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Whether it is possible to cope with the shyness?

you sometime thought of how it is possible to overcome the shyness? Many people miss the chance in life from - for the fact that they hesitate to approach and will get acquainted, to talk, ask something and all in this spirit.

Can seem that among girls meet more often such which have complex concerning the appearance, and it becomes the reason of their shyness. But among males there are also a lot of diffident citizens. Both that and others feel identical fear at communication with an opposite sex, worry at conversation and often tell nonsense. But the matter is that to the man will cope with the shyness much more simply. And I will tell you why...

“Release“ from shyness.

One my acquaintance, (whose name I, of course, will not reveal) shared with me a secret of “release“ from shyness. Its fight against this “illness“ began at the age of about 16 years. Generally, it proceeded years to 20. On the one hand, 4 years can seem the long period, but - all these 4 years he lived with another on “the full coil“. “How it to the full extent?“, - you ask. But everything is much simpler, than it seems.

Wake in yourself a lion!

Each man is a potential lion. This lion wants to catch each lioness, he is a king, he is king of beasts. This “lion“ wants to drag each beautiful girl in a bed, he wishes to catch it, to seize it and does not even think of what will be farther. The man acts as a predator: saw the attractive person, all - wants her. My acquaintance was such predator also.

I do not know exact details when and as this idea to get rid of shyness and who prompted it an exit arose at it. But he set for himself the object: that by 20 years it had not less than 50 girls. And here from 16 years its pursuit of “victims“ began. The victims, because differently you will not call them in any way. Girls, what strong would not want to seem, always sink down on compliments, on caress, on gifts and just on beautiful eyes and a charming smile. He also used it is a king of beasts. My acquaintance resolutely was ready to do anything that he will get acquainted with the girl who was pleasant to him and to drag her in a bed. Next morning, waking up nearby, he often did not remember her name. Every other day he already forgot it and greedy looked for the following victim and when found, history repeated anew.

You ask what disturbed it earlier, without hesitation, will get acquainted with the girl? The matter is that from 16 years such pursuit of sex, of sex from different girls (and the more the better) became for it a certain bet. Here he set to himself conditions, and only then he had a prospect not just to oversleep, and to oversleep for the sake of achievement of the purpose.

Whether ladies` man it?

you, probably, will think that he is a ladies` man. In some sense you will be right, but not for all 100 percent. The matter is that as soon as he achieved the treasured objective, he through some time changed the views of girls, in a different way began to look at life. He already stayed a lion who wants to be each man, and at it interest in chaotic sex was gone. Now its vital purposes exchanged. Now it gets acquainted to find that only which will become for it everything in this life.

He admitted to me that tries not to get acquainted now and if gets acquainted, then it is rare, but is “well-aimed“. Of course, not all his girls who it had after 20 correspond to its ideal. But for this reason he still looks for to find that only.

Now you understand why to the man will easier cope with the shyness. The man who had many girls will be called the ladies` man. It is not offensive, it even a certain status for it, among his friends. If the girl has chaotic sex and to change partners as gloves, then she will be called the whore that, of course, is not really pleasant. This example of disposal of shyness can seem cruel, mad, but as practice shows, it conceived success.