performance of the debt, but how many excess sufferings it should transfer for this purpose! The main idea is long as it is already told, consists in doing that serious work on which the person is put or performance of which he undertook voluntarily. Therefore the person has no right to enter reasonings on as far as its duties correspond or do not correspond to his views and views because performance of these duties is created by the person, his former aspirations. The duty which fell to his lot is as if heavy seemed to the person, he has to carry out it with all conscientiousness available to it.

It is necessary to understand once and for all that in life there are no accidents, the word accident in Hebrew - MIKRE if to rearrange letters in places, then we will receive - Mi`s CANCER E (a letter to It) - only from God. What has no relation to the person will not appear in his life. Everything that happens to the person - makes sense, all it faces in the life, anyway mentions one of the purposes of its existence. And therefore in life it is impossible to neglect what, and it is necessary to approach everything reasonably and judiciously.

The way to perfection

of People for the short life is able to cope with the mission, to achieve the objectives of the life and what then? Then it will be able to evolve and rise even above, a step behind a step, a step behind a step. So he will be able will make jump in the evolution, and, moreover, to reach and execute the purposes of life of the family, the people, and even all mankind.

It is all about consciousness. When at the person the consciousness reveals and, having learned wise laws of the universe, he learns at the same time unity of life and the communication with it when he learns laws of an inner world and will change the life according to these laws, and not personal egoism, but service to general welfare will set as the purpose of the life, only then he will become mister of the destiny who is consciously creating the evolution. Then it will pass to the following step of the evolutionary way. Then it will become, besides, light for being in darkness and Truth and way for others because last way and learned Truth can specify both Truth, and a way by another. History is full of such people, the brightest among them: Hanokh, Moshe, Eliyagu. When the person reaches all this when his spiritual essence which reached perfection spiritualizes and will refine the physical body so that I will force to obey the slightest desire of the will directed and directed by the highest the person, then he will see through matter, will understand language of birds and animals and will respond on thought of the sky and the earth when those talk to it because both its past is vast, and the future it has no limits. Thus, growth of consciousness is eternal, continued work of ascension. All human achievements, all its gains in all areas of knowledge are result of development of our consciousness. The developed consciousness is that only and supreme value for which accumulation it is worth seeking because it makes of the slave the person the lord. It is also a way to perfection.

The great tragedy of modern mankind consists that, from generation to generation brought up in the world of false ideas of the universe and about God, it cannot leave the vicious circle of delusions created by it. The delusions created by the person were so strongly included into his consciousness that became its integral part, part of its own essence which he cannot get off in any way. Help is given him constantly from above, but it is difficult for it to accept it because it cannot be exempted from hypnosis of the delusions. Therefore we also decided to create this course of lectures “Survival“ to awaken your consciousness, to enclose sense in your life and to help you to find the course of life.

The way to perfection is not simple. Each person needs to find and pass the way, to correct the shortcomings, to reach the heights. And levels of development at which there are people, different too. People can be classified by their development on five big categories or classes. Those rare representatives of mankind who finished the human evolution and reached the highest standing of spirituality belong to the first category, having transferred to it and the material body. Hanokh, Moshe, Eliyau and many others were such. It is our teachers of wisdom, our heads. They do not need transformations and are embodied only voluntarily for evolution and for the mankind benefit. The second category are those which understood need of improvement which consciously create the future which are on the way to perfection. They voluntarily refuse the lowest material desires on which they have the right to accelerate the evolution. There is further a class of cultural people who aspire to some high purposes, have some high ideals which intellectual horizon extended to understanding of unity of God, unity of life and unity of mankind. However they for the present did not follow a way to perfection. There is a class of people further away with limited outlook whose intellectual horizon does not go beyond their family, their state or a nationality. As a rule, these people stay in the world of illusions, and do not realize the real situation. These are people of primitive mind, without initiative and without imagination. They should overcome a framework of the illusory world in which they stay, to realize reality and the purposes of the existence. At last, the last category is absolutely undeveloped people. Their intellectual development is in embryo, they are not able to conquer the violent passions, the rough nature. They are born among savages and in semi-civilized races, and also in backward and criminal types of civilized races. They should learn to conquer the violent passions, the rough nature. To begin to think and behold, learn beauty and love, filling everything around.

As the valid purpose of life - is work, but not pleasure, the supreme laws of the universe steadily lead everyone evaded from an evolutionary way, to withdrawal from life and to destruction. As drugs and alcohol dull the organism demanding the increasing and high doses for excitement and lead eventually to death of the person, just to the same results leads aspiration to pleasures. The human body which is quickly becoming dull from habitual pleasures demands the increasing and bigger sharpness of experiences that gives it on the way of a Satanism where sharpness of experiences is carried in the artificial ways to the enormous sizes, or to satiation, disappointment and unauthorized death, that is in both cases to withdrawal from the book of life. In the universe everything moves, and the condition of rest does not exist. Life in the universe is carried out by the movement, and when it stops, stops also life. Meanwhile many people say that they were tired of life, are eager for rest and believe to find it in posthumous existence. It is one of delusions of the person of our time. In posthumous existence, rest or idleness does not exist too. Exists peremena of a state and change of work. If there was a condition of eternal rest or eternal idleness, then such state would need to be carried to the most awful torments of hell, meanwhile people placed eternal idleness among paradise achievements.

The basis of any life is spirit life, and the spirit is that lever around which physical life of the shown life form is shown and rotates. The phenomenon of life can be caused only by psychodynamics of spirit. Matter deprived of spirit is dead matter, and out of matter the spirit does not exist, being nothing. Therefore any live organism which in this or that form shows life inherent in it is movable by spirit. And not only the organism is movable by spirit, but each atom, each cell and each body of his body show life corresponding, peculiar only to this cage or body. The person as the highest manifestation of life in the Universe, would have to develop the greatest psychodynamism of life, but, alas, so far it is not observed. The vast majority of modern “wreaths of creation“ not only do not understand it, but continue to lead vegetable and animal life; not only do not care for high dynamics of the spirit, but, identifying the I with the body, make all efforts and cares for developing the greatest dynamics of the muscles and some other bodies of the body. Without looking, however, at such manifestation of ignorance to a basis of the life, any manifestation of human life, beginning from satisfaction of the lowest requirements of a physical body to the highest emotions of which the person is capable, it is made by the lever of any life - spirit, regardless of that, the person knows about it or does not know whether he cares for high quality of the thoughts, motives and acts or does not care. But what human acts, desires and thoughts, will be that also a consequence, such is there will be its evolution and all conditions of future life created by it. As any manifestation of the life seen by us begins in thought, that is on the highest spiritual plan, and through desire, that is through the lowest spiritual plan, also action on the physical plan of existence and as the spirit acts on all these plans, as a matter of fact, is not present is carried out and there cannot be a division into life material and life spiritual because there are no borders in Uniform Life and all these three plans of existence make a unified plan of Life, and on all on them the Spirit works and reigns.

It is difficult to present that the potential of the main energy was given to each person, but people with great gift how variously managed! Even the imagination does not cover such abyss. People consider difficult that it is not pleasant to them, and lungs that does not complicate them; from such convention gaping abysses threaten. People do not get used to keep in consciousness the World the Highest, but it is easy to replace feeling of emptiness with life boundless. Really, mind is stirred up and heart stops if to think in what chasm, into what bottomless abyss the people who were not using and earthed the talent, unworthy managed with great gift - with the main energy given for development of life and improvement to everyone plunge themselves. Learned themselves and the appointment in life and reasonably using all potential of the main energy ascend above and above. Nothing learned and accepted nothing as garbage, go to processing. In it secret of life or death. In it a solution of rescue or death.

Wisdom of all centuries says: “Learn yourself!“ In such council the attention to the most intimate who is fated to become obvious is paid. True development of spiritual powers, or mental energy, cannot be business easy and quickly achievable therefore the modern person not familiar with bases of the existence and operation of spiritual laws of the universe prefers such ways and such teachers who promise it fast implementation of all his egoistical desires. But it is known long ago that the easiest and fastest ways are the most difficult and the slowest because instead of normal and correct ascension turn people into the weed geeks demanding processing. On all planet the uncountable great number of different kabbalists and rabbis who at the similar price in the mechanical ways and different poses and provisions of a body, up to standing on the head, turn people into garbage divorced. The universe is so arranged that the person succeeds in the evolution, only working in a consent with laws of Spirit because, going against them, he is brought by the same laws to destruction. The person himself creates both the destiny, and destiny of the planet on which he lives. All forces and energy of Space - on a service of the person. The greatest of these energiya - mental energy - is not in this regard an exception because decisive energy which dominates over all energiya is human thought. Evolution of each person is defined by his aspiration to good or the evil, and evolution of all universe is subject to influence of human aspirations. Everything is solved by the human will and human thought expressed in this or that aspiration. We already spoke about power of thought in other lectures. The same energy can serve the purposes creative or destructive. The person is conducted on that way which he chooses. Mental energy as the most sensitive device, finds application in all phenomena and cases of life and reacts resolutely to everything. In hands of the kind person it - the good tool, and in hands angry - the terrible weapon of destruction and destruction. There are no compromises or average ways here and cannot be. Laws of development of life demand improvement of all real, and the potential of spirit and the main energy is given everyone for this purpose. Who with these great gifts manages unworthy and directs them to the detriment of development of life in the universe, nothing except destruction can expect that.

The main idea of unity of the universe - “all in everything“ - in anything and in anybody it is so fully not carried out, as in the person. Not without reason for a long time the person is recognized by a microcosm, or the small Universe, and the Macrocosmos, or the Great Universe, is called by “the Big Person“. Thus, in the person as in the fullest reflection of the Universe, there is all that is in the Macrocosmos, that is in the Great Universe. All forces and all power of Space which carry out life in the Universe is in a potential state in each person. Relationship between the person and the Universe makes essence of evolution and is a basis and the law of development of life in all real. According to the great law of analogy, laws of development of life in all its manifestations are identical, and the fact that above, similar to what is below, and that below, similar to what is above. In an eternal kaleidoscope of life is not present began, the end, but eternal transformation and replacement of imperfect life forms with more perfect. Any reason holds the consequence which turns out to be the reason for the following consequence. The worlds arise and die whereas the person transmutating all the chuvstvovaniye on spirit fire changes in the superperson, and lives in eternity.

Life of each person makes an integral part of life of all universe and as it is impossible from the difficult car to take out its smallest part, without essential harm for its action, in the same way it is impossible to switch off life of the most insignificant person from the general life of the Universe. As Space for detection of all complexity of the life and carrying out diverse problems of evolution needs numerous bodies, energiya and the centers of knowledge, force and power, in the same way the human body for successful advance in a rhythm with evolution of all life needs appropriate authorities and the centers to perceive necessary to it energy from Space and to send the. The person is the condenser and a transmutator of space energiya. Therefore life of each person is inseparably linked with life of all universe.

The person who realized force inherent in it thereby takes the first step to its development. Without such understanding all highest forces and abilities embodied in the person will stay in the sleeping state and will never be shown. But to take this first step, it is necessary to be exempted from false idea of the person as a pettiness. Knowing that the human thought is great creative force and that the thoughts the person creates the destiny, it is easy to understand that from a pettiness only the pettiness can be born. In boundlessness of the universe where everything is so majestic and grandiose and where everything has to strive for perfection and beauty, the pettiness is inappropriate. The pettiness is garbage and unfortunate creation which goes to processing whereas direct and promote development of life in the universe outstripped other mankind in the development and approaching this step. We already spoke about the highest human nature in the first part of lectures of a course. Also opportunities and achievements of the person are boundless; everything depends on human consciousness. Everything that holds in human consciousness and as for growth of consciousness there is no limit, there is no limit to either opportunities, or achievements is achievable. Means for a vsedostizhimost are the centers of the highest consciousness which are in a human body which aspiration to Truth, Sveta and to knowledge light up energy and gradually turn into bodies of perception of the highest opportunities and into the centers of force and power. Can only now, later told, will become clear what powerful creations were people to a Flood.

It is necessary to recognize that the law of the birth, growth, development and withering - one for everything that exists in the universe, from the Sun to the ant creeping in a grass. Everything that in the shown world has the beginning, has to have the end. There is a continuous work of the improvement with each new manifestation of everything living. And the person from life in life, from one embodiment in another, has to pass all stages of the development again and again, repeating in each life, in small scale, all cycle of the development. Each life is synthesis of all previous lives and a link of an infinite chain of Uniform life. In each link of the life of people passes all work of the previous links in a synthetic form, and, going with the increasing speed, he manages to endure all in shorter time on what earlier a number of lives was required. Thus, with each new life new experience is saved up and old is fixed. Character is so created and there is an identity of the person. But what role of human mind in all this process? It is known that, being born to new life, the person, true, is as if fallen from the moon. He knows nothing, can do nothing and is an example of helplessness. Where all its centuries-old experience disappears? It together with the highest I is connected with the person directly and enters the person in process of his development and improvement. Thus, nothing is lost and is at the disposal of the person completely during all his life. The problem is that the person is not able to use the related treasure. The conductor of his consciousness - the brain which was born together with a body as not taking part in former human lives, knows nothing about them and any life experience has no. And though experience of former lives is found in the person manifestation of bigger or smaller amount of different abilities, the person who is not trusting in gilguly - recurrence of the existence, cuts off to himself any opportunity to come into contact with his highest consciousness. It has to begin any new life from the very beginning whereas knowing can consciously use precious accumulation of former lives. But it is necessary to tell that it is not enough such people. Overwhelming number of people enter new life, having lost any touch and any reminiscence of the former lives.

Thus, living a brain, the person, owing to need, has to begin any new life with the beginning. Life is given in general for acquisition of the next life experience, and all physical organism is adapted for this exclusive purpose of terrestrial existence of the person. It has five external feelings which celebrate any event proceeding from the outside and the phenomenon and on nervous channels send it to the master of physical essence of the person - a brain which is obliged to make the judgment of any phenomenon. In it work and activity of a brain consists. It is the cogitative device and the tool of knowledge, but at all not the purpose which has to be learned and reached. Work of the brain of people comprehends essence of the phenomena and things, but all his images and forms of perception no more as the conditional stages of thinking suitable only for it at present and under these circumstances. The informative ability of a brain giving to the person cognition of the phenomenal world in final result is reduced to studying of phenomena on templates and development of templates on phenomena. The human thinking never sees true essence of the phenomena, it zrit only distinctions of states, but, comprehending them, gradually approaches essence. The world in which there lives a person and which he feels is a complex of its representations. The person can create only such representation which he revealed in the mind, that is why the thought is fair that the person learns the world through reason. The reason does not give representations, it is done by various chuvstvovaniye, but the reason outlines them, it objektivirut them and that gives the chance to consciousness to feel them, to dissolve and realize. As the person thinks, it and is to him the world; than the thinking is more perfect, especially the world is represented perfect to the person. For the ignoramus the Universe only a chaotic heap of accidents, for the wise man is mighty and perfect harmony.

Life … Having given on will of waves of life and having plunged into tireless activity, the person quite identifies at this time himself with life and in it sees the calling. Setting as itself the various purposes and seeking for their achievement, he tests both progress, and failures, both pleasures, and disappointment. Gradually he notices that achievement of the purpose brings to it less and less pleasure, in the same way as failure - is less than disappointment and that achievement of the purpose, bringing it temporary satisfaction, leaves emptiness in his soul that forces it to set to itself the new purpose for achievement - for this purpose only to endure familiar feeling in a bigger degree. As he makes great progress and gains bigger experience, in his soul the alarm and terrible feeling of doubt creeps in. He begins to analyze everything and to criticize. In increasing frequency it asks puzzled questions: why, why, what for? As its knowledge are still very superficial and incomplete, its conclusions the most part are wrong and wrong. Feeling the inability to understand the arising questions of life and without being able to coordinate the former though primitive, but true views and beliefs with the frolicing consciousness, he rejects them as inappropriate to the development. Having devastated the soul from everything to what he was taught, from everything that he worshipped to and believed earlier, the person takes a way of searches. Very heavy period of painful searches begins. The interior is empty, and this emptiness has an effect more and more … To fill this gaping emptiness of the soul, people, without realizing what happens to it, rushes about here and there, and, constantly dissatisfied with himself, often from one extreme falls into another. Sometimes it seems to it that it that found that, and he for a while calms down, but after a while he is convinced that it was the self-deception, and then search in other direction begins.

At this time human mind reaches big development. Continuous searches and comprehensive aspirations lead to many achievements in the field of science, arts and to a number of brilliant inventions and opening in the field of equipment. Competition in searches and competition in achievements begins that, in turn, leads to a bigger blossoming of science and equipment. It gives some satisfaction to human consciousness, and it is not enough Pomala he comes to the conclusion that in it and the human benefit consists. Some part of mankind, having become on such point of view, stops further searches. To develop the mind and by means of mind to reach the increasing and big heights in all areas of knowledge becomes their purpose and meaning of life. From here the materialism with all its negative consequences and a worship for human reason as the highest manifestation of human essence develops. Such conclusion and the decision is fraught with many heavy consequences for evolution of mankind. Having made the god of the cogitative device, the person loses a way to true God and stops the development because instead of positive spiritual qualities it began to develop the worst qualities inherent in materialistic outlook. As the field of activity of a physical brain is exclusively visible world, the world physical, all thinking of a brain was directed to a glorification of itself both all its informative abilities and achievements - on acquisition of material, worldly goods. Having put to the center of all the ego and not recognizing any authority, except itself, the person subjects all unclear to denial and doubt, all the highest to an oplyovyvaniye and derision, everything proceeding from another to criticism and a contradiction, and together with great equipment develops the greatest egocentrism and egoism, huge self-conceit and egoism and the intolerance which reached an extreme limit and separation. But there is more to come. The worst and the most terrible is the fact that, having torn communication with the divine principle which is in heart and through it - communication with God - the person developed in himself the arrogance rejecting all the Highest and took a way of the evil because there are only two ways: or way to God, or way to the Satan. There are no average ways. Thus, the worship for human reason as before the highest manifestation of human essence is the beginning of stagnancy and a way to the evil.

As if the person kept an open mind, his physical brain cannot leave limits of the physical world. Physical body it is possible to understand only a phenomenon of the physical world. The limit of development of human mind is, and this limit - the physical world with its laws. When the person can leave limits of a zrimost, tangibility and validity when he accepts as reality all phenomena of the Highest Worlds when the knowledge comes to it not from books and not as result of intellectual process, but from within, as a certain inspiration, it means that his individual consciousness finds rudiments of the highest consciousness, and the intuition which developed at the same time is an indicator that human mind came into contact with the highest consciousness which is in his heart that can scoop all wisdom of Space and all experience of former lives from this treasury and that it concedes the taking priority value to heart. The way to perfection lies through heart. About it it is told also in “the Treatise of Fathers“. Rabanne Yokhanan bin Zaccai told pupils: “Go and find the correct way to human lives to follow on it“. Eliezer told Rabi: “A good eye (goodwill)“. Yegoshua told Rabi: “The good companion“. Rabi Jos told: “The good neighbor“. Shimon told Rabi: “Watching forward (foresight)“. Elyazar told Rabi: “Kind heart“. He told them: “Elyazar bin Arakh`s word it is more preferable than your words because his words generalize all yours to me“. Rabanne Yokhanan bin Zaccai told pupils: “Go and find a bad way to human lives to move away from it“. Eliezer told Rabi: “An evil eye (envy)“. Yegoshua told Rabi: “The bad companion“. Rabi Jos told: “The bad neighbor“. Shimon told Rabi: “Borrowing and not returning what took“. Elyazar told Rabi: “Evil heart“. He told them: “Elyazar bin Arakh`s word it is more preferable than your words because his words generalize all yours to me“.

Heart, in essence to the, is from above the operating and giving body; therefore any donation in the heart nature. Each positive Doctrine commands a donation. Such statement is practical because without donation heart and does not live. Of course, it is necessary to understand a donation in all justice. It is impossible to understand only a monetary donation or unnecessary objects. A true donation in the spirit of. Let each heart exhale streams of gifts of the Spirit. It is not without reason told that each heart beat is a smile, a tear and gold. All life proceeds through heart. It is necessary to be able to give to heart permanent job. Nothing else can refine so heart as a boundless spiritual donation. Usually spiritual donation is not estimated as all hidden is not appreciated. But the source of riches, both spiritual, and material, is heart. It is necessary to tell more because in anything the difference between the person living heart, and the person living mind as in principle donations so sharply is not found about a warm donation. The first finds pleasure in return of all itself(himself) and everything that it has, on service to the neighbor. If it gets the benefits material and spiritual, then not for itself(himself), but for return by another, and the more he gives, the more receives because laws of spiritual life are that. The best human qualities, such as generosity, generosity, compassion, mercy, love, all-humanity, - all this fine gifts of human heart.

The person living mind is deprived of true level of culture. It did not get rid of animal heritage yet as egoism, egoism, greed, intolerance, callousness as desire everything to take for itself(himself) and everything to hold in own favor. For it the donation is equivalent to dying. The brain and heart are matter and spirit, these are two poles of human development. One acquaints the person with matter and pulls him down, to an animal state. Another acquaints the person with spirit and conducts to improvement tops. One gives knowledge and mastering the physical world, another - knowledge and mastering the Highest Worlds. Both are necessary, and supplements one another. To approach a heart method, it is necessary to fall in love, first of all, the world or rather to learn to respect everything, interfaced to heart.

Many do not imagine distinction of a way of a brain and heart at all. Difficultly for these mozgovika to accept the highest worlds. It is necessary to be claimed in thought that a brain - the past, heart - the future that the step of evolution in which the leading role was carried out by a human brain is finished, its inability of a message mankind on the way of progress is quite established further that further progress of mankind depends not on a brain, and on heart. Therefore the person directed in the future has to be exempted first of all from philosophizing, from all types of speculative thinking, from attributing to the opinions on the facts of value of the facts because all this, proceeding from human egoism, is capable to slow down its advance. It has to try to comprehend everything the heart. Heart is the sun of an organism, and the Universe represents system of hearts therefore a cult Sveta is the Heart cult. Heart moves forward as an anchor during a storm. Heart warns about danger. Heart - a source of courage and fearlessness. Heart first of all will eradicate fear and will understand harm of irritation. So heart is that weapon of Light which shames darkness tricks. Heart is, allegedly, constantly ready to strike darkness and to bridle Chaos. It is especially regrettable that many do not want even to think of power of heart. That they not only overthrow themselves, but also harm relatives. Each unconscious treasure plunges into Chaos and that strengthens darkness.

The greatest value of heart is that it connects terrestrial to heavenly and acquaints the person with the Highest World without what its existence is impossible. When the person handles a prayer or a request to God, human heart, but not mind participates in this act. The prayer proceeding from mind will not achieve the objectives. However it is not necessary to think that if any person possesses heart, then his heart always and in all cases is a source of good and grace. If it was so, then on Earth the earthly paradise would be established long ago, but we know that actually before it is still very far. By laws of evolution each person was given all opportunities for achievement of the highest steps of improvement, together with than not a limited freedom of choice. Nobody is forced to go surely on the way of good and nobody violently to paradise is pulled. Therefore if the person did not realize or neglects the opportunities given him, then any unconscious treasure plunges into chaos and that strengthens darkness. Heart of such person decays and leads to extermination of his owner. So laws of evolution work. The heart which indulged in good radiates grace incessantly, irrespective of intended parcels. So the sun does not send deliberate beams. The heart which swore to the evil will throw up arrows consciously and unconsciously and incessantly. Heart of good sows around itself health, a smile, the spiritual benefit. Heart of the evil destroys heat and, like the ghoul, exhausts vital forces. Activity of hearts of the good and evil is so incessant. On the lowest plan of Life of a condition of the good and evil differ from their value in the Highest World.

From what is told about value of heart becomes clear that the cultural condition of mankind is in direct dependence on culture of heart. Really, whether it is possible to imagine the cultural person who would not possess the best properties of geniality - tolerance, goodwill, kindness, keenness, steadiness, refinement, compassion, all-humanity? And all negative human qualities - the statement of the “I“, malignancy, intolerance, cruelty, roughness and others - are an indicator of an uncivilized condition of human heart. The culture out of heart is inconceivable. As if the person was extolled by the learning, but if in it is mute there is no geniality, he is far from level of culture. But to a great regret we will notice that human heart not only is not clarified, but grows coarse and becomes hardened more and more. Rescue from all troubles and all evils in human heart. It is necessary to remember the forgotten and neglected heart, not to rely more on the deceptive mind, and to address wisdom of a stout heart. It is necessary to turn all efforts to improvement of heart, all attention - on education and formation of heart because without it there is no further way. As earlier cares of mind development were applied, so efforts to education and education of heart have to be made now. It is necessary to change the view of heart as to physiological body because, truly, it - the center of all real. Improvement of heart has to begin with improvement of the thinking, with arrangement of the thoughts because if the thought is directed to the evil, then there cannot be a speech about improvement of heart because the thought is the beginning of any good and any evil. It is necessary to be exempted from egoism and all types of egoism, from harmful habits, from laziness and, of course, from many other defects and shortcomings which prevent improvement of the person. Not to be mistaken in the decisions, it is necessary to learn to believe the thought on heart. It is necessary to try “to see heart eyes; to hear a world rumble heart ears; to begin to see clearly the future understanding of heart; to remember last accumulation by heart, - it is so necessary to go way of ascension promptly. It is necessary to establish supervision over all feelings of heart, since the smallest chuvstvovaniye and usual actions. It is necessary that not only poets and lovers, but also scientists because it is necessary to know about heart moreover that people know spoke about heart.